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"I'm with Murtada and Nathaniel that仲夏just doesn't come together.鉴于在遗传you can see the connection between the characters' strained family and the horror that befalls them,I still haven't figured out what a bad relationship has to do with Swedish cults."-Evan

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Wanuri Kahiu(拉菲基)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)
Christian Petzoldt(Transit)
Richard E Grant(Can You Ever Forgive Me?)
Rachel Weisz(The Favourite)

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"我是黛安·基顿清脆的白衬衫"夏洛特·巴内特的想象独白。I can't even describe how much I love this,guys.I love it as hard as Diane Keaton's crying jag in爱是妥协is long.

I am immaculate,woven by gods from fibers of cotton and Nancy Meyers' discarded screenplays...

EWtalks to Cate Blanchett aboutManifestobut works in a颂歌bit,同样,bless them.
Interviewtalks to Tracy Letts ofThe Lovers关于他作为著名演员和获奖剧作家的双重职业生涯

Go Fug Yourself《时尚》杂志封面上的Elle Fanning
Tracking Board杰夫·戈德布鲁姆的职业生涯比以往任何时候都更忙碌。现在他与朱迪·福斯特和索菲亚·布埃拉签约了一部名为《阿尔忒弥斯酒店》的惊悚片。
EWAnya Taylor-Joy and Maise Williams will play Magik and Wolfsbane in theNew Mutantsmovie.(But it's still so diappointing that the rumor is that the movie is leaving out the Asian member of the original comic book group,Karma.他也恰巧是一个同性恋角色。Hollywood just loooooves gay erasure and whitewashing.They cannot get enough.)
Variety托姆·约克,无线电头的名声,hired to score the remake ofSuspiriafrom director Luca Guadagnino
NYTMichael Parks,Tarantino favorite and prolific character ever,dies at 77
泰铢肯尼·米勒,B movie actor of 1950s drive-in classics dies at 85
Varietytalks to the costume designer of Snatched,dressing for laughs
The Playlistremember that Michelle Williams movie法兰西组曲that had Oscar buzz but then sat on a shelf for years?It's now going to Lifetime TV

BuzzFeedis thankfully keeping this handy list of cancellations and renewals on TV up to date.我很难过The Real O'Neals.I expectedAmerican Crime不过,由于每年都会有一个自然的结局,取消选集的伤害就小了。
Vulture13显示了之前定义的反乌托邦电视The Handmaid's Tale
VF Hollywood丑闻probably ending next season.But will ABC shift their drama strategy away from wealth porn?

And the teaser FINALLY forTop of the LakeSeason 2 starring Elisabeth Moss and Nicole Kidman.我们对此再也兴奋不过了。If you missed season 1 with Elisabeth Moss investigating the disappearance of a young girl and finding a much larger crime that she wasn't expecting you really must catch up with it.简·坎皮昂仍然得到了它,她仍然使引人入胜的人类戏剧充满了女权主义的含义。

WAMCWill Swenson talks aboutWaitress
PlaybillGlenn Close remembers her Broadway debut,从替补到明星
PlaybillLin-Manuel Miranda to fund O'Neill Theater Center Scholarship for artists of color