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Oscar doubles- trivia on all the two-timers

"Winslet could easily wins a second one in the right project/role.Think about how close she comes for Steve Jobs. The other one is Viola Davis in Lead.I think everyone in Hollywood would vote if she is nomed again."-Patrick

"Still mystified why Jodie and Jessica won two and then … television (Jessica) or nothing much else (Jodie)." -Faye

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Entries in The Oscar Week (11)

Jan 05 2018

The Oscar Week with Haddish in New York & Chastain in Palm Springs


Welcome back to The Oscar Week,where we follow Oscar contender appearances and interviews and examine how they impact their chances.After a 2 week hiatus,all the contenders were back in full campaign mode on both coasts,cramming in as many events as they could before the Golden Globes.Even hitherto missing person,Sally Hawkins,made an appearanceat the Palm Springs Film Festival.

However the week,the moment,maybe even the year belonged to Tiffany Haddish.She took the New York Film Critics Circle awards dinner by storm,delivering an 18 minute epic speech.Here are a few excerpts:

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Dec 08 2017

The Oscar Week: Mothers and the Mystery of Sally

In this weekly feature fromMurtadawe follow Oscar contender appearances and interviews and examine how they impact their chances.

Much has been made in the media that the three leading contenders in Supporting Actress,Laurie Metcalf,Holly Hunter and Allison Janney,are playing mothers.So it seemed natural for them to sit down together for an interview and photoshoot...

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Dec 01 2017

The Oscar Week: Greta,Jake,and Timothée

Murtadais back with his weekly Oscars feature for a new season,亚博主页following Oscar contenders and examining how their many interviews and appearances impact their chances.

Gerwig at the Gotham Awards

Are you ready for another season of Oscar campaign shenanigans?Frankly I wasn't.In the year in which Hollywood revealed its ugly hidden true self of rampant sexual harassment,maybe they shouldn't spend so much time patting themselves on the back.Cancel the Oscars,亚博主页I cried to one in particular.

But then Greta Gerwig took me out of my dark despair...

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Feb 17 2017

The Last Oscar Week

In this weekly feature fromMurtadawe follow Oscar contender appearances and interviews

The Oscars are just 9 days away so this will be our last Oscar Week column of the season.亚博主页Let's look at how contenders are hustling in Phase 2.In this phase campaigns pivot their messages to try and secure the win.This gives us more pointed and sometimes bold messaging.Like the exploitative use of the Muslim Travel ban byLion.Always happy to see Sonny Pawar's expressive face,but this message is a bit of a stretch.Arrivalis going for the heartstrings,showing Amy Adams hugging Jeremy Renner and talking to her daughter,rather than talking up the sci-fi elements.This is smart messaging since the mother-daughter relationship is what most leave the theater talking about...

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Jan 27 2017

The Oscar Week: post-nominations,the campaigns rev back up.

In this weekly feature fromMurtadawe follow Oscar contender appearances and interviews.After taking a week off,contenders are back to the grind for Phase 2.

Supporting Actress
The warmest presence on the Oscar campaign trail is undoubtedly Octavia Spencer.She's as delightful in interviews and appearance as herHidden Figurescharacter is on screen,except of course when she's dealing with Kirsten Dunst's racist boss.No wonder she's so popular.On Twitter she acknowledged her nomination by mentioning not only her director and producers,but also her friends fromThe Help(and fellow nominees this season) Viola Davis and Emma Stone.Then she went further in by congratulating Barry Jenkins,Ava DuVernay,Dev Patel and Denzel washington.How lovely is she?

This week she was honored as Woman of the Year by Harvard's Hasty Pudding Theatricals group.She looked delighted throughout the parade through the streets of Cambridge,to the roast and the presentation of the traditional prize,the pudding pot.That pot,she quipped,was harder to get than an Oscar...

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Jan 13 2017

The Oscar Week: Who was the MVP of Phase 1?

In this weekly feature fromMurtadawe follow Oscar contender appearances and interviews.With Oscar balloting closing today,who did we enjoy on the campaign trail.

This was the last week of campaigning and contenders did not disappoint.Some got a boost from the Golden Globes,while everybody continued to cram in appearances.Amy Adams got her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.Natalie Portman made headlines about gender wage disparity,forNo Strings Attachedof all her films.Many sang"I Will Survive".

Today ends what is termed as Phase 1 in Oscar campaigning,the nomination portion.This phase started on Labor Day Weekend as films were unspooled at the Venice and Telluride festivals.So who made it through almost 5 months of interviews,appearances and came out on the other side surprising,charming and endearing to those of us who follow these things closely?Here are our favorites...

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