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Sep 01 2017

Posterized: The films of Alexander Payne

by Nathaniel R

Nebraska's most successful auteur son,56 year old Alexander Payne is back with his seventh feature.Downsizing,his new satire about a man (Matt Damon) who joins a community that have shrunk themselves, premiered at Venice to the kind of reviews that seem startling until you remember all the reviews for all the other Payne directed movies.Raves are par for the course.He's won two Globes and two Oscars for his screenplays.亚博主页His films have won an incredible 3 Best Picture prizes and he's also won four personal prizes from the normally spread-your-wealth folks at the Los Angeles Film Critics Association over the past 20 years.

The film opens in movie theaters on December 22nd and is expected to be both a box office hit and a major Oscar player.Could it finally be his year to winBest Picture?

How many of his films have you seen?The posters (and more about Oscar) are after the jump...

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Mar 20 2015

Posterized: Shailene Woodley

Shailene breaking glass againWith the excruciatingly titledThe Divergent Series Insurgentupon us -- and already garneringterrible reviewseven before one of those shameless audience-hating cash-grab two-parters -- it's probably time to talk about the slightly mystifying rise of its leading ladyShailene Woodley.While she's certainly easy to look at (but aren't most actors?) that doesn't really explain the career.I've been mostly quiet about this because I'm aiming for positivity in 2015 but I believe I'm developing a severe allergy.

Let's discuss why and her six major performances (How many have you seen?)after the jump...

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Feb 23 2012

Distant Relatives: Kramer vs Kramer & The Descendants

Robert here w/Distant Relatives,exploring the connections between one classic and one contemporary film.

The final Oscar campaign push forThe Descendantspainted it in the grand tradition of much Oscar-loved domestic dramas likeOrdinary PeopleorKramer vs.Kramer.Okay,good enough for me.Let's compare.Particularly,for me,I like theKramer vs.Kramercontrast,since both films follow the "absentee mom and fallable but ultimately well-meaning dad"narrative that seemed to really build steam in pop culture afterKramer vs.Kramer hit it big.

Consider it a kind-of anti-screwball comedy genre,not necessarily a response to men exiting the workforce,but to taking on roles that a quickly changing society had traditionally considered to be for women.At their best,such films could suggest that any gender-based definitions and divisions of spousal and parenting duties were ridiculous,cultural and social construct that need no longer apply.At their worst they featured the zany consequences of macho men taking on tasks that required them to be caring and nurturing...you know like women's work (I can't imagine a demographic or orientaton of people that films like this wouldn't offend in some way).

BothKramer vs KramerandThe Descendantsfall clearly into the better half of this equation.But there are other traps of which they skirt the edges.Consider,that the majority of films,then and now are made by men and for men...  [Continue]

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Feb 19 2012

Yet More Hardware For...The Help,The Descendants,The Artist

ACE and IMAGE statues.Why are trophies always nude men?Is Emmy the only girl among trophies?It's the last exhausting stretch of awards season and the mantles of everyone involved withThe Help,The Descendants,andThe Artistare about to collapse even before they take home their respective Oscars.亚博主页

The ACE Awardswhich is short for American Cinema Editors has four film prizes each year for features and the winners this year were

Drama: The Descendants
Comedy: The Artist
Documentary: Freedom Riders*
Animation: Rango

*I mistakenly read this as Freedom Writers when I saw the release and momentarily panicked that the Hilary Swank teaching drama had resurfaced in non-fiction form.The Making Of...Now With More Swank.

The Drama winner at the Eddies generally goes on to win Best Picture,but this year may prove a semi rare exception sinceThe Artistis expected to take home the Oscar.In the hoopla overThe Artistbeing a silent film people keep forgetting that it's also a comedy and if it wins,we have our first comedy winner sinceChicago(2002).They're all too rare on the big night.

It's also worth noting that Patton Oswalt hosted the ACE Eddie Awards,his third awards hosting gig of the season.This Just In (Inside My Head): Patton Oswalt To Host The 13th AnnualFilm Bitch Awardsin January 2013!(Well,he does says "yes"a lot.Maybe I should ask?)

USC Scriptergoes to an adapted screenplay and the book it rode in on each year andThe Descendantswon for what we assume was arduous carpel tunnel syndrome-laden man hours of copying and pasting the book's prose into onscreen voiceover.Yeesh.(I'm tired.I don't like The Descendants.Forgive me.Soon we'll be able to move on.) I'd feel worse forMoneyball,a far more graceful screenplay,if Aaron Sorkin hadn't just had a big year withThe Social Network.

NAACP Image Awardswere almost certain to fall inThe Help's win column given its blockbuster status.But it was interesting to see it happen so soon after watching Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress winnersViola Davis and Octavia Spencer have it out with Tavis Smileyabout trophies going to black women playing maids in 2011.[Rant: When this Oscar season is over I think we need to have a long discussion in this country about class rather than race for a change.There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a maid.It's honest legal work and why should someone feel ashamed about having a job and doing it?Maybe it's because I used to work in the hotel industry and knew a lot of people who struggled with people looking down on them because of the job they performed.These conversations aboutThe Helpfeel very tone deaf to one particular fact: there are actual maids in the world and there always will be.These conversations always seem to be saying'oh god.could there be anything more demeaning than being a maid?'and I'm just not sure how cleaning people's houses or hotel rooms is horrible work you should feel ashamed of but you know,it's fine if you're a white collar person destroying entire swaths of people's livelihoods with shady business practices or pension-fund robbing or lobbying the government for horribly unfair tax codes.I really wish we could over the deeply embedded notion that you're somehow a better person if you have money.The actual quality of a person's character haszeroto do with the amount of dollars on their paycheck.The only thing a lot of dollars on the paycheck does,in terms of character,is make it more visible.You can do a lot of evil or a lot of good in the world when you have money but the money itself isn't the determining factor on which you'll choose./Rant]

Ahem.Sorry.Had to get that off my chest.Speaking of...

Damn,Viola!She's proud of hers,apparently.

So...The Helptook Best Picture.Off the Oscar track,Pariahwon best independent movie and Angelina Jolie'sIn the Land of Blood and Honeywon best foreign film.Laz Alonso and Mike Epps took home the actor prizes for the wedding dramaJumping the Broomwhich also won Best Director.LL Cool J and Regina King won the top TV acting honors for their procedurals,one of thoseNCIS's andSouthlandrespectively.

Feb 18 2012

Just Enjoy The Show

Cope and Daltonhave made another spoof video of the Oscars.亚博主页This one is just as offensive,though less consistently funny,than last year's (the presence ofInceptionin 2010 helped for the alternate reality comedy).

My favorite skewerings are of the self-pityingThe Descendantsand the eliptical structure ofThe Tree of Life"the earth.a dinosaur.a shoe.Sean Penn"and the "Rise of..."twist on the All Hell Breaks Loose finale is fun.

You know it's alternate reality and satire when Woody Allen runs screaming through the crowd.Everyone knows Woody never attends the Oscars!亚博主页

If you're interested,here's their satirical jab at the forthcoming Oscars...亚博主页

I want my money back.I want my money back.just enjoy the show ♫

Feb 14 2012

Curio: Oscar Unsheets,Part III

Alexahere.With less than two weeks till the Oscars I'm spotting more and more fabulous unsheets (or亚博主页fan poster art) inspired by the nominated films.(Seelast week's postfor some criminally overlooked films).This week I'm moving on to the Best Picture nominees.Interestingly,The Helpseems to be one of the nominees most posterized this year;is it the lure of illustrating pie?

The HelpbyHector Pahaut.Here are some of the best celebrations of the Mississippi Maids,along with some key-themed designs forExtremely Loud & Incredibly Close,mathematical minimilism forMoneyball,and evocative staircase imagery forThe Descendants.Click for more.

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