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Jan 10 2013

10 Big Surprises of Nomination Morning: From Batman to Ben

Before you can ever delve deep into the nominated fields,you have do the requisite double takes to process the surprises.Herewith the most shocking turns of events this morning.If I haven't included something you found truly eyebrow-raising and faith-shaking ('how can I ever turst the pundits again?!') make sure to share it in the comments.

10The Supporting Actor List isAllPrevious Winners
In the entire history of the Oscars,亚博主页I can't recall any acting category having been composed entirely of men or women who already had Oscars.亚博主页At least one newbie always manages to join the celebrated.Other than that it's not a surprising list really given that all five of the men had precursor support (typical) and two are leads masquerading as supporting (typical) and all are veterans (typical).This is the kindest category to acting veterans and the most impervious to actual excitement.Year in and year out,it's the dullest major Oscar category even when the field to choose from is brimming with electricity.And to think we could have had a rising star playing an android,a rising star singing and crying his heart out,a rising star shaking what his mama gave him while stoned in Mexico,an A list reaching a career peak with nothing but a G string and a great great performance,and a baker turned actor among the dozens of possibly more thrilling choices.

The Legend Ends...and so do Batman Oscar Dreams09The Dark Knight Rises with Zero Nominations
It's a beautiful symmetry.Batman f***ed Oscar over by sending them into a tizzy of low-confidence voting rule changes after the infamous 2008 snub (presumably to include more populist choices in Best Picture) and now Oscar has f***ed Batman over by ignoring The Dark Knight Rises altogether -- this despite the series being very popular with voters since long before Chris Nolan took over.

Eight more increasingly startling morning alarmsafter the jump.

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Nov 03 2012

EFA Noms Honor Plenty of Foreign Film Oscar Contenders

The European Film Awards will be held in Malta this year on December 1st,and as per usual they are honoring plenty of possible nominees in Oscar's Foreign Language Film category as well as films that are a little too outre for Oscar (last yearMelancholia,completely ignored by Oscar,did well and this year that honor goes to Steve McQueen'sShame)


  • Amour(Austria's Oscar Submission)
  • Barbara(Germany's Oscar Submission)
  • Caesar Must Die(Italy's Oscar Submission)
  • The Hunt(Denmark)
  • The Intouchables(France's Oscar Submission)
  • Shame(UK)

Amourappears to be the likely frontrunner here as it leads in nominations but the EFAs are far less predictable than Oscar so anything might happen.Acting nominations,a very handsome director,and moreafter the jump.

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Sep 18 2012

Foreign Oscar Updates.Will France Finally Win Again?

With France's official announcement that the blockbusterThe Intouchableswill be theirOfficial Oscar submission for Best Foreign Film,is the race already over?Its global tally currently rests atan astounding $364 million dollars,most of that from overseas bank.The film hasn't been ignored in American arthouse theaters exactly but it's $9 million gross and mainstream appeal (it's even in the IMDb top 100) qualifies it as a major arthouse hit but no crossover slam dunk;roughly speaking it's a hit the way last year's foreign film winner,the instant classicA Separation,was or the wayBeasts of the Southern Wildis.

French cinema has had a complex intermittently passionate long-distance relationship with Hollywood since cinema began and that is reflected in their Oscar success over the years both in this category and others.France leads all countries in most Foreign Film nominations by a wide margin (36 nominees to Italy's 26) but surprisingly they have not won since the Catherine Deneuve dramaIndochinerocked US arthouses twenty years ago.Will this Gallic sort-of variation onDriving Miss Daisy(is that too dismissive?) be a lock for Oscar love or will last year's swerve towards critically prestigious international cinema signal a sea change to new glory days for the category?(Yes,I still have impromptu ecstatic flashbacks toA Separation's win)

OFFICIAL SUBMISSION CHARTS 2012 -- everything in one place as we do: posters,trailers,info.Pass it on.

Current Predictions- Australia,Austria,Denmark,France and Romania
Albania through Iran- 15 official submissions (thus far...updates in progress)
Italy through Venezuala- 16 official submissions (thus far...updates in progress)

Amelie netflix illustration by Tim Hodge (click for original source)A collection of France's biggest Oscar hits if you'd like to catch up with a movie marathon at home...after the jump

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Sep 01 2012

European Film Awards.You've Always Wanted to Visit Malta, Right?

Each year theEuropean Film Awardsmove to a different location and this year for their 25th anniversary they'll be inMalta.If youvote on their Audience Award prizestarting September 1st(today!)you become eligible to win a trip to the ceremony on December 1st(today in 3 months!).Voting closes at the end of October.

vote now

The audience prize nominees,an eclectic bunch,are...

I'm baffled about the inclusion ofThe Iron Ladyas it certainly doesn't fit any "crowd pleaser"definition previously known to man.Unless by crowd you mean the entire population of StreepStanistan.Obviously in any "people's choice"situation the film that has been the most widely seen has the edge,so this prize is probably going toThe Intouchables($363 million globally) given its global phenom status.The Artist($133 million globally),andThe Best Exotic Marigold Hotel($131 million globally) look like the only possible spoilers.

Lest you dismiss the European Film Awards outright through headscratching over this particular list,please to remember that it's only their audience prize.Their regular nominations don't arrive until early November.Last yearthey were the only awards body to give the greatMelancholiamultiple statues.

In related Ocean-Crossing news,The Oscar Foreign Film Submission Chartsare now up to detail the official Academy submissions as well as rumors of which films might compete: