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Mar 04 2016

13 Tweets: Hooper Aesthetic,Laszlo's Carry-On,Tilly's Soul, More...

A tweet roundup while Nathaniel recharges post allthat...Here is a collection for your amusement related toThe Danish Girl,the GOP Debates,All About Eve,Leonardo DiCaprio andmore...

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Feb 29 2016

Chris Rock and the White Elephant in the Room

Kieran,here with an extremely stream-of-conscious analysis of the racial politics of last night's ceremony.Bear with me,gentle reader...

Chris Rock was in an unenviable position.  It's important to begin with that point because,as Nathaniel has pointed out many times,it's nearly impossible to get positive reviews as an Oscar host in real time.Even briefly setting aside the identity politics firestorm of stepping into a predominantly white space as a black person,it usually takes at least a year (if not longer) for positive consensus to settle around how an Oscar host performed his or her duties.But let's get to the white elephant in the room—Chris Rock's handling of #Oscarssowhite (a hashtag created by activist亚博主页April Reign).There were many who seemed to be expecting Chris Rock to be some kind of attack-dog,which I will never understand.That's never been his style and even if it were his style,what does that accomplish?

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Feb 12 2016

Introducing Jane

In case you've missed it,LA based producer Ross Putman has beentweetingout the funny-if-they-weren't-so-awful introductions for female characters in the scripts he's been receiving.It's a dismal glimpse into the reality of female representation in cinema,featuring a strong emphasis on how attractive the character is and plenty of 'cool girl' types who are attractive but don't know it.

Whilst these scripts are likely never seeing the light of day (fingers crossed),it's an unavoidable truth that for every Therese Belevit there are ten Michael Bay Hot Girl who runs 2 metres behind the gawky hero.

To compare,let's look after the jump  at how some of this year's iconic female characters have been introduced in their filmsafter the jump...

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Feb 08 2016

Breaking Down Oscar's Production Design Nominees

Adam Stockhausen and Anna Pinnock with their Grand Budapest Hotel Oscars亚博主页David here with a closer look at this year's Oscar nominees for Production Design.Not too close,mind: this is all about the big picture.The PD is responsible for the entire art department,and as such,the entire visual look and feel of a film.If it's difficult to separate that idea from what cinematographers and costume designers do,well,that's the difficulty in awarding all these disciplines as if they act independently of one another.Such is the nature of the awards season beast.

The origin of the title is an amusing,unsurprising fable: William Cameron Menzies,coined it to describe his own function on the set ofGone with the Wind(a mammoth task,to be sure) after David O.Selznick instructed everyone that "Menzies is the final word"on the set on every technical aspect of the visual production.Menzies,incidentally,was the first Oscar winner of the award,under the label ‘Best Interior Decoration' - the award changed to 'Best Art Direction – Set Decoration' in 1947,and didn't become ‘Best Production Design' until 2012.

As we saw earlier in the week when the Art Directors Guild gave out their awards,the Oscar race seems to be a two-horse race.[More...]

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Feb 04 2016

Interview: Alicia Vikander on Modern Girls,Talking Robots,and Scandinavian Celebrity

Vikander at the SAG Awards where she won Best Supporting ActressWhen I sat down with Alicia Vikander to discuss her career she was full of surprises,and not just in the way she answered questions.She approached in what looked like the simplest black dress,nothing special at all,until she turned around and the dress had an elaborately elegant back with a trailing bow.She promptly plopped down in a chair,opened a small bag of chips,and began munching away.She's a vision,alright,but the vision kept shifting: Unadorned Beauty,Glamorous Star,Girl Next Door.

This hard to pin down pictureshouldn'tcome as a surprise.In the short time we've been watching her she's been equally believable as a sly robot,a conflicted Danish queen,a debutate Russian aristocrat,a bohemian artist whose world is turned upside down,and a British writer during wartime.

But she's been so ubiquitous this year,both on screen and red carpets,that we're wondering which sides of herself she's yet to reveal.So we begin,counterintuively,with her future.

[The following interview was conducted before she won her SAG Award else we'd have talked about it.]

NATHANIEL R: You've had so many movies released in the last few years.If you don't slow down,what's going to be left to accomplish?!?

more after the jump...

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Jan 29 2016

Beauty Break: Costume Design (Personal Ballot & Oscar Shortlist)

We're about to wrap up the "traditional"portion of theFilm Bitch Awardswhich are essentially Nathaniel's Oscar ballot were he to have one in every category.(There will be more awards each day until we're finished -- before the Oscars,亚博主页mind you!-- but they're the fun "extras")

Oscar's costume branch and I were fairly sympatico on our shortlists this year differing by only two pictures.Yet citing only 7 pictures (all featured after the jump) feels stingy.Costume heavy period pictures likeMacbeth,Crimson Peak,The AssassinandBrooklyndefinitely had their moments.Two contemporary pictures worth noting for their clever work wereYouthandChi-Raq.And then there are the pictures that have one costume so special it's what you always think of later on when you're picturing the movie: that lime green slit-to-there dress inM:I - Rogue Nation,the perfect action hero simplicity of Chris Pratt's functional but very tight outfits inJurassic World,the barely visible sight of Jennifer Jason Leigh under huge furry everything inThe Hateful Eight,that stylish pilot jacket inStar Wars: The Force Awakensthat traded hands and so on...

In short,if you don't love costumes -- get outta here!Let's celebrate the five Oscar nominees plus two Nathaniel nominated in his own awards after the jump.Crazy gorgeous photos ahead...


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