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Al Pacino to return to Oscar 27 years later

"I don't think there is any audience for this 3-hour Netflix film,so talking about Oscar nominations seems like a waste of time."-Huh

"Al should have at least four Oscars.亚博主页He  has given some of tne GREATEST performances in film history!"-Linda

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Oct 26 2018

Posterized: Tilda Swinton's Greatest Hits

by Nathaniel R

Alien movie star Tilda Swinton is one of the true glories of modern cinema,and she's playing multiple creepy roles this weekend in her third Luca Guadagnino picture.After starring for the Italian director inI Am LoveandA Bigger Splashshe's the MVP of his new spin-off riff (it's hardly a 'remake') of Dario Argento's classic hallucinatory horror filmSuspiria.

What's more this is not even the first time the actress has played mutiple roles sometimes of multiple genders in the same picture (see alsoTeknolust,Hail Caesar,Man to Man,andOrlando).Since Tilda Swinton works so often,her filmography is over 70 movies long.That means we can't do a comprehensivePosterizedlest we be here for literally hours working in Photoshop,so instead we've opted for Swinton's largest and/or most essential roles.

How many of these 21 key Tildas have you seen?The posters are after the jump...

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Aug 24 2018

Yes,No,Maybe So: Suspiria

What's good?It'sSalim.Yesterday,Amazon Studios graced us with the second trailer to their upcoming horror film,Suspiria,a film that performs double duty as the remake to one of the seminal horror films in cinematic history by Italian legend Dario Argento and Luca Guadagnino's follow-up to his acclaimed Oscar contenderCall Me by Your Name.To some,the attempt to remake such a perfect masterpiece asSuspiriamay feel like sacrilege.To yours truly,it has been one of my most anticipated movies ever since Guadagnino was announced as the director years ago (Much less so when the poor fit of David Gordon Green was attached) and seeing the cryptic first teaser months ago felt like manna after long speculation of how the results would be (including Armie Hammer going on record after seeing it calling the movie "evil").

More on the Trailer After the Jump

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Jun 04 2018

YNMS: "Suspiria"Teaser Kills,Making Lots of "Widows"

Chrishere,reeling from the trailer feast happening this Monday.As teased in previous days,we get our first look at Luca Guadagnino's grislySuspiriarehash and Steve McQueen's heist thriller adaptationWidows.Both films have a host of elements to bring our anticipation to a fever pitch (Suspiria: intriguing director/genre pairing,Widows: the powers of McQueen matched with author Gillain Flynn on writing duties) but that doesn't mean they don't also have their question marks.Do both films find the auteurs reaching for mainstream sensibilities?Is there any Oscar play here?And what of the sizeable female ensembles in both?

Both films are heavily speculated to launch at the Venice Film Festival,since both filmmakers have previously debuted films there.If you haven't already gorged on both (or need a second watch,third,fourth,etc).check out the two fantastic trailers after the jump and we'll break down the Yes No Maybe So)...

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May 15 2018

"Suspiria"First Look is Dakota Looking

byChris Feil.

We've steadily been getting tidbits of late for Luca Guadagnino'sSuspiriaremake (or reimagining,as the director would prefer) - stories of the filming sending Dakota Johnson to therapy,Cinema Con attendees losing their lunch over the first body-breaking footage,and a reported sprawling 2.5 hour running time.What once sounded like a potentially dubious project is sounding more and more like something worthy of standing next to Dario Argento's original masterwork...

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Oct 25 2017

This Is Halloween

BySalim Garami

What's Good?We're less than a week away from the spookiest time of the year so let's talk about what the holiday means in the cinematic sense.These are personal impressions and I hope you'll share your own as well.

We start with the actual season in itself: the autumn colors are there in a very muted way that signify the beginning of the end of the year in all its resigned reds and oranges.The palette chases away the greens and blues that took over the summer,although one could certainly see faint glimmers of those colors to remind us of the months past.Such as in Spielberg'sE.T.the Extra-Terrestrialand its Halloween scene,glowing with yellowish twilight and orange rays in the sun that reflect on the suburban homes and streets Elliot and his friends walk...

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May 11 2017

The Real Link Deal

Today's Must Read
"I am Diane Keaton's Crisp White Shirt"an imagined monologue by Charlotte Barnett.I can't even describe how much I love this,guys.I love it as hard as Diane Keaton's crying jag inSomethings Gotta Giveis long.

I am immaculate,woven by gods from fibers of cotton and Nancy Meyers' discarded screenplays...

EWtalks to Cate Blanchett aboutManifestobut works in aCarolbit,too,bless them.
Interviewtalks to Tracy Letts ofThe Loversabout his dual career as acclaimed actor and award winning playwright

Go Fug YourselfElle Fanning on the cover of Vogue
Tracking BoardJeff Goldblum's career is busiers than ever.Now he's signed on for a thriller called Hotel Artemis with Jodie Foster and Sofia Boutella
EWAnya Taylor-Joy and Maise Williams will play Magik and Wolfsbane in theNew Mutantsmovie.(But it's still so diappointing that the rumor is that the movie is leaving out the Asian member of the original comic book group,Karma.Who also happened to be an LGBT character.Hollywood just loooooves gay erasure and whitewashing.They cannot get enough.)
VarietyThom Yorke,of Radiohead fame,hired to score the remake ofSuspiriafrom director Luca Guadagnino
NYTMichael Parks,Tarantino favorite and prolific character ever,dies at 77
THRKenny Miller,B movie actor of 1950s drive-in classics dies at 85
Varietytalks to the costume designer of Snatched,dressing for laughs
The Playlistremember that Michelle Williams movieSuite Francaisethat had Oscar buzz but then sat on a shelf for years?It's now going to Lifetime TV

BuzzFeedis thankfully keeping this handy list of cancellations and renewals on TV up to date.I'm so sad aboutThe Real O'Neals.I expectedAmerican Crimebut anthology cancellations hurt less since they come to a natural end each year anyway.
Vulture13 shows that defined dystopian TV beforeThe Handmaid's Tale
VF HollywoodScandalprobably ending next season.But will ABC shift their drama strategy away from wealth porn?

And the teaser FINALLY forTop of the LakeSeason 2 starring Elisabeth Moss and Nicole Kidman.We couldn't be more excited about it.If you missed season 1 with Elisabeth Moss investigating the disappearance of a young girl and finding a much larger crime that she wasn't expecting you really must catch up with it.Jane Campion's still got it and she still makes riveting human drama rife with feminist implications.

WAMCWill Swenson talks aboutWaitress
Theater ManiaTina Fey on her newMean Girlsmusical
PlaybillGlenn Close remembers her Broadway debut,going from understudy to star
PlaybillLin-Manuel Miranda to fund O'Neill Theater Center Scholarship for artists of color