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RIPPeter Fonda

"He should've totally won the Oscar for his sensitive and subtle turn inUlee's Gold"-Claran

"You're right,it is hard to look beyondEasy Riderin most assessments of his career,so it's great to hear more about these other films..."-Edward

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Directors ofFor Sama

Lulu Wang(The Farewell)
Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Aug 07 2019

No More Links (Enough is Enough)

NYTa fascinating new interview with the always odd Nicolas Cage
Cartoon Brewan indie animated short is getting a theatrical release!Hair Lovewill open forAngry Birds 2in theaters.Should we watch out for it at the Oscars?亚博主页
Varietysad news for those who love Asian cinema and follow the Golden Horse Awards (which we've often covered here at TFE)...a political storm is brewing and mainland China and Hong Kong are looking to boycott the event given Chinese feeling that Taiwan (where the ceremony always takes place) is not an independent nation but part of China.Naturally Taiwan feels otherwise (as do the American Oscars which invite Taiwan to submit their own films and don't lump them in with China itself)亚博主页

More after the jump including new showbiz books,odd news concerning The Little Mermaid,a Barbra Streisand and Ariane Grande duet and more...

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Jul 05 2019

such wonderful things surround you,what more is you linkin' for

/FilmWhy Lulu Wang turned down a huge streaming offer forThe Farewellto go theatrical with A24
Vultureranking the Spider-Man villains --Into the Spider-Versevillains ought to be flipped andFar From Home's big bad is a spot or too low but otherwise a very correct list!
The Atlanticgood piece on the possibly self-parodic elements ofSpider-Man Far From Home
The Guardianan interesting but depressing report on directors getting away with making LGBTQ films in homophobic countries

After the jumpThe Little Mermaid,The Lost Boys,Toy Story 4,andBe More Chill...

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May 21 2019

Aladdin Pt 2: Manic Magical Improv,Sight Gags,and "Prince Ali"

InPart 1of our re-watch of Disney'sAladdin(the proper one,from 1992,not the live-action thing coming out this weekend) Ben got us through the introductions to good-hearted "street rat"Aladdin,frustrated princess Jasmine,and up to the mouth of the Cave of Wonders.We enter as Aladdin takes his first step into a whole new world…

Part 2 by Tim Brayton

0:28:04 – Let's take just a minute to appreciate the atmospheric concision of this descent into the cave.First,we had a shot of Aladdin stepping over the tiger-god's teeth,dissolving into this beautiful wide shot of him (below) at the top of an impossible flight of stairs,a tiny bright dot in the overall gloom that shifts from cold blue to hot,threatening red as our eye glides down the lines of the composition.

Then another dissolve takes us to the foot of stairs,with Aladdin about to step into the heart of the cave.It's a swift,visually-driven way of taking us down into… Hell?It's hard to say just yet,but it creates a terrific sense of mystery,both promising and foreboding...

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Dec 07 2017

Rob's Got Whosits & Whatsits Galore

byJason Adams

I'm still traumatized (yes I know that's a strong word,but I need a strong word to get across the scope of the trauma) by the fact that we won't be getting Sofia Coppola's version of The Little Mermaid,so perhaps I'm not the best person to report this news,but here we are.Rob Marshall,the man who inflicted Nine upon the world,hasaccording to Deadlinebeen offered the gig of updating the Beloved Disney Classic to live-action.They say he will make up his mind over the holidays...

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Jun 22 2017

Ten Little Linkies

morning news items,or recommended stories / essays

Boy CultureComic gold Teri Garr interviewed about her MS (which sadly ended her career,she's now confined to a wheelchair) and her famous co-stars (still loves Dustin Hoffman,wasnota fan of Gene Wilder)

Forbesasks that the internet stop trying to make the most powerful woman in the movie world (that'd beWonder Woman) into a victim with constant outrages.She's a hit,enjoy her.

Eight additional stories after the jump including aDownton Abbeyreunion,Emmy hopefuls,Batman Returnsand more...

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Jun 17 2017

Disney Princess Medley

In case you need a pick me up...

Bonnie Milligan and Laura Osnes duel and duet withThe Little Mermaid,Beauty and the Beast,andMulanbut the funny peaks withAladdinandPocahontas.

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