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Al Pacino to return to Oscar 27 years later

"I don't think there is any audience for this 3-hour Netflix film,so talking about Oscar nominations seems like a waste of time."-Huh

"Al should have at least four Oscars.亚博主页He  has given some of tne GREATEST performances in film history!"-Linda

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Oct 22 2013

Crazy/Possessed Ballerinas.Are There Any Other Kinds?

In preparation for our two part Horror Best Listing (pre-Exorcistand post-Exorcistwhich arrives tonight) I caught up with a few classic titles.One of them,briefly discussed on the latest podcast,was Dario Argento'sSuspiria(1977).I can't say I took to it exactly,despite being partial to films which boozily strip naked and beg their Production Designer & Cinematographer to f*** them.

slumber parties in horror movies?never a good idea

Suspiria(have you seen it?) starts sort of well,flying right into an unnatural rainstorm with a weirdly off kilter urgency as ballerina Suzy Bannion (Jessica Harper) arrives in Germany to attend an prestigious ballet academy.But those first two kills aresoyuck making the intro a mixed bag for me.For its middle section,which I assume is where the film's classic status derives,the movie does little cul-de-sacs in creepy/garish atmospherics punctuated by two perversely inventive murders.But then,oops,time is up.For its last trick,Suspiriaspeeds through a dud finale with mood-killing exposition (how was Udo Kier ever this young!?) and badly dated visual effects.By the time the credits appear,it's lost pretty much all of its intermittent unnerving power.For me at least;I understand others really do dig it.

AfterSuspiriaended,my mind wandered to a more general cinematic question:Are thereanysilver screen ballerinas that are happy?

See,it seems like screen ballerinas are always batshit crazy whether they're...


...possessed by the occult

The Red Shoes

...dancing feverishly as if possessed by toe shoes

Black Swan

...having psychotic feathered breaks

The Turning Point

...or engaging in neurotic Oscarbait-offs.

Can you think of any well adjusted ballerinas in fiction?
And if you can't whose your favorite nutjob ballerina?

May 16 2012

Link to the Rescue

First ShowingDjango Unchainedbanner on the Croisette in Cannes
InlanderDon Draper isn'tMad Men's main character any more
Filmofiliaa full slate for Amy Adams through 2014 at least.Add thrillerDark Places(based on the novel of the same name) to the long list
Cinema BlendRise of the Planet of the Apessequel gets theContagionscreenwriter Scott Z Burns

MZYikes.Actor Nick Stahl ofBully,Terminator 3andCarnivàlefame has been reporting missing since May 9th
Heat VisionRobert Downey Jr'sThe Avengerspayday could reach $50 million.The other actors aren't so lucky
Gold DerbyDownton Abbeywill be competing in Best Series (where it belongs) for Emmy nods...finally giving up on considering itself a miniseries,bless.
Pajiba"Identifying the Moment in Natalie Portman's Career Timeline In Which It Was OK To Admit a Crush"
Screen DailyKeira Knightley replacing ScarJo inCan a Song Save Your Life

IndiewireAwesome news for fans of the gay romantic dramaWeekend(2011).Criterion will handle the DVD.
Michael Mustointerviews Andy Dick,now sober but just as candid.
Coming SoonOrphanstar and nowHunger Gamesvictim Isabelle Fuhrman will star in the remake ofSuspiria
The Film StageTerrence Malick's latest,a romantic drama starring Ben Affleck,Olga Kurylenko,and Rachel McAdams (at least according to which characters feature in the synopsis) finally gets a title...To the Wonder.

Not Your Usual Superhero Articles
Filmwell"thou shalt have no other god but Captain America's"on references to the divine inThe Avengers
GeekWatchadorable story of a five year old boy meeting Captain America and Loki on the set ofThe Avengers

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