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The New Classics -Nightcrawler(2014)

"Thanks for this one.This is one of my favorite movies.Jake, Riz, Renee ...all fantastic.The screenplay is so slick and dirty.It's a deeply disturbing movie." -CharlieG

"It's a solid thriller but quite heavy-handed. I think the 50s cynical media film it better resembles isAce in the Hole." -Jonathan


Zainab Jah & Jayme Lawson(Farewell Amor)
Eliza Hittman(Never Rarely)
Costume Designer(Joker)
Cinematographer(The Irishman)
Songwriters(Frozen II)

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May 27 2020

1947: "Boy! What a Girl!" is an underseen lively gem

byNick Taylor

Let's recap our tried-and-true methods of investigating what early cinema has to offer for these alternate looks at supporting actreses outside of the Oscar shortlists and we do these retrospectives.

1.Combing through the canon for actressy projects
2.Checking out what the great actresses of the era were up to.

But what about option 3...the ever-reliable, deeply specific journey of stumbling onto something interesting and keeping it in your back pocket until you finally get a reason (quote-unquote) to check it out?Take, for example, my relationship with男孩!What a Girl!, which I first heard about in my senior year of college...

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