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May 12 2019

Posterized: Anne Hathaway

by Nathaniel R

Anne Hathaway's latest star vehicle,The Hustle,a gender-flipped loose remake ofDirty Rotten Scoundrels(1988),debuted this weekend.We're happy to see her back when she belongs -- in a leading role on the big screen.

She's one of our greatest contemporary stars,the haters be damned.Thankfully the anti-Hathaway brigade has quieted down a bit after her savvy post-Oscar low profile.She started right at the top with the $100 million hitThe Princess Diaries,a rare and delicious but precarious place to start as a teenager as there's usually only one way to go (you guessed it,down).But Hathaway proved resilient,weathering the rise to adult stardom with inarguable skill buoyed not just by remarkable beauty (those huge expressive eyes are a camera's dream) but by even more remarkable talent and versatility as an actor.

The star,now 36,has made 27 features.How many of her films have you seen?The poster are all after the jump...

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Jul 20 2016

Garry Marshall (1934-2016)

One of Hollywood's key figures passed away yesterday at the age of 81.His work in the past five years has consisted of a string of critically lambasted all star romcoms (Valentines Day,New Year's Eve,Mothers Day) and the day before he died one of the many actor he made famous (Scott Baio ofHappy Days&Joanie Loves Chachifame) embarrassed himself on national television at the RNC.To put it bluntly,the last few years have not been kind but this isnotthe legacy that the beloved Garry Marshall deserves.We need to look a little further back.While he was never exactly a critic's darling - let's not rewrite history -- his work often resonated wildly with the public on screens both small and large.And that,my friends,is no small thing with or without a shelf of showbiz trophies.

He was a mammoth figure in comedy television,first,coming up as a writer on seminal shows likeThe Dick Van Dyke Showand famous properties likeThe Lucy Show.After developingThe Odd Couplefor television (1970-1975) he created three true pop culture behemoths inHappy Days(1974-1984),Laverne & Shirley(1976-1983) andMork & Mindy(1978-1982),the latter introducing the public to Robin Williams with whom they fell madly in love.

In the movies,and this is also no small thing,he was irreplaceable when it came to the careers of mainstream superstar actresses in both the 1980s and 1990s.He directed one of Goldie Hawn's most enduring hits (Overboard),one of Bette Midler's melodramatic bests (Beaches) and he was instrumental in the superstar blossoming of both Julia Roberts (Pretty Woman,Runaway Bride) and Anne Hathaway (The Princess Diaries).He also guided Michelle Pfeiffer through one of her most controversial roles  (Frankie & Johnny) but even though everyone argued miscasting she made fine work of it.He even tried to help Lindsay Lohan along (Georgia Rule) but it's hardly his fault thatthatdidn't take.He was not without his missteps of course (Raising Helen,The Other Sister,Exit to Eden) but who isn't?

My personal favorite Garry Marshall movie,BEACHES (1988)Laverne & Shirley starring his sister Penny (who also became a director)

Do you have a favorite film or television show from his resume?There are a lot of choices as his work was so deeply embedded in our pop culture for decades on end.