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"Honestly,I sawKentucky Fried Movie -- which ends with a long parody of this film -- about 5-10 years before I got around to seeingEnter the Dragonitself.I remember so much more about [the former]". -James

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Aug 11 2018

Linking With Yourself

VultureA fine appreciation of Jonathan Demme's stellar crime comedyMarried to the Mob
DeadlineHilary Swank to play a "seductive female police detective"in a new film calledFatale.Hmmm,not sure this is in her range.RememberBlack Dahlia?
SlateWhat's fact and what's fiction inBlacKkKlansman?
AV ClubChris Pine and Chris Hemsworth are playing hardball with Paramount over theirStar Trekpaychecks

Awards DailySasha has quite a different take on the Oscar's new decision to include some kind of "popular achievement"award.(One thing I think we can all agree on: since we actually knownothingabout the Academy's plans with their extremely vague announcement,it's really hard to say anything about what it might be or look like or mean.
SalonCasey Affleck breaks his silence on his behavior on the set ofI'm Still Here
Boy CultureCher's ABBA album now available for pre-orders
/FilmJapanese filmMiraigetting a US release from GKids in the fall.Oscar possibility?
Gothamistoh dear.Sean Young is in trouble again.The Blade Runner actress is wanted for questioning about a burglarly in Queens.
Coming SoonPaul Rudd to co-star with himself in philosophical Netflix comedy Living With Yourself
Coming SoonAva DuVernay has cast her Central Park Five.It's mostly unknowns but Jharrel Jerome (Moonlight) and Jovan Adepo (Fences) are in there,too.

Sep 13 2016

Doc Corner: 'Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four'

Glennhere.Each Tuesday bringing you reviews of documentaries from theatres,festivals and on demand.

The title of Deborah Esquenazi's filmSouthwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Fouris not an accident.It has been done to deliberately reference bothWest of MemphisandThe Central Park Five.Those two films were also true crime documentaries that focused on cases in which the wrong people – bundled together under one umbrella with a numerical media savvy nickname – were convicted of a heinous crime.The mistrials of justice in both of those cases were so monumental that multiple films,non-fiction and dramatic,exist about each.

It's doubtful the same will become true of the San Antonio Four given the crimes for which the four women at the centre of its terribly heartbreaking story were charged and found guilty of were not as sensationally savage as those other stories.In fact,as Esquenazi's film details,there was no crime at all.No bloodied body for which somebody absolutely had to held accountable.Rather,just a particularly cruel and shockingly stupid lie that steamrolled into the imprisonment of four innocent women.[more...]

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Dec 03 2012

Elusive As Ever: Academy's Documentary Shortlist

As if announcingNYFCC's winnersand the nominations for the Annies on the same day weren't indicative that awards season is officially upon us,the Academy went ahead and released the 15-film shortlist of documentaries in contention for gold.For all the talk about the new voting system,this list seems to be no different that what we've seen in previous years.It has left off several of the year's most acclaimed titles.That being said,there is a vintage crop of five nominees waiting to happen since the inclusions here are,for the most part,all worthy of their spot.What can I say?It has been an absolutely incredible year for documentaries.But let's get to the most shocking snubs.

The Central Park Five,which won best doc at the NYFCC a few hours earlier,is the biggest exclusion.Ireviewed the filmat TIFF,where I fell for its exposé of institutionalized racism in the American justice system and I'm genuinely surprised that the voters didn't take to it.Queen of Versaillesis another major surprise,though lacking the apparent "importance"factor ofThe Central Park Five,this one is not quite as inexplicable.When I first watched the film,I described it as "an exquisite treatise on everything that's wrong with our society today,shot through the lens of reality television"and I stand by it as one of the year's best films from any genre and medium.Then there'sWest of Memphis,one ofAPP亚博娱乐 ,which despite massive thematic and structural differences with theParadise Lostseries,is quite possibly the victim of the previous film's success just last year.Further off the field whereMarleyandJiro Dreams of Sushi,both of which I loved but expected not to see on today's list.

On the flip side,I'm ecstatic to see the Israeli documentaryThe Gatekeepers.It is by far the most important film to be released this year and one that I expect to see among the final nominees.

More worthy inclusions and the full list of nominees after the jump:

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Sep 28 2012

For Your Consideration: "Central Park Five"and "The Gatekeepers"

Amirhere looking at two films we should keep an eye on in Oscar's documentary race.

"The Central Park Five"

I'll be the first to admit that when it comes to judging the quality of documentaries,I have a particular bias.My favourite docs tend to be innovative films that aren't necessarily "significant"in the grand scheme of things,likeGrizzly ManorSenna,but I often find myself giving a pass to films that use a conventional structure to tell an important story,merely because thee subject matter does the work,towering above the film itself.Every once in a while,however,I'm confronted with a film that utilizes the old "talking heads intercut with archival footage"formula so powerfully that it becomes impossible to imagine it in any other way.Two such films came my way during TIFF that absolutely blew me away.

The first is Ken Burns,Sarah Burns and David McMahon'sThe Central Park Five,which tells the story of five black and Latino youths who were arrested in 1989 for the alleged rape and physical abuse of a white female jogger in Central Park.Despite a lack of evidence to support the charges and their youth (they were all between 14 and 17),they each ended up serving several years in prison or juvenile detention centres.In 2002,more than a decade after their first trial,the real criminal stepped out and confessed;DNA evidence supported his claim.But the irreversible damage had been done.[more after the jump...]

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