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Mar 06 2020

Horror Actressing: Haley Bennett in "Swallow"


Modern living breeds its own special brand of anxieties. It's a warm culture for bacteria. Walk around any big city these recent weeks and you'll see -- the face masks and the empty shelves where hand sanitizers once sat. We're internet ghosts, part people part machine, searching for apocalyptic keywords and wiping our screens down to curves where our fingers just fit. We're both exposed and isolated -- personal sized soap bubbles floating down every street; don't get too close lest you pop.

The ways this schism situates itself into our daily living, the way it expresses itself, varies-- personally I start to pluck hairs out of my beard if I stay still for too long. I know only too well the satisfactory sense of build and release, a manic arc unto itself, that such compulsions afford. There is a beginning and an end and then a beginning and an end -- a rollercoaster we control; a narrative of our making, our choosing, in days that feel anything but.

InSwallow, out in theaters and on VOD今天,亨特(海利·贝内特)没有在她的生活中控制的感觉,所以她做这件事的东西...


Mar 03 2020


byMurtada Elfadl

Out this Friday isSwallow,关于一个女人的心理惊悚片解开即电影体验最喜欢的流派。亚博主页海莉·班奈特星作为猎人,新怀孕的主妇过着看似完美的生活谁的压力下破裂,以满足公婆和丈夫的刚性预期控制。奥斯汀斯托威尔联合主演的丈夫。贝内特在去年的翠贝卡电影节的美国叙事大赛中荣获最佳女主角,这可能在角色后标志着一个重大突破为她女孩在火车(2016) andThe Red Sea Diving Resort(2019).

我们从首次亮相的独家剪辑Swallow并设置它这里的编剧和导演卡罗米拉贝拉 - 戴维斯:


Swallow会l be in select theaters and on demand this Friday March 6th.

一月 29 2020

Yes No Maybe So: Swallow


Swallow, the first feature film from director Carlo Mirabella-Davis and starring a transfixing Haley Bennett as a real housewife whose solitude gets the best of her, has been bouncing around all of the film festivals for the past year or so. And you knew it every time it hit a new one because you'd see that oh look, Haley Bennett won another acting award. Another trophy for the heap! I got to see the film at Tribeca last May在这里我审查在这里, calling her "RIVETING." No really I did...


May 03 2019

翠贝卡2019: "Swallow"

这里的杰森·亚当斯reporting from Tribeca once again...

我会从一个侧面永远只能经历分娩,你知道吗?我很擅长这一点。所有因信贷谁管理,以保持人口世界的母亲在那里 - 包括我自己,谁是在劳动与我十小时不寒而栗 - 但我扔进迷惑不解,如果我存根我的脚趾。一些恐怖故事,我从自己的经历的女性朋友们听到的已经把我的生殖器官我所有的进灰。

I over-share all of this because this has always made me a prime sucker for pregnancy horror films.Rosemary's Baby,正如我以前在这里覆盖, is my favorite film of all time. And we just got a doozy of a new take on this sub-genre withSwallow, writer-director Carlo Mirabella-Davis' fantastic new film starring a riveting Haley Bennett as an expectant mother whose isolation and surprise hesitancy spirals her down an unexpected path...