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Rutger Hauer (RIP)

"He got what every actor wants: a killer role with a killer monologue in a movie that gets better and better with time.That's the closest thing to eternity that I can imagine."-Peggy Su

"Turkish Delight is an excellent and disturbing film.I even tracked down the novel,which is also excellent.It should have won Best Foreign Film"-Ken S

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LULU WANG onThe Farewell


Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
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Sep 20 2017

Soundtracking: "Across the Universe"

We're talking the 10th anniversary ofAcross the UniverseinChris Feil's weekly column on music in the movies!

Across the Universecame to the screens just as jukebox musicals were becoming especially grating on Broadway,but more of a curiosity for the big screen.The film promised stunning Julie Taymor-directed imaginative images set to a massive catalog from The Beatles - and delivered us something a bit more uneven than the creativity explosion that sounds like.Perhaps the high bar already set by invoking the biggest band in the history of popular music was an impossible goal,but the film does provide at least a fun reimagining for some of the best music of the century.A Beatles musical in any context?Yes please (with trepidation)!

The film plays best when it side-steps the plot in its musical sequences...

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Aug 10 2017

Vintage '63

The Supporting Actress Smackdown 1963 Edition arrives on Monday so let's talk context since we haven't revisited as much of 1963 as we'd hoped to...

Great Big Box Office Hits: 1)Cleopatra2)How the West Was Won3)It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World4)Tom Jones4)Irma La Douce6)Son of Flubber7)The Birds8)Dr No9)The VIPs10)McClintock!

Oscar's Best Pictures:Tom Jones(10 noms / 4 wins),Cleopatra(9 noms / 4 wins),How the West Was Won(8 noms / 3 wins),Lilies of the Field(5 noms / 1 win),America America(4 noms / 1 win) Our theory as to what was just outside the Best Picture shortlist plus more '63 goodies follow...

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Apr 10 2017

On this day: Titanic sets sail,Newsies debuts,3-D Begins...

On this day in history as it relates to showbiz...

1868George Arliss,who won the Oscar forDisraeli(1929) born

1912RMS Titanic set sail on this day from England on her first and last voyage.The rest is the subject of history,lore,and several plays and movies,most famously James Cameron's Oscar devouringTitanic(1997)

1925The Great Gatsbyis published.The classic novel failed at first but after F Scott Fitzgerald's death it became an indisputable classic,lateradapted to plays and movies and so on...

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Sep 20 2016

Doc Corner: Nick Cave and The Beatles Show Mixed Musical Results

Thankfully for us,Nick Cave is not a musician who is easily distilled into a formula blueprint.He isn't an artist who is easy to pigeonhole and that means anybody who attempts to make a film about him is forced to think outside of the box.Consider20,000 Days on Earthin which Cave celebrated his 20,000thday of living by driving around with friends like Kylie Minogue and Ray Winstone.That film,partly fictionalized,was only two years ago so if it feels somewhat excessive to have another Nick Cave documentary so soon then the circumstances around Cave's life since then mean a lot has changed since his 20,000thday on Earth that has dramatically altered him.

One More Time with Feelingis directed by Cave's friend Andrew Dominik who Cave had worked with onThe Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.Like that film,this is another wholly singular film,the pairing of the two proving to bear the most unique of fruits.Initial sequences suggest that this is going to be a slog of a documentary,the pairing of famous director not known for documentary filmmaking and a famous subject who many filmmakers might just feel the need to point a camera at and shoot and feel as if their work is done.

That is blessedly not the case.

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Sep 18 2016

Box Office: John,Paul,Ringo,George...and Sully

What did you see at the movies this weekend?Or were you too busy bingewatching Emmy nominees before the ceremony tonight?Here's what was hottest at the box office.Other thanSullyand the new Beatles DocumentaryEight Days a Week - The Touring Years(which won the highest per screen average of the weekend on its 85 screens),"lukewarm"might be a better description for the new releases,none of which cracked 8 figures.Sorry Bridget!You've been gone too long.

01Sully$22 (cum.$70.5)Review
02Blair Witch$9.6NEWReview&Remembering Blair Witch (1999)
03Bridget Jones's Baby$8.2NEWReview
05Don't Breathe$5.6 (cum.$75.3)
06When the Bough Breaks$5.5 (cum $22.6)
07Suicide Squad$4.7 (cum.$313.7)Review&Worst of Year
08The Wild Life$2.6 (cum.$6.6)
09Kubo and the Two Strings$2.5 (cum.$44.2)Review
10Pete's Dragon$2 (cum $72.8)Review

Next weekSullywill surely be overthrown when Denzel and six other magnificents arrive in that shoot-em-up western.

May 31 2015

Julie Harris,Costume Designer (RIP)

One of the oldest costume designers passed away this weekend.Julie Harris,not to be confused with the legendary stage and screen actress of the same name,died in London at the age of 94.Though she was well loved at the BAFTAs with five nominations and a win,she only had one brush with Oscar.But if you only get one shot,make it a zeitgeist moment.

And boy did she.She designed the mod classic,John Schlesginger'sDarling(1965) which won her,Julie Christie,and the screenwriter golden statues 50 years ago,in a year otherwise Oscar-dominated bya certain other Julie in an Oscar winning musical.Harris had quite a streak in the 1960s.It didn't get much hipper then than designing for the original Bond girl (Ursula Andress inCasino Royale),Julie Christie (Darling!) and The Beatles themselves (A Hard Day's Night,Help!).About the Fab Four,Harris famous quipped

I must be one of the few people who can claim they have seen John,Paul,George and Ringo naked.

Other famous films includedThe Swiss Family Robinson(1960),The Chalk Garden(1964),Goodbye Mr Chips(1969),Rollerball(1975),The Slipper and the Rose(1976) andDracula(1979).She retired from the cinema at the age of 60 with an unusual assignment -The Great Muppet Caper(1981).

costume sketches for Alfred Hitchcock's FRENZYJulie Christie & Dirk Bogarde on location for DARLING

Have you ever seenDarling?We keep meaning to write about it for the blog but have never quite done so.