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Apr 23 2012

Alfred Hitchcock, Alfred Hitchcock, and Alfred Hitchcock

Look!It's Anthony Hopkins and Toby Jones as the great Alfred Hitchcock and the great Alfred Hitchcock in the upcoming moviesAlfred Hitchcock and The Making of Psycho(2013) about, you guessed it, the making ofPsycho, andThe Girl( production but I'm guessing also 2013) about the making ofThe Birds.We keep forgetting that the second one exists (Cinema Blendrecently reminded us while talking to Tippi Hedren at the Tribeca Film Festival) which is the second time that's happened to a Toby Jones biopic.First Capote, now Hitch?Poor guy.

All of which begs for us to make it a trinity...

Who else should play Hitchcock and which movie other thanPsycho&The Birdsdeserves this "making of" dramatization.For some reason I'm tempted to sayFrenzy(1972) to get a late career trying to keep up with the times mixed reception drama but I could go forTorn Curtain(1966) just to see who they'd cast as Julie Andrews and Paul Newman.Ormaybe my ol' favorite Rope (1948)for the one shot technical challenge and lots of queerness courtesy of Farley Granger.


Jan 05 2012

It's National Bird Day ~ Best Birds on Film!

It totally is!Every 5th of January as it so happens.

There's no reason to post about it other than that I actually threw on thisFinding Nemoseagull t-shirt this morning "MINEMINEMINEMINEMINE" ...before I knew![insert eery music]

It's a sign that silly list-making is required of me.

Though this year in cinema was definitely the Year of the Dog, we did get at least one memorable bird in Lord Shen, the villain ofKung Fu Panda 2.There were also feathers flying everywhere inRiobut I can't seem to bring myself to watch the screener because it never shows up in "APP亚博娱乐 " nominations. Not that you should trust those whenCars 2does ferchrissakes.

Favorite Feathered Film Things!

18Ben Fosteras Angel inLet Us Not Speak of That Movieor that guy fromBarbarellaI forget his name.
17 Kevin inUp(2009)
16 Lord Shen inKung Fu Panda 2(2011)
15 Camilla fromThe Muppets
14 Those ostrich costumes inPriscilla Queen of the Desert
13 The vultures fromThe Jungle Book

12 Maleficent's crow inSleeping Beauty
11The Crow(1994)
10The mariachi owls fromRango
09 those seagulls "mine mine mine mine mine mine"
08 Natalie's final pirouette transformation inBlack Swan
07 Matthew Barney's flock inCremaster 5(1997)

Cremaster 5

06 Björk at the Oscars
05 Babs inChicken Run(2000).Remember her?
04The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill
03 Pixar'sFor the Birds
02The Birds(1963)
01 Michelle Pfeiffer asLadyhawke(1985)

P.S.Tweety-bird and Road Runner are assholes.

P.P.S.images that came up this morning when I searched for "Ben Foster Angel Screencaps"

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Oct 27 2011

Oscar Horrors: Bringing "The Birds" to Life

Oscar Horrors continues...

Here lies...The Birds,whose only Oscar nomination for Visual Effects were shot down byCleopatra.The birds themselves are just resting, waiting to come back and haunt us all.

Amirhere.Few horror films have had the long lasting effect of Hitchcock’sThe Birdson my life.As a child – and I shamefully admit, well into my teenage years - I used to get scared really easily in the theatre.I’d turn all the lights in my house on after a horror film, just in case something was lurking in the dark.But I’d sleep on it and the morning after, I’d forget all about whatever it was that scared me: the serial killer, haunted toys or ghosts.

Thanks to Hitchcock's classic however, however, to this day I’m terrified of birds.I hate the way they strut around, looking at us with their soulless eyes.Some time in my childhood, it wasThe Birdsthat forever etched this frame in my memory.

Such is the power of cinema!

Like most Hitchcock films,The Birdsdoesn’t rely so much on the actual birds to scare us, but on the psychological horror that comes with the idea of the town’s takeover;the impending sense that at any minute another attack might start.But in those small bursts when we see the attacks, Hitchcock knocks it out of the park.

He used a combination of elements, from real birds on the set to archival footage, and from invisible nylon threads to yellow screen superimposition to achieve the effects that he wanted.The crew insisted on avoiding mechanical models for the most part and chose to use trained birds wherever possible.The result of the prolonged shooting period and the complex post-production is nearly impeccable.The birds look as alive and vicious as any animal I’ve seen on the screen.

Needless to say, almost fifty years later, some of these effects look a bit aged, but the impact they leave is still the same.The claustrophobic terror they inject in us is still as intense.And I’m sure there are other kids out there who think of Tippi Hedren’s helplessness in that attic every time they see a crow on the wire or a flock of gulls by the water.

Other Oscar Horrors...
Rosemary's Baby- Best Supporting Actress
The Swarm——最佳服装设计
Whatever Happened to Baby Jane-Best Actress in a Leading Role
The Birds- Best Effects, Special Visual Effects
The Fly-Best Makeup
Death Becomes Her-Best Effects, Visual Effects
The Exorcist-Best Actress in a Supporting Role
Rosemary's Baby- Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium
Beetlejuice- Best Makeup
Carrie- Best Actress in a Leading Role
Bram Stoker's Dracula——最佳服装设计
Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde领先的Ro -最佳男演员le
King of the Zombies- Best Music, Scoring of a Dramatic Picture
Poltergeist- Best Effects, Visual Effects
Hellboy II: The Golden Army-Achievement in Makeup
The Silence of the Lambs-Best Director
The Tell-Tale Heart-Best Short Subject, Cartoons

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