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Apr 21 2016

Thoughts I Had...The "Cafe Society" Poster

Look at this amazing poster for Woody Allen'sCafe Society(2016).The film will open the Cannes Film Festival and also,a little closer to home,the Seattle Film Festival this May.It will play near you this August as counterprogramming toSuicide SquadandPete's Dragon.

After the jump,thoughts I had as they came to me unedited.Share yours,too,why don'cha...

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Mar 25 2016

Thoughts I Had While Looking at Television's Actress Elite...

Good morning,readers!Here's your wake-up call:

That's a whole lot of actress powerhouses on television in one small selfie:Sarah Paulson(The People vs.OJ Simpson),Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife),Constance Zimmer (UnREALandHouse of Cards),Regina King (American Crime),Kirsten Dunst (Fargo),Kerry Washington (Scandal),and Jennifer Lopez (Shades of Blue).Before you jump to conclusions that Ryan Murphy is just expanding his empire,let's take a closer look:

1.What exactly caused this moment of divinity?Casual friday brunch?Do they all share a dentist?

2.We are not worthy ofRegina Kingand we never will be.

3.Kerry Washington is there too?!Rayreunion!Wouldn't they make a great duo in something fun and female-empowering likeThelma and Louise?

4.Everyone is lovely here,but Sarah Paulson is serving.

5.It's easy to forget if you're like me and don't watch much television that even large stars are making the TV leap by the minute - but haven't we kind of been sleeping on the fact that Jennifer Lopez is the star of a network procedural?

6.This is the Emmy's Actress Roundtable we actually want,yes?Yes.

7.Maybe Jennifer Lopez should be planning the members of group magazine covers a la Vanity Fair.I'd totally buy this off that magazine rack!

8.Wait!There's room for one more next to Constance Zimmer!What TV actress would you squeeze into this selfie?

Mar 17 2016

Thoughts I Had While Looking at the Miss Peregrine... Poster

Just in time for the kiddies' spring break movie fever,we've started to see teases for the new teen-targeted Tim Burton featureMiss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.Based on the young adult book series by Ransom Riggs,there's a feast of spooky oddities that fit right into Burton's sensibilities.However,the first looks suggest that he's playing into his current era's weaknesses.The trailer and some thoughts I had staring at the new posterafter the jump...

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Mar 07 2016

Thoughts I Had While Staring at this Elvis & Nixon Poster

Manuelhere.Maybe it's the whole "grass is always greener"thing,but I've always loved the UK quad posters.That's certainly the case with this one for the upcoming comedy/dramaElvis & Nixon.If the title hasn't clued you in,the film is about the random one time meeting between the King and the President which led to one of the mostfamous photographsin American history.You mayhave seen the trailerfor this Liza Johnson film and here are 5 thoughts had while staring at this playful poster...

1.Spacey as Nixon makes sense to me but that Shannon as Elvis is some left field casting,no?He does brooding and complex and crazy and worried aren't you curious about how he'll fare here.(Also,unplanned,but I just realized Shannon made TFE's latest banner up top!)

2.This 60s sketch comedy design seems much better tailored for the film than themore serious-minded US poster.(I mean,you don't cast Johnny Knoxville if you're going for straight drama.)

3.So much hand-acting in this poster!Then again,both outsized icons are known for their all too often parodied mannerisms.(Can this really move beyond an SNL skit?)

4.Nixon lends himself so easily to crazy comedy (Yes,I'm talking aboutDick)

5.Who do you think Spacey called up first for tips on playing Nixon: John Cusack (Lee Daniels' The Butler),Frank Langella (Frost/Nixon) or Anthony Hopkins (Nixon)?I hope he talked to Dan Aykroyd,actually

Elvis & Nixonopens in theaters on April 22nd,so you have until then to convince yourself that maybe the cheeky tone and bonkers casting means the film has a peculiar sense of humor worth indulging.

Feb 25 2016

Thoughts I Had...First Pics of Oscar Set

Thoughts I had looking at the first pics of the Oscar set for Sunday night in the order they came to me after the jump...

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Jan 31 2016

Thoughts I Had...while staring at this photo from the set of "xXx: The Return of Xander Cage"

Thoughts I had in the order they came to meafter the jump...

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