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Feb 01 2019

23 days til Oscar!

The only (current) 23 year-old in the world who is also an Oscar-nominated actor if not this year

Can you believe we're less than a month from Hollywood's High Holy Night?Since today's magic number is23,we're sharing a gallery of beauties related to that number starting with Timothée Chalamet.Now,he didn't make this year's Oscar list despite precursor attention forBeautiful Boybut he is stillthe onlycurrent 23 year-old who can claim the title "Oscar-Nominated Actor".Please enjoy this photo gallery of other number 23 related beauties after the jump...

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Nov 23 2018

Showbiz History: Wrecking Balls,Two Commandments,and Makeup & Hair Nods

8 random things that happened on this day (November 23rd) in showbiz history

1923Cecil B DeMille'sThe Ten Commandmentspremieres.He would of course remake it as the infinitely better-remembered 1956 camp?technicolor classic of the same name.

1934Romantic dramaThe Painted Veilstarring Greta Garbo and Herbert Marshall opens in movie theaters.It's later remade (quite well!) in 2006 with Naomi Watts and Edward Norton.

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Oct 05 2016

On this day: Jacob Tremblay,Pitch Perfect,and The Ten Commandments

On this day in showbiz history...

Still undersung: the great Glynis Johns in "The Ref"

1902Ray A Kroc,who popularized the McDonald's empire is born.The Founderwhich is about his business shenanigans/success opens this December (it was already supposed to have opened but we can't have movies for adults in the summer for some reason).
1908Joshua Logan is born.He later makes famous movies likeBus Stop,Picnic,CamelotandSouth Pacific.
1923Happy 93rd birthday to Glynis Johns,one of the greats!Her classics include:Mary Poppins,While You Were Sleeping,The Court Jester,The Ref,andMiranda.Why she doesn't have an Honorary Oscar is simply beyond our understanding.She was nominated only once for fine supporting work inThe Sundowners
1945A strike by set decorators turns into a riot "Blood Friday"at Warner Brothers studios.Are you still enjoyingour series "The Furniture"on the work of production designers and set decorators?If so please comment and let Daniel know.
1946The very first Cannes film festival wraps up...

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Dec 16 2014

Review: Exodus: Gods and Kings

Michael C hereto look at an embattled new wide release.

Ridley Scott'sExodus: Gods and Kingsis so dead in the water,so consistently baffling in its choices,that it is difficult to know where to begin.How about the simple fact that when one is adapting the Old Testament there is no getting around God?

Gods and Kingsdoesn't go so far as to omit God altogether.The Lord is present (sort of) in the form of a petulant eight-year old child who first appears from behind the burning bush to issue vague marching orders to Moses.What Scott and his quartet of screenwriters do attempt is an end-run around the almighty in the form of an ill-considered attempt to wedge the Book of Exodus into theBatman Beginsmold where all the miraculous events are brought down to Earth with realistic explanations,or at least semi-plausible interpretations.

Is God really talking to Moses or is Moses talking to himself because his exile knocked a screw loose?Does God intervene at the Red Sea or did the Jews get lucky with a fortuitous low tide?[more...]

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Jul 08 2014

My Favorite Moment in the "Exodus" Teaser

New Policy.Though The Film Experience invariably prefers teasers to full trailers on account of our spoiler aversion our亚博主页Yes No Maybe Sois one of our most popular features.So herewith we shall always do Yes No Maybe Sos on only the teaser for films we very much want to see and don't want spoiled and we'll just skip the trailers altogether (I am so grateful I did with Snowpiercer).Other films,we'll wait on the full trailer to do our full duty...especiallythose movies that were spoiled centuries ago likeExodus: Gods and Kings.

FYI for those of you who haven't read it,the Bible isfullof spoilers.It's practically a reality TV show it's so fond of telling you what's coming up next and then what just happened recapping.[More...]

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