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"Say what you want about the politics,prejudice or misogyny in Tarantinos scripts and his persona,but we can all agree that his movies are a great showcase for actors."-Doug

"I think Tarantino only should retire when he gives us 10 masterpieces."-Geor

"The deterioration of Tarantino's filmography can be directly linked to Sally Menke's death.Terrible loss to the film community there."-Ian

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Jun 09 2017

"The Crucible"Is Just About Witches

The Tony Awards are this Sunday,so all week we've been talking stage-to-film adaptations.Here's Goody Jorge with the mother of all allegorical plays…

At this point everyone knows thatThe Crucibleis not about the Salem Witch trials.

Arthur Miller's 1953 play is a very straightforward and less-than-obvious allegory for the McCarthy era and the prosecution of believed Communists in the U.S.It has become a staple of American theater and inspired dozens of generations to think twice before finger-pointing.

Underneath even its Red Scare themes,the play is about much more...

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May 04 2017

Tribeca 2017: The Drama Queens of "Blame"

Nathaniel R catching up with Tribeca Film Festival

photo by Jacqueline Harriet forConstellation Magazine

These women pictured above,left to right,areQuinn ShephardandNadia Alexander.You should probably learn their names.They're the leading ladies of Tribeca hitBlame.Nadia Alexander picked up the festival jury's Best Actress prize.Not that Quinn Shephard is a slouch in that department.Or any department.Get this -- Shephard wrote,directed,produced,stars in,and editedBlame.Whew.More impressively,she did all of those things well!Will the cinema's leading 20something DIYer Xavier Dolan feel threatened or be all 'plz,she didn't have the energy to do the costume design,too?Slacker!'

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Mar 07 2017

Today in History: Joan Crawford's Oscar,Bel Powley's Rise,Loretta Young's Emmy

Need to feel festive today?Think on these anniversaries or birthdays today in showbiz history and celebrate accordingly.

1914Director Morton DaCosta was born in Philly.Though most of his career was on the stage he did direct three features:Auntie Mame,The Music Man,andIsland of Love,the first two of which were Best Picture nominees!
1933The game "Monopoly"was invented -remember that time when it seemed like every "brand"was going to become a movieand Ridley Scott was going to make this one?
1942Televangelist wife and pop culture makeup icon Tammy Faye Baker is born.

Much more after the jump...

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Apr 25 2016

Stage Door: The Crucible w/ Ben Whishaw & Saoirse Ronan

On Monday's (the "dark"night for many shows)Stage Door,we talk theater ...and often its film connections.

Arthur Miller's classic allegory about the Salem witch trialsThe Crucibleis back on Broadway for a limited engagement currently scheduled to run through July.Expect Tony nominations as it's a gripping night of theater with high profile actors like Saoirse Ronan as the vengeful aggressive Abigail,fresh off her Oscar nomination,and acclaimed Brits Ben Whishaw and Sophie Okonedo as the doomed Proctors.

The Cruciblehas only been adapted to cinema twice,once in French in 1957 and most famously in English in 1996 with Winona Ryder,Daniel Day Lewis and Joan Allen (Oscar-Nominated) in the principle roles.That film was no classic so it's easy for the current production to obliterate it in the mind's eye.But for Joan Allen's utterly brilliant rendering of Goody Proctor.[More...]

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Apr 25 2016

Everybody Wants Some Podcasting !!

Nathaniel,Nick,andJoekick off a whole new season of the podcast by hitting the road with Michael Shannon and family inMidnight Specialand going back to college with Richard Linklater's baseball boys inEverybody Wants Some!!We believe its our 8th season,so we'll just go with that.

42:30 minutes
00:01The CrucibleBroadway & Film
02:12 TheSlumdogOscar Year
05:00Everybody Wants Some!!delightful & sexy
15:00 Pro & Con onMidnight Special
32:00Hello My Name is Doris,Zootopia
40:30 Favorite Prince songs

You can listen to the podcast here at the bottom of the post ordownload from iTunes.Please continue the conversation in the comments.Did you "want some!!"and where do you fall in the all-over-the-place reactions toMidnight Special.

Everybody Wants Season Debut

Jan 29 2015

Sundance: "The Witch"is a Riveting One-Of-A-Kind Horror Experience

Michael C.here with one of the big discoveries of Sundance 2015.

There is something happening in the horror genre right now.Maybe its a response to the dreadful depths to which mainstream horror titles sank in the past decade but like antibodies fighting off an infection the indie scene has churned out one great movie after another in recent years:The Babadook,The Guest,A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night,Under the Skin(which is totally horror,if notonlyhorror).Like an unstoppable slasher the genre will just not stay down.Already at this Sundance we have had the astonishingIt Followsand now comes Robert Eggers'The Witchanother peak for the horror genre.

The Witchis a true blast of originality that immerses the viewer in 1630's New England as a family of puritans banished to live isolated on the edge of wilderness is beset by the occult terrors residing in the nearby woods.The result is more than simply jump-outta-your-seat scary (though it is often that) it is genuinely unnerving in a way few films can manage.The effect is like a cold hand slowly closing over your heart.

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