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"My gay gaggle got together last night to watch ALWAYS BE MY MAYBE. Unfortunately, we chose to watch Ali Wong's comedy specialHard Knock Wifefirst .The special is *so funny* that the movie's flatness only stood out further" -Glenn

"Here for EXISTENZand GHOST WRITER-- two fine films for two different reasons." -Owl

"MAGIC MIKE such a great movie, and yes, agree that Cody Horn is very good in it - especially her face during the scene where Channing strips to 'Pony'"-Rebecca

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Daniel Schmidt and Gabriel Abrantes(Diamantino)
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Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)
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Richard E Grant(Can You Ever Forgive Me?)
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Glenn Close(The Wife)

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Oct 03 2016

Now Streaming: Luke Cage's Day Off - A True Story

The following titles are now streaming for your pleasure.We've freeze framed them at entirely random places and shared the first thing that came up as is our whimsical practice.Do you have any desire to see (or revisit) these based on this evidence?


Breakfast at Tiffany's(1961)
LOL.Totally forgot about this sly partners in crime shopping scene.Have you seen this recently?It's so great but for every cutaway to Mickey Rooney (sigh).Nominated for five Oscars including Best Actress.(It's actually kind of a surprise that this hasn't been remade since it was originally envisioned for Marilyn Monroe and could have obviously been an entirely different sort of movie.)

seven more after the jumpincluding Marvel's Luke Cage and a 1940s Best Picture winner...

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Aug 03 2016

Beautiful Dolores, Princess Anne, Merylish Mamie, and Olympic Jesse

on this day in history as it relates to the movies...

Dolores Del Río auditioning for Catwoman.No wait that's not right.Dolores Del Rio in Journey Into Fear (1943)1885Carlo Montuori, famed cinematographer of Italian neorealism is born.He went on to lens the essentialBicycle Thief(1948)
1904Dolores del Río, one of the first three Mexican actors to become movie stars in Hollywood (the others being her cousin Ramon Novarro and Lupe Vélez - they all started in silent films and moved into talkies), after which she used her fame and beauty as part of Mexican cinema's Golden Age with the occasional Hollywood film thrown in.Credits include:Bird of Paradise(1932),Flying Down To Rio(1933),Journey Into Fear(1943),Cheyenne Autumn(1964) and multiple Best Actress winning films in Mexico:Las Abandonadas(1944),El Niño y la Niebla(1953), andDoña Perfecta(1951).
1906Alexandre Trauner, Oscar winning production designer.His credits includeThe Nun's Story(1959),The Apartment(1960, Oscar win) andThe Man Who Would Be King(1975, Oscar nomination),Subway(1985), and'Round Midnight(1986)
1923Jean Hagen.I "caaaaiiiiinnnnt stan' it" thatshe didn't win the Oscar forSingin in the Rain(1952)
1926Fifties beefcake Gordon Scott is born in Oregon.Later stars in five Tarzan movies (including one of the best of the franchise,Tarzan's Greatest Adventure) and sword and sandal flicks

More after the jumpincludingThe Princess Diaries,Unforgiven, Mamie Gummer's debut, and the Summer Olympics...

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May 31 2011

Curio: Happy 81st Clint

Alexahere.Clint Eastwood turns 81 today, and while last year was a big birthday, once you hit 80 every year deserves to be commemorated, right?Personally I can't wait to see his upcomingJ.Edgarwith Leo in the title role.In the meantime, here are some indie poster designs celebrating a few of Clint's classics.

Dirty Harryposter for Alamo Drafthouse’s 2010 Rolling Roadshow Tour, by Olly Moss

The Good, the Bad and the UglybyBen Whitesell

UnforgivenandGran Torino, after the jump...

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