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五月 09 2016

采访:制片人们,and Stars of 'Strike a Pose' Talk Madonna,Dance Moves and Movie Stars

我们在庆祝“真理与勇气”25周年this week.这是何塞和那些有非官方续集的舞者们愉快地聊天,if you will,making the festival rounds...

Clockwise from top: Carlton,麦当娜,Luis,加布里埃尔(瑞普)若泽凯文,奥利弗,and Salim (aka "Slam")

约瑟here.I was four years old when Madonna went on her Blonde Ambition Tour,但我清楚地记得电视上那个戴着尖头胸罩的女人在催眠,这让教皇非常不安。几十年来,我不仅是麦当娜的超级粉丝,但由于这部革命性的纪录片,我对她职业生涯中的那个特定时代有了更多的理解。Madonna: Truth or Dare.So I was thrilled when I found out Dutch filmmakers Ester Gould and Reijer Zwaan had made摆个姿势,一部关于男舞者的纪录片,在巡回演出和电影中都有突出的特色。对于麦当娜的歌迷来说,the names of Carlton Wilborn,Kevin Stea,Oliver S Crumes III,Salim "Slam"高卢人,Jose Gutierez Xtravaganza,Luis Xtravaganza Camacho and the late Gabriel Trupin (1969-1996),are akin to those of Christ's disciples.Not only for the devotion that comes with fandom,but also because we have each developed our own mythologies about who these men were (they choreographed the "Vogue"视频!)

Read the conversation after the jump...


五月 03 2016

Doc Corner: Documentaries at the Box Office in 2016

格伦here.Each Tuesday we bring you reviews and features on documentaries from theatres,节日,以及随需应变。本周,我们将看到媒体扁平化的票房,这是2016年纪录片排行榜的一个标志。

查看Nathaniel列出的highest grossing documentaries到目前为止,这一年的榜单我——说得温和点——有点乱。Not surprised,当然。

Certainly,the comfort of one's home is a perfectly fine place to view many of these films,and a necessary advancement given the general downturn in boutique and arthouse cinema-going.但作为一个电影爱好者,going to the movies,and writing about movies,it is frustrating and a worry that no documentaries other than Michael Moore's disappointingWhere to Invade Nextand the Christian-themed证据模式对票房产生了任何影响(即使在那时,Moore's film is a dramatic slide from even his most recent filmCapitalism: A Love Story在新的一年中的四个月里。

The reason the doc box office figures particularly worried me was because the first quarter of the year is peak opportunity to take advantage of a quiet marketplace...


Apr 19 2016

Strike a Pose

Team Experience is at the Tribeca Film Festival.这里是Manuel摆个姿势。

Perhaps it's unfair to compare摆个姿势具有Madonna: Truth or Dare.After all,that now iconic documentary is really on a league of its own.又一次,这个新的医生,它关注的是1991年电影中的男舞者(以及《物质女孩的金发野心之旅》中的男舞者),不禁鼓起了对比。作为…的伪续集真理还是勇气,摆个姿势is perhaps less enthralling—no Warren Beatty or Antonio Banderas here—but just as entertaining.And while the first twenty or so minutes of the film do indeed feel like a sequel in spirit if not in name (we get to revisit the tour and the doc in ways that show us how much these dancers kept to themselves even as they seemingly opened up their lives for Madge and the camera),这部记录片很快就显示出它是一部非常罕见的作品。

In profiling these men 25 years after the fact,摆个姿势成为一个罕见的中年舞者肖像,a figure that we're not often offered on screen.It's often hard to hear what these guys went through—you'll be surprised to hear candid talks about AIDS that even真理或勇气,尽管其积极的热情给予了它的时间,不能也没有打破,它甚至更令人振奋看到他们的弹性。很难,many of them note,一直生活在一起,for better or for worse,"Madonna dancer"label especially given how their relationships to the Queen of Pop frayed soon after (addiction,康复,诉讼也无济于事)。By the time we see all of them reunite for the first time in decades and see them playing the infamous game of "Truth or Dare"again,你不能不去感受到与这些人的亲缘关系,我们中的一些人觉得我们认识的时间一样长。对于麦当娜的歌迷来说,this is an unmissable film.But where directors Ester Gould and Reijer Zwaan succeed is in producing a touching portrait of ageing,找到灵感和继续前进的动力,即使年轻人的承诺(以及你年轻时的承诺)可能会消失。