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First Cow(2020)

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Jul 20 2020

Review: The Old Guard

by Lynn Lee

In my more fanciful moments, I have a pet theory that Charlize Theron is a reincarnated ancient goddess. I’m not just talking about her statuesque beauty, effortless glamour, or seeming immunity to aging. No, I mean her superhuman ability to batter, dirty up, strip down and sometimes strip away that beauty in service of a role…only to reemerge in the same state of impossible physical perfection as before, as if nothing had happened.

Who better, then, to play a female warrior who never dies or grows old and whose wounds heal without a trace? While Theron’s played a lot of certifiable badasses in recent years, she hasn’t often been cast as a bona fide superhero, and the results have been mixed when she has (Aeon Fluxis the last that comes to mind, unless you countHancock). I’m happy to report she finds a good fit withThe Old Guard, Netflix’s latest attempt to make us all forget we ever needed to go to a movie theater...

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