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May 19 2017

Posterized: Thomas Vinterberg

By Nathaniel R

Vinterberg at the Oscars in 2014亚博主页When we were first were introduced (not literally) to writer/director Thomas Vinterberg,who turns 48 today (Gratulerer med dagen!),in 1998 we thought "he ought to be in pictures!".

⇱ Just look at that mug!

The Dane auteur IS in pictures,at least spiritually,since he still makes Danish pictures inbetween his English language films and some of them are clearly pulled from his soul.His new filmThe Communeis a fictional story but the director did grow up in a commune watching the adults struggle with their decisions (The Communehas a key teenage character who is very observant).

So with that film in theaters in select cities and also on VOD (you can stream it for a price on Amazon) let's look back at his career to date via movie posters.

He's made nine features.How many have you seen?

Click to read more ...亚博足彩app

May 19 2017

Thomas Vinterberg returns with "The Commune"

This review originally ran in September 2016 from the Toronto International Film Festival.With the film finally in theaters in select cities starting today (and available to rent on Amazon),we didn't want you to miss it...

Thomas Vinterberg first came to fame with the Dogme 95 masterpieceThe Celebration(1998) which was an international success reaping Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations for Foreign Film.Oscar famously snubbed it during their long stretch of controversial years in the 90s and 00s where they regularly ignored major critical darlings eventually prompting reforms to the selection process in the late Aughts.Vinterberg was eventually nominated with another international successThe Hunt(2012) and after his English language sleeper successFar From the Madding Crowd(2015) it's safe to say he's on quite a roll currently.

For years people had suggested to Vinterberg that he make a film about commune life since he had grown up in one as a child in the 70s...

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May 12 2017

Matthias Schoenaerts and Lea Seydoux dream of submarines


When you think Matthias Schoenaerts and Lea Seydoux,do you think of submarines?Schoenaerts of the smoldering look,hulking presence and that dimpled smile that shattered many hearts toRust.Seydoux,who perfected the sexy butch walk when she wentBlue.Well Thomas Vinterberg decided to put those two together in a movie about a sinking submarine -- not the story many imagined they'd be paired in.

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May 25 2013

Red Carpet & Un Certain Regard Prizes

I haven't been able to find a partner forRed Carpet Convodiscussions this holiday weekend *sniffle* so instead I thought I'd share some red carpet lineups with jury prizes and brief notes now that the awards are coming in.Are you with me?

First up is the Un Certain Regard jury which was led by Danish director Thomas Vinterberg who came to fame with the greatFesten(Celebration) in 1998 and has been enjoying similarly ecstatic praise for his recent pictureThe Huntwhich could be Denmark's Oscar entry this year.On his jury were actresses Zhang Ziyi,Ludivine Sagnier,Head of Brazil's Festival Ilda Santiago and producer Enrique Gonzalez Macho.Here's Ziyi...!

Which is your favorite?And when was the last time you saw Ziyi onscreen?It seems like it's been forever for me so I'm eager forThe Grandmasterwhich is a totally unofficial2046reunion (see also: Tony Leung & Wong Kar Wai)


The Missing Picture(Cambodia)
Rithy Pan's picture about the horrors of the Pol Pot regime -- I'm crazy about the poster!-- won the Un Certain Regard prize

Hany Abu-Assad,who was Oscar nominated forParadise Now,won the jury prize (i.e.second place) for this movie which returns to the same brutal setting of the Palestine-Israel conflict and focuses on three friends caught up in the cycle of violence.

Fruitvale Station(USA)
Ryan Coogler's Sundance winner about the police killing of an innocent Bay Area man (Michael B Jordan) took the "Future Award".A Future with Oscar maybe...

Stranger by the Lake(France)
This controversial murder mystery from Alain Guiraudie -- already infamous for its nudity and gay sex -- took home the directing prize.The film takes place entirely outdoors in a gay cruising area.Strand Releasing will distribute in the States at some point.

The Cage of Gold(Mexico)
Diego Quemada-Diez,a camera operator of films you've seen like21 GramsandThe Constant Gardener,has graduated to directing.His ensemble cast of non-professional teens playing illegal migrants were given the Talent Award

On their choices,Vinterberg says:

One of the finest achievements in filmmaking is to create unforgettable moments – moments that stay with us – as a collective memory – as a collective mirror of our existence.Clay figures,extreme beauty,violence,homosexual blow jobs,systematic humiliation of the human kind,Léa Seydoux's legs,great Brando imitations are just some of the unique images that will follow us for a while.

Well...all of those things do sound memorable even if we don't have much context for them just yet.And so so we close with Ziyi's fellow juror Ludivine Sagnier,an actress j'adore and who we've interviewed right here.

When was the last time you saw Ludivine onscreen?

Apr 24 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen and Kidmaniacs,I Give You The Cannes Jury

Cannes is just three weeks away and the final jury lineup has been announced.We knew Steven Spielberg would head the jury but his team was still semi-secret.They are...

Just months after competing for an extra Oscar,they'll be discussing other people's movies

Competition Jury

  • Daniel Auteuil (French actor/director)
  • Vidya Balan (Indian actress)
  • Naomi Kawase (Japanese director)
  • Nicole Kidman(Australian actress/producer)
  • Ang Lee(Taiwanese director/producer/scriptwriter)
  • Cristian Mungiu(Romanian scriptwriter/director/producer)
  • Lynne Ramsay (British scriptwriter/director/producer)
  • Steven Spielberg(American director) PRESIDENT OF JURY
  • Christoph Waltz (Austrian Actor)

Only one thing is certain about the outcome based on the composition of the team: By May 26th,Nicki's auteur lust will devour their collective imagination and they'll surely be competing for her hand in filmmaking.Which one of these directors will she work with next?(I mean,besides Steven Spielberg who Kate Capshaw aside,isn't particularly excited by actresses.) Can her first Romanian picture be far off?I'd most love to see what Lynne Ramsay could wrangle out of Kidman but I assume that Ramsay might have difficulty getting funding for her next picture giventhe ugly fallout from her sudden departure fromJane Got a Gun.

Some years ago I made this visual and it still applies.But you just change the names as the years go by and Kidman recalibrates her attacks.Always plotting for legacy,that one!

Despite the media blitz that accompanies Cannes headliners,the competition jury is never the only jury at Cannes.It's just the one with all the headliners.There are multiple less glitzy but not necessarily less talented juries overseeing other prizes as well.

Short Films Jury

  • Maji-da Abdi (Ethiopian actress/producer)
  • Jane Campion(New Zealand,director) PRESIDENT OF JURY
  • Nandita Das (Indian actress/director)
  • Semith Kaplanoglu (Turkey,writer/director/producer)

Un Certain Regard Jury
This jury decides who to spotlight in the realm of up-and-coming filmmakers (the ones Cannes isn't yet ready to include in the Competition lineup.Last year their prize went to the Mexican featureAfter Luciawhich Amir wrote about here.) This jury lineup has not yet been announced butThomas Vinterbergthat handsome Dane who made the dogme masterpieceFesten (A Celebration)in the late 90s and whose current  featureThe Huntis winning him the best reviews he's seensincethat startling debut will preside over this jury.

Can't wait to see which films they all embrace...and which auteurs win Nicole Kidman's hand.