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Oct 19 2012

Gotham Awards: Moonrise on The Loneliest Planet

Michael C.here. The Gotham Awards announced its slate of nominees yesterday.The National Board of Review and the NYFCC are generally considered the starting pistol to Awards Season,but The Gothams slip in a few weeks early with their tiny pool of voters and eclectic mix of nominees.This year's roster is no different:

Best Feature:

  • Bernie (Richard Linklater)
  • The Loneliest Planet (Julia Loktev)
  • The Master (Paul Thomas Anderson)
  • Middle of Nowhere (Ava DuVernay)
  • Moonrise Kingdom (Wes Anderson)

The Gotham have proved themselves a fair indicator of which titles will end up the year's critical darlings highlighting such past films asA Serious Man,The Hurt LockerandWinter's Bone. Ever since the Best Picture category expanded at least two of the Gotham's five nominees have gone on to Oscar nominations.Last year it wasThe DescendantsandTree of Life.This yearThe Masteris clearly the big dog in this category,but is it wishful thinking to hope thatMoonrisewon't be overlooked in the deluge of year end accolades?

As for snubs itis tough to say...[Continue]

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Oct 16 2012

Podcast: The Impossible Life of Pi on the Hudson

Here's part two of my October conversation withKatey,JoeandNick.In part I,Nathaniel,made the embarrassing confession that I had yet to seeThe Masterdue to pneumonia,subway mishaps and so on...The day that I knewPart 1of the podcast would air (Sunday) I rushed to a matinee ofThe Masterso as to course-correct before my shame went public. I only had a few hours free and when I arrived at the theater the ticket seller informed me thatThe Masterwas not showing thus prolonguing my public humiliation:

Me,Wracked WithThe Master-Related Guilt:But I looked it up just 45 minutes ago...12:30 PM!I'm here.It's 12:30 PM.I have to see it.
Lady Who Knew Not My Blogging Shame:Where did you look it up?
Lady:We're not affiliated with them.Next time try Fandango.
Me:Are you telling me that Moviefone just made this up?!
Lady:I'm telling you that it's not showing and we aren't affiliated with them.


Podcast Part Two.
Topics in this incredibly rambling 41 minute Oscar podcast include but are not limited to:

  • Life of Pi
  • Hyde Park on Hudson- why the festival showings?
  • How to Survive a Plague,Documentaries & FYC Screeners
  • Leonardo DiCaprio inDjango Unchained
  • Naomi Watts inThe Impossible
  • Amour,Emmanuelle Riva and Best Actress
  • The Matthew McConaughey Narrative
  • The Normal HeartandAugust: Osage Countyin 2013

You candownload the podcast on iTunesor listen right here.Enjoy(and please comment if you do).

The Impossible Life of Pi Oscar Ramblings

Sep 26 2012

Team Experience: The Master

I'm out and about again (finally!) so my greedy eyeballs will be onThe Mastersoon.I challenged Team Experience to describe the film in three words since so many critics can't even settle on what it's even about (I'm avoiding reviews but the non-consensus as to meaning is out there).

Four brave souls took me up on the challenge...

Matt Zurcher writes:

Fevered heart need.
The intensity ofThe Masteris impossible to understate.The style itself is unhinged -- crazy,even.The characters are bloated visions of Freudian extremes.The Masteris filmmaking of the highest order,yes.But it's also cinema that works on its own terms,so full of cocky flair and delightful self-indulgence that the audience has no choice but to follow it wherever it wants to go.Anderson's fable can seem alienating or disorganized on first viewing,but a second reveals the director's compassion.Joaquin Phoenix's face is a shattered one,but his tears are so heartbreakingly believable.The passion and need that these two men feel for each other begs to be known.And in all the intellectualization of this film that we're going to see,let us remember that it's really just about two people who need each other and who love each other.It's the best love story I've seen sincePunch-Drunk Love.

You can readMatt's full review here.

Beau McCoy writes:

Opaque Rabid Jazz
"The Master"makes "Cosmopolis"look as accessible as a Spielberg film.Purposely distant and muddled;what are we watching and why?Ferocity abounds in its many forms and incarnations.Moves like a jazz solo;we don't know where we're going.Why should it matter?Premature.

Alexa says:

Disappointing Beautiful Molasses
There's a truly great film here waiting to be pulled out of the molasses...

You can read more of her thoughts,here.

Finally,Josewas even more succinct but I suspect it's something of a spoiler soI'm putting it after the jump...

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Sep 23 2012

Trouble With The House at the End of Watched Curved Street

It was a photo finish this weekend with Clint Eastwood,Jennifer Lawrence,and Jake Gyllenhaal all struggling to land in first place.We won't really know who did until tomorrow.If you ask me that's a poor showing for Jennifer (given that horror is an easy cash grab on opening weekends) and Clint and a redemptive showing for Jakey who pundits always like to claim is over as a bankable leading man if he ever was.But maybe that's my bias spinning it since I have yet to seek treatment for the Gyllenhaalism.(Next up Maggie G inWon't Back Down!)

Box Office Fifteen
04FINDING NEMO 3-D$9.4(cum $29.9 this time 'round)
06DREDD$6.3 *NEW*
07THE MASTER$5(cum.$6.0)
11THE BOURNE LEGACY$1.6(cum.$110.4)
13THE EXPENDABLES 2$1.4(cum.$82.9)Let's cast a female version

The Masterhad the healthiest per screen average among the wide openings (though it's only just barely "wide"now) but P.T.Anderson movies have never made as much by the end of their run asThe Odd Life of Timothy Greenalready has (approaching $50 million) which is totally why we can't have nice things.Adults with taste continue to destroy Hollywood by staying at home and watching their premium channels instead of supporting films made for them at the theaters.In limited releasePerks of Being a Wallflowerled the arthouse with a very healthy per screen average and a quarter million gross in its first weekend.

What did you see this weekend?And who isstillgoing to Batman?He hung up his cowl,people!

In more timely news,are you watching the Emmys with us tonight?If so "see"you in the comments section.

Sep 19 2012

From Link With Love

Pajibawonders ifThe Master's insane per screen average this weekend will finally translate into mainstream box office dollars.(No P.T.picture has ever grossed more than $40 million in US theaters)
First ShowingMelissa Leo prepping for a busy 2013.So many films,one of them (Prisoners) is with Hugh Jackman from the director ofIncendies.
Cinema BlendGong Li may becomeThe Last Empress...but she needs a director first

The Guardianon Mitt Romney and his choice of favorite filmO Brother Where Art Thou?
Geekologieimpressive fan sculpture of He-Man
Pajibaon the casual barely-trying success of theResident EvilandUnderworldfranchises
Coming Soonhas an exclusive with Oscar Isaac (Drive) singing songs from two new films10 Years(it's a song he co-wrote)and the Coen BrosInside Llweyn Davis.Here's the oft-covered "Dink's Song"from that forthcoming Coen Bros picture...

...and we end with a little tangentially 007 related business (we'll have a Bond series soon with guest star Deborah Lipp of "Basket of Kisses"and "The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book"fame)

Press Play
Matt Zoller Seitz onFrom Russia With LoveandSingin' in the Rainand "unsophisticated"audiences...
Monkey Seeresponds to this article with more on the problem of contemporary audience's "ironic distancing"from older films.Very worthy topic o' discussion
Movie|Linea tale of two posters forSkyfall

Sep 11 2012

Curio: Viewing The Master

Alexahere.I just can't let the week go by without posting something about my biggest film boner sinceBlack Swan, PT Anderson'sThe Master.I know this is bandwagon time,but my excitement knows no bounds here.I can't wait to see Joaquin Phoenix back in prime form;I will always forgive his sidestep into indulgence because,the talent!And another film paired with Johnny Greenwood's haunting tones?Yes please!I missed Chicago'sonly 70mm showing(grrr),but will be first in line on Friday.To force you to revel in anticipation with me,I present a few fan posters (with the exception of Wes Anderson,no one brings out the fan art quite like PT),and some fabulous photographs taken from the set by photographerJack Erling.

Poster byDuane Valentino.

One more fan poster and evocative photos from the setafter the jump

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