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Dec 23 2017

My link runneth over

Vanity FairCarrie Fisher's best lines inThe Last Jedicome from the actress/writer herself
Rolling StoneDavid Fear's 25 reasons to love the movies in 2017
Varietya "tsunami"of change in Hollywood.Netflix,MoviePass,sexual harrassment scandals,low box office.What's next?
Vanity FairAnnette Bening,Whisper campaigns,The Last Jediand more
AV"TV Club"a lengthy but always engaging 17 part lookback at the year in culture and the small screen

Much more after the jump including more "best of the year"lists,Strictly Ballroom,Hamilton,and female directors...

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Apr 13 2014

Strictly Baz

As you may or may not have heard Baz Luhrmann has been in the news again this week.2013 was another big year for him withThe Great Gatsbyexceeding expectations (financially).The buzz on Baz hasn't quieted in this new year.On March 2nd,his wife Catherine Martin won another pair of Oscars to match her亚博主页Moulin Rouge!statues and new collaborations for the Bazmark spouses are on the way.

First up is the stage musical adaptation of his breakthrough debut hitStrictly Ballroom(1992).The Guardian featured him a few days ago-- the video is more of a commercial for the show really than a true interview but there are clips from the show and Baz statements worth parsing.

I was 29 for the film.In the back of my mind I always thought 'it's got to be a musical'.I thought 'God,I hope I don't end up 40 and I'm doing Strictly Ballroom musical.' And I'm 52.So I think it will always be in my life.I think a bit like a band that had their first hit song.If you aren't playing that hig song at concerts until you have a foot in the grave then probably you're doing something wrong for the audience and probably you're doing something wrong for yourself.So I've just accepted that it's actually a fundamental part of our life and our journey"

The show,which obviously intends a Broadway run given how frequently Baz drops the word "Broadway"while talking about it is playing in Sydney Australia andthe reviews for the show have just arrivedwhich are generally positive though it's amusing that the Telegraph and Guardian critics say almost exactly opposite things about how it stacks up to the beloved film version.

Baz's next film project-- if he actually goes through with it -- is a real surprise.The rumor ishe'll direct the big screen version of the ol' TV seriesKung Fu.I can't imagine what would attract Luhrmann to this property which is such an about face,even if he does love to genre-hop.But I pray to God,they dump the whole non-Asian conceit that the TV show went with.David Carradinewas such a white dude,you know,and nobody needs 21st century narratives about ethnicanythingthat pretend audiences can only bear to look at white faces.Even if he does decide to do it,we won't see it for years;his films often appear to be on speed but the auteur isn't speedy.What's more he's supposedly also doing a Napoleon miniseries for TV and a TV series about the early days of hip-hop.How many of those do you think will actually come to be?It takes him five or so years to make everything,after all.

People will surely make jokes about him adding musical numbers toKung Futhough it's tough to graft those on to memories of that sedate and dusty TV show.But maybe it's not as impossible as it sounds.Every single one of Baz's films yearns to be a musical even though only one of them truly is.Given that pervasive feeling,it's just bizarre that he hasn't made one sinceMoulin Rouge!but maybe he knows it's untoppable?Singular sensations are called that for a reason. They're rare and glorious freaks.