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Supporting Actress Drama-Emmy breakdown

"I'd love for Gwendoline to win but I think it will be Fiona Shaw because she's an industry vet."-Brittani

"I'm rarely a fan of giving a statue for someone's previous work,but Lena Headey deserves an Emmy for carrying so much of that show on her back - and flawlessly."-Sean Diego

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Lulu Wang(The Farewell)
Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Feb 07 2017

Q&A: Overhyped Loveables,Depression Coping Tactics,and Best Foreign Film

Happy Hump Day Almost!Why do some weeks feel so much like surviving itself is the only goal / triumph?I have let the Q&A column go but we're getting back on the horse and will try to do them more regularly.Here are seven questions from last week and two from a long time ago.

Ready?Let's go!Questions about awards seasons calendar,Brie Larson,director/cinematographer teams,and coping with depression after the jump...

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Jan 31 2017

Toni Erdmann and The Longest Foreign Nominees

ByDancin Dan

If you've heard one thing about Germany's Best Foreign Film Oscar nomineeToni Erdmann,other than how great it is (and you can add me to the chorus of voices showering it with praise),it's probably been that Maren Ade's shaggy-dog comedy is LONG.So,trivia hound that I am,I was naturally curious to see just how long it was in the grand scheme of Oscar.

Toni Erdmannhas either the 16th or 17th longest running time of all the films nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar.That confusion comes from the weirdness of different versions of films and which ones the Academy actually saw when voting...

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Jan 12 2017

FYC: Best Original Screenplay,Toni Erdmann

by Daniel Crooke

While you will find ancient cities,hairy beasts,and moments of jaw-dropping audacity steering the rudder of its staggering runtime,you won't hear a film score in Maren Ade'sToni Erdmann– anepic of the heart and soul that depends on its screenplay to direct emotional payoffs the way many films depend on their orchestra.Set against the backdrop of a rapidly globalizing yet regionally fractured Europe,the central couple inToni Erdmannis not a pair of battle-scarred lovers or unlikely allies in combat but an estranged father and daughter,torn apart by generational attitudes in the culture war.

This central reconciliation resonates thematically now more than ever,at a time when capitalist societies across the Western world forgo compassion and human consequence in pursuit of a more profitable bottom line.In her hysterical,observant comedy,Ade crafts a squirrely,screwy rebuke to anesthetized corporate cold-heartedness but – more importantly – champions a disappearing social fabric by weaving together the frayed ends of a family unit...

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Dec 11 2016

Toronto Critics Prizes

Toronto Film Critics Association,our friends to the North established back in 1997,stuck with their Southern neighbors in embracingMoonlightand Manchester (2 prizes each) and the folks cross the ocean in loving all overToni Erdmann(3 prizes).Their full list is after the jump and we're so gladThe VVitchwas finally honored.It took the home team (O Canada!) to finally get that done...

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Dec 10 2016

EFA ♥︎s Toni Erdmann

The 29th European Film Awards were held in Wroclaw Poland today and they went all in for the very popular German father/daughter comedyToni Erdmannwith five major prizes.It was also a huge night for women with wins in Direction,Screenplay,Cinematography,Costume Design and more!Super high profile titles like Isabelle Huppert & Paul Verhoeven'sElleand Pedro Almodóvar'sJulietawent home empty handed,though.

Maren Ade was the belle of the EFA ball

The winners are after the jump...

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Dec 02 2016

Sight & Sound's Top 20

So many lists and awards announcements this week you'd think it was...oh,yes,itisDecember.Sight and Sound enter the fraynow with their top 20 which is a mix of expected auteur worship titles,festival films that may or may not ever actually open.It's also verynow.The oldest title here is the great German continuous shot filmVictoria(which premiered at festivals last year -- we nominated it for cinematography in 2015) but almost everything else just opened or hasn't opened yet!It's to be expected but also deeply frustrating that distributors never really catch up to film buzz...

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