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"They're saying this is for Adam Driver what Kramer vs Kramer was for Dustin Hoffman.More about him than about her.  Scarlett,to me,is the open question.By now it's Driver vs Phoenix for best actor."- Melchiades -Andrew

"Mini-shutout to Alda,whom I loved and thought did absolute wonders in his what,3 or 4 scenes.Great review!"-Alex

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Jun 29 2017

A League of Their Own,Pt.1: Cow Girls & Charm School

25th Anniversary Four-Part Mini Series Event

Welcome sports movie fans.Or,in a pinch,actressexuals who will watch largely female casts do practically anything.

Twenty-five years ago on July 1st,1992,Penny Marshall's period comedyA League of Their Own(1992) opened in theaters.It wasn'tquitean immediate blockbuster but word of mouth was spectacular -- in its second weekend it grossed practically as much as its first,which as you know is exceedingly rare.The female led comedy proved another home run for the director ofBig,eventually grossing over $100 million domestically.It ended 1992 as that year's tenth biggest hit,just behindBasic Instinctand shutting Clint Eastwood'sUnforgivenout of the moneyed top ten.

For the next few days we'll be revisiting this beloved classic tag-team style like we did withWho's Afraid ofVirginia Woolf(1966),Thelma & Louise(1991),Rebecca(1940),andThe Silence of the Lambs(1991).Please join in the conversation if you love this movie (and who doesn't?).- Editor

Batter up...

Part 1 by Lynn Lee

01:22 Inside an old-fashioned cape-cod house,a tall,slender,elegant older lady with reddish blonde hair (Lynn Cartwright,but with Geena Davis' unmistakable throaty voice dubbed) is packing a suitcase.  As we'll learn,she's Dottie Hinson,one of the (fictional) first women to play in the (real) All-American Girls' Professional Baseball League,and is getting ready to attend a special event honoring the AAGPBL at the baseball Hall of Fame.  She seems oddly less than excited about it,even when her daughter turns up with her old baseball mitt...

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Jun 24 2017

oh look,it's America's two most beloved actors

The first image of Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep on the set ofThe Post.

May 02 2017

Review: "The Circle"with Tom Hanks and Emma Watson

by Eric Blume

Director James Ponsoldt's film version of the Dave Eggers novelThe Circlefeatures big ideas,a pulsating relevance,and ideal casting in its leading actress:  so why doesn't it work?

Eggers' tale of a typical young American girl (Emma Watson) who gets a job at a Google-like tech company called The Circle,and promotes herself into living a life that's "transparent"on-camera 24/7,has its finger on the pulse of our current concerns on social media,connectivity,and privacy...

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Mar 06 2017

Spielberg Getting Topical with Streep and Hanks

Chrishere,with one of the biggest powerhouse team-ups we've seen in ages.Steven Spielberg has signed up both Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks forThe Post,a historical drama about the Pentagon Papers from a script by Liz Hannah.For the unfamiliar,the Pentagon Papers were classified documents used by The Washington Post to prove President Johnson lied to the public to advance the Vietnam public.So expect a solid dose of topicality to go with the star wattage,and do try to keep the Oscar talk at bay.

Can you believe this will be the first screen pairing of Streep and Hanks?Though Hanks is a Spielberg perennial,Streep has only done voice work for Spielberg onA.I.- it's somewhat depressing that it takes a project that reflects our own terrifying political climate to get this convergence of legends to finally happen.Without a start date announced,we can guess that we might be waiting a bit for the film considering Spielberg's packed schedule.A fifth Indiana Jones has been officially slated for summer 2019 with the director attached,plusReady Player Onein the can for next year andThe Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortaraset to shoot this year.The director isn't a stranger to jammed schedules,but he's about to be on his way to a well-earned nap.

Dec 16 2016

YNMS: "The Circle"

Chrishere.We had expected to seeThe Circleamong the Sundance lineup,but it looks like it will be director James Ponsoldt's first film away from the festival.No matter,because the film still will be one of the more intriguing of the coming spring.From David Eggers's novel,The Circlestars Emma Watson as a young professional given the chance to work for an all-consuming social media entity (think Facebook on steroids) that may be more sinister than meets the eye.The novel was a bit on the nose in its critique,but its anxieties grow all the more realized in our online hive mindset.

Let's take a look at the first trailer and break down the Yes No Maybe So after the jump...

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Nov 16 2016

Six Instagram Qs

.Today we needed joyful / beautiful celebrities and the internet provided.After the jump six photos.Answer the questions in the comments,won't you?

• Kiki on the set of theBeguiled.How excited are you on a scale of 1-10?
• Rita and Tom celebrating Tom.Again.How many more times can he be celebrated in his career?
• Doona Bae teasing Season 2 ofSense 8.Shouldn't there be an air date by now?
• Missi Pyle & RuPaul.What do you suppose they talked about?
• Anna Kendrick promoting her book.Is there an audio version where she sings it?
• Juliette Lewis promoting adoption day.When does she get another great film role?We're impatient!

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