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"They're saying this is for Adam Driver what Kramer vs Kramer was for Dustin Hoffman.More about him than about her.  Scarlett,to me,is the open question.By now it's Driver vs Phoenix for best actor."- Melchiades -Andrew

"Mini-shutout to Alda,whom I loved and thought did absolute wonders in his what,3 or 4 scenes.Great review!"-Alex

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Nov 08 2017

"The Post"on Our Doorstep

Chrishere.I was just mentioning the other daythat we had yet to see any real goods on Steven Spielberg'sThe Post,and voila: we just got a new trailer and poster.And the promise of the film being a potential major Oscar player has just gotten a whole lot more intense.

If we thought this one aims to capture the zeitgeist,the first look makes good on that and then some.Gender equality,journalistic integrity,a lying government,etc.The Postseems to hammer all of these in a graceful way to make for what looks to be a richly entertaining drama.There has been steady buzz for this first look online (and not just from movie obsessed folk like us at The Film Experience) since dropping late last night,亚博主页so we may also have a big box office hit on our hands.

So what Oscar questions might have been answered here?For starters,Streep is definitely a lead performance,landing both top billing and the majority of the trailer's attentions - so the Best Actress race just got definitively more crowded.Giggle at the various hairpieces,but it's worth pencilling this next to other Makeup and Hairstyling hopefuls.

Of course with any reveal,there is also inevitably more questions.InThe Post's case,which of these featured supporting male actors could be a contender?Tracy Letts,Bradley Whitford,or Bob Odenkirk perhaps?Might Sarah Paulson's earnestness get her an awaited first nomination or is she more of a crucial bit player?Give us your first impressions and burning questions in the comments!

Nov 07 2017

First Image from "The Post"

Chrishere.Luckily this year only has a few late-breaking Oscar hopefuls,with the highest profile being Steven Spielberg'sThe Post.The film has been another snappy production for the director after beginning production earlier this year,a strategy that worked out just fine for the director withMunich.The rush carries an added weight this time as the film details the release and fallout of the Pentagon Papers,a subject of great topicality in our current administration.Add in the first cinematic pairing of Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep (not to mention an ever expanding cast) and you've got a can't-miss assemblage.

We will hopefully see a trailer any day now since its Christmas Day limited release date is getting closer.For now,we have this first image of the newsroom and its various hairpieces to ponder over.Or in the case of Carrie Coon's beehive,to worship over.So let's do an old-fashioned Tag Yourself - I'm Tony-winning Jessie Mueller peeking out behind some white guy.Tag yourself in the comments!

Sep 22 2017

Tom Hanks To Be "A Man Called Ove"

by Ilich Mejía

In 2015,Sweden selected Hannes Holm'sA Man Called Oveas their submission for the Academy's Foreign Language Film race.The selection payed off,as the country earned their 15th nomination in the category.Now,Tom Hanks and his production company Playtone have acquired the rights to develop an English version of the film.

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Jul 02 2017

A League of Their Own,Pt.4 - The World Series

Here is the conclusion of our 25th anniversary retrospective ofA League of Their Own!

Part 1introduced us to the team andPart 2showed us their success and struggles on the field.InPart 3,the sibling rivalry between Dottie (Geena Davis) and Kit (Lori Petty) got Kit traded to the Racine Belles and the return of her husband from the war caused an exhausted Dottie to quit the team.Where will that leave the Rockford Peaches as they go on to the first all-women World Series?

Part 4 byChris Feil

1:30:15 - It's the first game of the first AAGPBL World Series and it's our beloved Rockford Peaches against the Racine Belles.And wouldn't you know Doris has some fawning fans in the stands (including "that guy"actor Joey Slotnick in his film debut)!

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Jul 01 2017

A League of Their Own,Pt 3: Winning the War but Losing the Game

25th Anniversary Four-Part Mini Series Event

In Part 1we met a slew of talented female ball players as they escaped the doldrums of their lives to join the All American Girl's Baseball League during World War II.In Part 2we got invested in their funny personalities and rivalries and watched as former star and booze hound Jimmy Dugan slowly rose to the challenge of actually managing them.When we left off,the girls were warned that the league might be closing just as its begun unless they could generate more publicity and sell more tickets.

The Peaches are in love wih the game already.They step up when they're asked to give it everything they got...

Part 3 byJazz Tangcay(on loan fromAwards Daily)

1:01:55 ...time to see some ball.Kit pitches and we cut to Dottie displaying her catching skills spilt style.It's an absolutely amazing shot of Geena Davis and much like Jimmy's reaction,you're sitting there,jaw open,thinking wow."What the hell was that?"Jimmy asks.Don't we all want to know how she did that?

Dottie even makes the cover of Life magazine

1.03:00 After a quick church prayer,and another quip from Jimmy,"God knows we have a game,"Hans Zimmer's score starts up

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Jun 30 2017

A League of Their Own,Pt.2: Mae Swings,Evelyn Cries,Jimmy Rants

25th Anniversary Four-Part Mini Series Event

Previously in Part 1: "Dollies"who could also play ball were recruited to save America's Favorite Pastime while the men were at war.But these athletic women didn't realize that they'd still be met with such sexism despite the chance to show their gifts.The final piece of this movie's puzzle was the manager and the job was offered to Jimmy Dugan (Tom Hanks) and that's where we pick back up.How will the Rockford Peaches handle their new arrogant alcoholic boss?

Batter up...

Part 2 by Nathaniel R

33:40 "Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the first game of the All American Girls Baseball League"...In this case via the establishing shot (Penny Marshall makes good use of those throughout) 'ladies & gentlemen' is a small plural;the stands are mostly empty.

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