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Dec 16 2012

Cross Country Critics Champs

To some extent I've lost my taste for covering the critics awards -- at least in depth -- since there are more each year and more which do that coy "nominations first!"thing to try to drum up publicity (it works since the web always needs content...even if the content is the same as the day before as so many of these awards prove!).I'm not trying to be a killjoy --I'm really not!-- but I guess I have anger issues with my fellow critics since they are all so willing to abandon anything they loved during the year once the year end Oscar movies hit.I challenge everyone to go back and read what critics wrote about Michael Fassbender whenPrometheuspremiered and then wonder why they can't be bothered with them now...even when they go so far as to announce nominations ?!?Oscar has a bias against genre performances but unfortunately many of the same media voices who complain about this share the same bias in their own year end honors!Someone will have to explain to me how Alan Arkin inArgoand Robert DeNiro inSilver Linings Playbookfor example are more exemplary examples of Great Film Acting than Fassy inPrometheus. I'd wait but I fear the wait would be longer than the running time of 25 historical epics combined  since who in their right mind would try and justify this verbally even if they votes say differently?

But look at me flying way off track!

So grumpy,me,I apologize!All that said,this year has had abitmore variety in critical winners than some recent years and I do some love reading awards lists.So let's hit four cities and one multi-city stop after the jump and see what they liked most this week...The results are not uninteresting.MORE

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Dec 12 2012

SAG Nominations: Bless Them For 'Charlotte Bless'

The Screen Actors Guild Award nominations,now in their 19th year,are often a bipolar experience to read through.I'm annually enraged by the rules dictacting who receives a nomination when an ensemble nomination happens,but generally speaking there tends to one thing worth being super-thrilled about in the mix beyond all the sleep-inducing reiterations of every Oscar pundit's list.

Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role
DANIEL DAY-LEWIS / Abraham Lincoln - "LINCOLN"(Touchstone Pictures)
JOHN HAWKES / Mark - "THE SESSIONS"(Fox Searchlight)
HUGH JACKMAN / Jean Valjean - "LES MISÉRABLES"(Universal Pictures)
DENZEL WASHINGTON / Whip Whitaker - "FLIGHT"(Paramount Pictures)

In with Bradley Cooper.Out with Joaquin Phoenix?The Masterenters the Oscar nomination period looking shakier than ever.We could see a complete shut out or 4 or 5 nominations for the handsome,well acted but ultimately not too accessible film.It might just be the year's biggest wild card at this point.

It's worth noting that people often emphatically exaggerate the meaning of "snubs".For all we know Phoenix's no show here was a matter of one vote,rather than anything to do with the movie (though it probably isn't well enough loved) or his feelings about awards campaigns.MORE...

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Nov 26 2012

Gotham Awards Winners

You inspire him"
-Amy Adams to Joaquin Phoenix in The Master

Did The Gotham Awards inspire more faith in the possibly fadingg Oscar prospects ofThe Master?They did not.The following films competed for Best Picture in NYC's sort-of answer to The Spirit Awards:

  • Bernie
  • The Loneliest Planet
  • The Master
  • Moonrise Kingdom
  • Middle of Nowhere

(Yes,The Beasts of The Southern Wildwas already famously snubbed here when the nominations were announced last month though it had other nominations and the team was in town for the ceremony and to beat their Oscar drum.)


Jared,Benh,and Ematatzy

Audience AwardARTIFACT.Jared Leto accepted the documentary about his band and a lawsuit.

Don't hate me because I beat that other film."

Breakthrough DirectorBENH ZEITLIN forBeasts of the Southern Wild

It's no time to sit around crying like a bunch of pussies.Make more movies."

Breakthrough ActorEMAYATZY CORINEALDI inMiddle of Nowhere

(Beasts of the Southern Wildseemed to be having as rough a night as Gotham's Live Feed which sorely disappointed.But things turned around for it.The movie,not the live feed.)

Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You
(Incidentally my favorite idea for an award category ever)

Bingham Ray Prize
BENH ZEITLIN forBeasts of the Southern Wild

Best Ensemble

Best Documentary

Best Film

Michael made a For Your Consideration plea forMoonrise Kingdomin Best Picturea short time ago right here at The Film Experience亚博主页.I've not been confident on its Oscar prospects mostly because the film skews so young in its narrative (Oscar isn't that enamored of childhood tales outside of the Foreign Film category) and because excessively stylized pictures tend to be a tough sell for many voters.But the Gotham win is heartening.

Are you happy with the outcomes this year?Do they inspire you?

Nov 24 2012

P.T.Anderson on "The Master"& An Errant Oscar Thought

An hour long conversation about his divisive movie.Sometimes you have to hear it from the filmmaker's mouth.

Somewhat off topic now...

Occasionally with the great filmmakers it feels unseemly to bring up the great compromise of Oscar. Anderson is probably too much of an artist to care too deeply about golden idols but I do wonder -- tis the season -- ifThe Mastercan hold on to any Academy plays or if the year is just getting too crowded with traditional but very satisfying entertainments (Lincoln,Les Miz,Argo) for any of the "difficult"s (The Master,Amour,Anna Karenina,maybe evenBeasts of the Southern Wild) to squeeze into the major categories.

What say you?

P.S.In case you missed it,my thoughts onThe Master

Nov 19 2012

The Masters of My Eyeballs

I like getting lost at the movies.I live for the moments when you dive into the blue box.Ever sinceMulholland Drive,that's what I've called that delirius feeling.That's when a movie with a tractor beam size pull just sucks you in until you're fully immersed in its world.Sometimes it's only for a moment.Sometimes it happens in fits and starts.With masterpieces it can last for the whole running time once you've stopped resisting.In these moments we've left the movie theater behind;the projectionist isn't the only one projecting.

Paul Thomas Anderson movies usually give me just this blue box sensation.I ate at the diner inHard Eight.I hung out on porn sets and called Julianne mommy while high on coke inBoogie Nights.InThere Will Be BloodI fell right in the oil well with Daniel Day-Lewis but only one of us emerged again after that prologue. I even lost myself a time or two inPunch-Drunk Loveflights of rage and whimsy.

THE MASTER and HOLY MOTORSafter the jump

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Oct 23 2012

An Off-Key Starting Bell for the Best Actor Race

I assume by now that you've readInterview Magazine's much talked about interview with Joaquin Phoenix in which he hates on the utter bullshit of awards season?

A lot of people have already (and might continue to) lost their minds over this but Serious (Male) Thespians are allowed to get away with trashing the prize they're in the running for.See also: Marlon Brando,George C Scott and others throughout entertainment history.It's the actresses and the less Serious Thespians that have to tread carefully and bat their eyelashes at voters,play a smart hand and shake the right ones,and kiss the babies.The only time this other group (i.e.the less acclaimed talents or the actors with vaginas) can refuse to play the game and still be awarded for it is if they've garnered an unassailable legendary reputation (think Katharine Hepburn who,like Woody Allen,couldn't be bothered to attend her Oscar ceremonies) or delivered work so seismic that voters wouldn't have been able to ignore it and still feel even remotely like they've ever once contemplated the word "Best"in any real way (think Mo'Nique inPrecious)

The only reason to worry about Phoenix's nomination chances are the depth of the leading actor field,not his personal statements.

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