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Mar 01 2017

Red Carpet: Best Dressed Women at the Oscars亚博主页

Here'sJosewith best looks from the 2016 Academy Awards...

And on Oscar Sunday Meryl said "let there be fashion",and then there was fashion.

The 2010's should not only be remembered for being the decade in which the greatest living actress earned her record-breaking 20th nomination,but also as the decade when she found a red carpet style that fit her iconoclastic image as both the Grand Dame of American cinemaandsomeone who wants the world to think she "woke up like dis".In 2017 she even had her very first fashion feud (paging Ryan Murphy) when she had a PR battle with couture supervillain Karl Lagerfeld over a Chanel dress that was to be worn by no one (perhaps we will seeNicole wear it at Cannes someday?) In the end Meryl showed up in a statement-making Elie Saab couture creation in deep regal blue that combined pants with a ballgown,perhaps a nod to Hillary and the ultimate dig at T**** who believes there is only one way for women to "dress at work"?

PS: She also forgave Karl.

Following in Meryl's magnanimity this year I present you my favorite looks from the Oscar red carpet unranked...

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Jan 30 2017

Red Carpet: Best Looks at the SAG Awards

Josehere.In terms of fashion the SAG awards tend to be the least exciting awards show this side of the plain dull Critics' Choice Awards.More often than not the stars are exhausted from the myriad luncheons,panels and critics' awards they've attended (some are also still hungover from the Golden Globes),and they know they still have to save their best look for Oscar (is that why TV stars usually outshine movie stars at the SAGs?) This year,however,seemed to be the exception as many stars showed up in stunning designs.Coming up with *just* 10 was quite the task.Apologies to Emma Stone,Octavia Spencer,Janelle Monae,Kirsten Dunst,Sarah Paulson,and Michelle Williams (although I'm still torn about her recent love of chokers) who almost made the list,but there was just way too much to love this year.

The ten best looksafter the jump...

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Aug 18 2016

'Hidden Figures'

Fox may have a stealth player they are about to drop on the Oscar race.Hidden Figures,from Margot Lee Shetterly's book on this true story,follows a team of African American female mathemeticians that helped NASA's space program put John Glenn into orbit.Talk about a history we don't know nearly enough about,certainly not one we've seen expressed on film.

The cast carries it's own Oscar pedigree with nominee Taraji P.Henson and winner Octavia Spencer,but the standout here might just be musician Janelle Monáe (also coming this season inMoonlight).Her trademark showmanship and wit don't look to be a bit diminished by trying something new - we'll definitely be keeping an eye one her.The film also looks like a possible step up forSt.Vincentwriter/director Ted Melfi,so could this be a late season crowd pleaser surprise?Take a look at the first trailer:

Filming happened earlier this year,so even its planned wide release on MLK weekend is a sprint to the finish.Fox is confident enough in the film to be scheduling a first look of select footage during the Toronto Film Festival with a concert event led by Pharrell Williams.Sounds like a Christmastime limited release or qulaifying release is definitely on the table - and hopefully is yet another film to represent diversity this year.

Jan 12 2016

The Seven Best Ladies of the Globes

Chrishere with a post-Globes actress love hangover.Sorry boys,but unless your name was Denzel,you didn't do much during the ceremony to win our attention.Here are the seven women who won the evening (and we're not even talking best dressed yet.In no particular order,except for this golden girl.


Let's hear it forBrie Larson!After earning accolades forRoomand keeping her social media game on point,she's finally got a big prize to set her apart from tough competition.Add in a charming speech where she credited theRoomteam above and below the line (including best friend Jacob Tremblay),and we've got the once-supposed frontrunner securing that status for real.

Oh andspeaking of that winning speech...

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Sep 20 2015

Emmy Watch: Actress in a Drama Series

Andrew herewith a final Emmy tribute before the Emmy Awards are announced tonight.

When we tallied ourlists of favourite nomineesit was Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series which was the most mentioned category and since all Film Experience writers and readers love actresses we devoted a special post to the category.In a few hours the category will see a new winner that will be historic in some way - a win to put Claire Danes among the most feted in this category?A rare win for a sci-fi show?A win for the first Black actress in this category?The first acting win forMad Menor the first win in a non-guest category for a Netflix show?Although popular vote will eventual coalesce among a single performer,each of these women in their submission reveals something special in their performances worth remembering.And,so,as a tribute to this talented sextet,our writers take a look at each of the nominees.

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Sep 18 2015

Team Experience: 2015's Best Emmy Nominees

Andrewhere with some more Emmy treats.

In anticipation of Sunday's big night for TV,the television lovers at The Film Experience are bringing to you a special亚博主页Team Experiencetop 10 list.Sure,each year a handful of Emmy nominees leave us scratching our head in confusion,but we wanted to celebrate the citations that the voters got right this year and compiled our list of favourite nominees.Unlike usual Team Experience top 10s,though,we're offering you a look at each of our individual top 10s.

Nathaniel always points out how interesting individual ballots in awards tends to be more dynamic than the final tally and to celebrate the wide range of nominees in the prizes still to be handed at Sunday's ceremonies.So,we disregarded the already decided on categories from theCreative Awards ceremoniesand from the 26 categories to be decided on Sunday,our twelve person team each submitted their favourite of the nominees.

Unsurprisingly,our individual ballots were full of Actresses.Go below the jump to see them all.

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