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"Say what you want about the politics,prejudice or misogyny in Tarantinos scripts and his persona,but we can all agree that his movies are a great showcase for actors."-Doug

"I think Tarantino only should retire when he gives us 10 masterpieces."-Geor

"The deterioration of Tarantino's filmography can be directly linked to Sally Menke's death.Terrible loss to the film community there."-Ian

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Jul 19 2019

Yes,No,Maybe So: "Cats"(and personal "Cats" histories)

by Nathaniel R

All longform discussions of the trailer toCatsmust be prefaced with one's own history with the Andrew Lloyd Webber megahit.It's the law.This is why no matter how insane the movie may appear,no matter how much it be instantly mocked on the internet,it will have (at least) a gigantic box office opening.The megamusical has been a phenomenon since 1981,grossing literally billions of dollars on stage,winning awards and selling millions of albums (back when people actually bought such things) with the hit song "Memory"being covered by hundreds upon hundreds of musicians thereafter.

Catswas my first Broadway touring show which I saw in Detroit (presumably at the Fox Theatre?) as a kid.My parents bought me the t-shirt and later for Christmas the Original Cast Recording.On my first ever trip to NYC in 1989 (?) it was then my first Broadway show.I know I know...I was once a typical tourist who saw somethinghe'd already seen*shakes head at self*while in New York when other surely better and newer things were playing.I was so obsessedCatsthat I learned "Memory"on the piano and named my next two kittens "Mistoffles"and "Rumpleteaser".How young and foolish and easily manipulated I was by splashy worldwide sensations as a child.And yet from the 1990s onward I've barely thought of it but for whenever discussions of a possible movie version would come up,most notably all the joking inSix Degrees of Separation(1993).

Okay that'smyhistory.You must share yours (it's the law) and sinceCatsis such an event brand,we must do theYes No Maybe So™breakdown after the jump in real time screencaps rather than trifurcating with our yes,no maybe so headings.Ready?

To quote Judi Dench as "Old Deuteronomy"...

We're about to begin

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Jul 17 2019

"Cats"trailer tease doubles as its first FYC ad

Universal is not fooling around withCats.There's a (presumably) gargantuan budget on the line but an insanely high level of brand awareness will help it turn a profit and they surely know that Oscar buzz wouldn't hurt toward that goal,either.This promo for the teaser (due Friday),which has no actual footage from the movie,is playing just like an FYC ad for the film's cast and crew...

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Apr 15 2019

Links: Madame X,Shelley Winters,and Martha Again

Link roundup starting withNEWSarticles...

NYTThe great Swedish actress Bibi Andersson,a Bergman regular (Persona,Wild Strawberries) dies at 83
Cartoon BrewRich Moore,who delivered theWreck It Ralphmovies for Disney leaves to run Sony Animation
DeadlineGabriel Basso (The Kings of Summer,Super 8) nabs lead in Ron Howard's movie adaptation of bestsellerHillbilly Elegy.Amy Adams and Glenn Close co-star.
The Wraptalks to Ryan O'Connell,the creator and star of the gay & disabled sitcomSpecialon Netflix

Lots more after the jump includingIn the Heights,Bond 25,the influence ofBig,new albums,declining sex in the cinema,and two must-reads online this past week in case you missed them...

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Nov 22 2018

Months of Meryl: The Giver (2014)

JohnandMattheware watching every single live-action film starring Meryl Streep.

#47 —The Chief Elder,leader of a dystopian society.

MATTHEW:In Lois Lowry's 1993 young adult novelThe Giver,a society recovering from near-ruination divides its people into communities and,in the process,mistakes sameness for equality.In the 2014 film adaptation of Lowry's Newbery Medal-winning classic,a production team looking to make a quick buck on the under-18 set mistakes glossy superficiality for storytelling simplicity and basic filmmaking competency.Despite its undeniable following and long-held status as a formative literary staple for American adolescents,The Giverwas somehow omitted from my middle school reading list.I'm positive Lowry's tale has its merits,but whatever those may be,they are almost entirely undetectable in this version from journeyman director Phillip Noyce (Rabbit-Proof Fence,The Quiet American).

Noyce's iteration centers around Jonas (Australian twink Brenton Thwaites),a 16-year-old who we are told possesses uncommon brilliance and "a capacity to see beyond,"assets that earn him the title of his community's Receiver of Memory...

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Jul 25 2018

Still shook about "Cats"becoming a movie

by Nathaniel R

Betty Buckley in her Tony-winning role as "Grizabella,the glamour cat"By now you've heard the comic news (oh no wait,they're serious!) that "Cats"is being turned into a movie.The news took me so off guard that I was silent for five days.Cats got my tongue.(I'm sorry).The Andrew Lloyd Webber megahit from the 1980s was based on T.S.Elliott poems and as such it has no real story to speak of.It's basically a very successful song cycle (albeit with only one famous song "Memory") elevated by utter nonrealism in the form of humans pretending to be cats in campy makeup,tights,and acrobatic dancing.It's so hard to imagine as a movie that they made the potential of the making of one into a running joke in the play turned movieSix Degrees of Separation(1993).

Grizabella the glamour cat is the marquee role but,in fact,it's a "featured"role since it's truly an ensemble show...

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Nov 14 2017


New York Social DiaryRIP gossip columnist Liz Smith.I grew up reading her syndicated column *sniffle* This link is a remembrance of her by Denis Ferrara who was a very close friend and collaborator on her column
Esquirethe ten best comedies of the year includingIngrid Goes West,Thor Ragnarok,Girls Trip,andLady Bird
IndependentFiring Kevin Spacey fromHouse of Cardsmight be more difficult than Netflix thought,legally speaking
Awards Dailythe case for Michelle Pfeiffer.Give her her damn Oscar already
VarietyZendaya is doing a film about the first African-American woman to graduate from Vassar (who passed as white to do so).It's calledA White Lie

DeadlineWonder Woman 2has moved to a November 1st 2019 release and Gal Gadot,contrary to reports over the weekend,is already locked in to star.Patty Jenkins will direct again.We hope there's no sophomore slump because the first one was so damn enjoyable/inspiring
Varietykeeps us updated with what's going on with Martin Scorsese'sThe Irishmanwhich Netflix will stream.Variety,perhaps for click-bait purposes,acts like the theatrical release is in doubt but it is surely not;Scorsese would never sign a contract that doesn't give him at least some theatrical distribution so expect the usual limited release that no one goes to in theaters because its' also streaming for free on Netflix situation (upcoming withMudbound)
IndieWireDenis Villeneuve might directBond 25but right now a relaunch ofDuneis still his priority
YouTubenew trailer forThe Greatest Showman.It's basically the old trailer with a couple more dialogue clips thrown in and some less tuneful than "This Is Me"song that Jackman is talk/singing.I'm still dying to see it because musicals for life,don'cha know
/FilmQuentin Tarantino's next movie is about the year of 1969 rather than the Charles Manson murders as previously reported.Let's hope it's better than that 1988 film1969which starred Winona Ryder and Robert Downey Jr

Off Screen
Damn Joana Barbie doll funeral
Vultureevery Taylor Swift song ever,ranked.Fun read even though i think it's silly and click-baity to claim "Look What You Made Me Do"is the worst song she ever wrote
Theater Mania11 Asian-American shows on stages this season across the country
PlaybillLin-Manuel Miranda's ongoing effort to help Puerto Rico recover from Hurrican Maria

Exit Videos
If only more directors could find a way to harness Kate Beckinsale's natural wit in movies.This video made me LOL so much.Watcheverysecond of it,please.Below that is aJustice Leagueif it were made in the 80s "opening credits"sequence.Cute and weirdly plausible which I'm not sure is a compliment to the movie which is about to open.

❤️ @lily_sheen

A post shared by Kate Beckinsale (@katebeckinsale) on Nov 11,2017 at 9:30pm PST