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Sep 17 2018

Showbiz History: Sophia's Proxy Wedding,Emma's "Easy A"

7 random things that happened on this day,September 17th,in showbiz history...

1931Anna Maria Louisa Italiano born in The Bronx.She's goes on to become Anne Bancroft,one of the all time greats of stage and screen.

1957Here's a truly odd bit of trivia.Sophia Loren was married by proxy on this day.Two male attorneys stood in for her and producer Carlo Ponti (who gave her stage name and groomed her public image -- they first met in 1950 when Sophia was only 16).Ponti was not legally divorced from his previous wife so the marriage was annulled to escape bigamy charges and then they married again in 1966,but legally this time;they remained married for the rest of his life!But how crazy,right?

1963The Fugitivepremieres on ABC...

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Aug 13 2018

Beauty vs Beast: Fashion, Disasters

Jason fromMNPPhere with another edition of "Beauty vs Beast"-- the year 1972 is the"Year of the Month"at TFE for August and coincidentally I'd just listedmy favorite films of 1972over on my own site recently.There I chose five fave films but it's not hard for me to narrow it down further and choose my absolute favorite from that bunch - Rainer Werner Fassbinder'sThe Bitter Tears of Petra Von Kantis my favorite Fassbinder (which is saying quite a bit given my love for Fassbinder) and it stars my favorite Fassbinder actress (I'm Team Margit from way back) in a lesbian bed death match with Everybody Else's Favorite Fassbinder Actress (Hanna Schygulla as the beautiful user Karin)...which makes it perfect for one of these polls!

PREVIOUSLYWe wishThe Fugitivea happy 25 last weekand y'all tossed your lot in with the man accused,unlike the Oscars,亚博主页giving Harrison Ford's Dr.Kimble a 63 to 37 percent edge over Tommy Lee Jones and his Oscar statue.SaidSuzanne:

"Only one of these men has Ralph Fiennes's Oscar for Schindler's List,and it isn't Harrison Ford!"

Aug 06 2018

Beauty vs Beast: Running Mates

Jason Adams fromMNPPhere with this week's "Beauty vs Beast"query -- when I saw it written in my calendar that today is the 25th anniversary ofThe Fugitivemy first thought is I must have done that movie for this series before,but a quick skim tells me I hadn't,and so here we are!I vividly rememberThe Fugitivecoming out in the summer of 1993,a banner year for this movie-lover - I had gone to seeJurassic Parka dozen times by then and I needed something fresh and new to feed this newly awoken beast inside me;Harrison Ford leaping out of a train-crash did the trick.

I went to see the film several times after that,but save a few minutes here and there on TV I don't think I have seen it since?Still it's an easy enough film to remember,especially after we spent that entire year's awards season getting the clip of Tommy Lee Jones saying "gas station,residence,warehouse,farmhouse,henhouse,outhouse and doghouse"hammered into our heads over and over and over,until he got his Oscar for it the next spring.

PREVIOUSLYTwo weeks back we hadyou tackling PTA'sThe Master- turns out that Joaquin Pheonix holds that title,taking a precise 2/3rds of your vote.SaidDevin D:

"This performance truly cemented Joaquin Phoenix as one of the irrefutable greats,and it was very nice that Philip Seymour Hoffman got to work yet again before his untimely passing with Paul Thomas Anderson in a role so sizable."

Jul 19 2014

Team Top Ten: Best TV to Film Adaptations of All Time

Amirhere,to welcome you to another edition of Team Top Ten,a poll of all of the website's contributors.The topic du jour given that it's Emmy season isBest FilmsAdaptated from TV Series.

For as long as film and TV have coexisted,their fates,stars,successes,failures and histories have been entangled.Their ever-shifting dynamic has had an immense impact on both industries.The complexity of their relationship made devising a list like this one quite difficult,beginning with the question of what really constitutes an adaptation.For example,The Holy GrailandLife of Brianare not adapted fromMonty Python'sThe Flying Circus;they are inspired by it,but one is more inspired than the other,so we rendered the former film eligible and the latter ineligible.On the other hand,series likeMission ImpossibleandNaked Gunpresent a different type of challenge because the sequels are continuations of the original film,rather than the TV series,but we considered them eligible nonetheless.We faced another difficulty with franchises likeThe Addams FamilyandThe Addams Family Values,based on a series that is itself based on comics.The extent to which the films were inspired by either source was taken into account and we considered only the former film eligible in this case though the latter has far more ardent fans among the team here.

And so on and so forth. The point is to take this list with a grain of salt and add your personal favourites in the comments below.Without further ado…


10.Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
Unlike these days,David Lynch needed to make a film in order to portray all of the incest,rape,pedophilia,murder and drugs that his and Mark Frost's television series mostly only alluded to.WhileTwin Peaks,which ran for two seasons in the early 1990s,was a woozy blend of murder mystery,soap opera,dark comedy and surrealist imagery,the film was an altogether different beast.A dark and often brutally ugly ‘horror melodrama',it angered many fans and even filmmakers (Quentin Tarantino was not a fan).For people willing to take the plunge,however,into the dark recesses of Lynch's mind,it is a compelling and tragic affair that remains one of the definitive directorial statements of the ‘90s.Plus,David Bowie as an FBI agent who may be a ghost.Or an alien.Or a shape-shifter.Who can tell?–Glenn Dunks

9.Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol
Ghost Protocol
seemed like a squeaker eligibility-wise,with the show a distant,tenuously related memory and three other movies interceding between them.But the film is one of the great pop entertainments U.S.studios have produced in recent years,dynamically edited and gorgeously shot by Robert Elswit without the self-conscious handsomeness ofThere Will Be BloodorGood Night,and Good Luck.With set-pieces as stunning as the Kremlin infiltration,the sandstorm chase,and everything else that happens in,on,or around the Burj Khalifa,this is top-notch,exuberant,and imaginative action filmmaking.  I liked De Palma's gimcrackery and Abrams' more traditional and character-driven suspenser,butGhost Protocolis the franchise's happiest marriage of scene construction,silliness,and star charisma (not just from Cruise,but from everybody).  Its division into discrete,flavorful sequences gives it the roaming energy of a television serial.You want to binge four more movies afterward.–Nick Davis

8 more after the jump

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Aug 14 2012

Take Three: Tommy Lee Jones

Craighere with Take Three.Today:Tommy Lee Joneswho is currently working it out with Streep onscreen inHope Springs.

Take One:No Country for Old Men(2007)
In the Joel & Ethan Coen'sNo Country for Old Men,the ostensible main character is weary Texas lawman Sheriff Ed Tom Bell played by Tommy Lee Jones,though his co-star Josh Brolin is the film's nominal hero.Jones,though,an ‘old man' on the verge of retirement and tired of the country he's patrolled for so long,brings a melancholic meaning to the film's title.Sheriff Bell had more of a life/backstory in McCarthy's novel (much of which the Coens left out) wherein he discusses his experiences in WWII,which hint at a desire to shy away from violent combat/confrontation,and his life is generally laid out in more detail.What we do learn of Bell in the film is from the slivers of significant information Jones imparts in his refined characterisation.

The actor is typically,movingly good in the key scene where Bell visits his uncle Ellis (Barry Corbin).We see their playfully wry relationship in an exchange of sarcastic pleasantries over Ellis's ‘outlaws cats' -- a perfectly daft moment that features one of Jones' very best comically weary glances – but the visit is also rife with understated detail that speaks volumes about Bell as a man.Shot in profile staring out a window at the desolate and godless expanse of the Texan desert,and discreetly withholding his true inner thoughts,Bell enigmatically responds to Ellis about why he's quitting the law.

I always figured when I got older God would sorta come into my life somehow...and he didn't."

Two more takes after the jump

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