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a look back atKing Kong(1976)

"Worth every dollar spent to mount it on Broadway."-Romy

"It looks fabulous but a love story musical does need two lead that have chemistry or no matter how dazzling the show will not work"-Jaragon

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Aug 23 2017

Emmy Review: Drama Supporting Actress

We've been reviewingvarious Emmy categoriesas the Academy completes their voting (ballots due Monday).Here's Spencer Coile...

It is an exciting change of pace to see the Drama categories actually become competitive this year.No race demonstrates this better than the Drama Supporting Actress category.After last year's batch of mostlyGame of Thronesladies (with Maggie Smith still sleepwalking her way to another victory),the six ladies this year feel fresh,new,and all worthy of discussion.Uzo Aduba is the only returning nominee (after missing the year before),so all six of the contenders in this category feel viable for the statue.Only one can be victorious...

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Jan 21 2017

Sign o' the times

There were so many wondrous signs around the world today for the Women's March.But this one...♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎ -thanks Uzo Aduba!

Apr 06 2016

RPDR S8.5: Like a *Blank*

Chrishere,filling in for Nathaniel's weekly recap ofRuPaul's Drag Race.This week was everyone's perennial favorite: Snatch Game!Past seasons have made this celebrity impersonation challenge a complete game changer,catapulting contenders like Jinkx Monsoon and Chad Michaels straight to the finals.In fact,only one Snatch Game winner has ever placed less than fifth place: season three's Stacy Layne Matthews (performing as Mo'Nique via her Oscar-winningPreciousperformance).

You could easily argue that this challenge is more anticipated than the season finale's crowning,and after last season's unmemorable edition,fans were hungry for this year's queens to bring the laughs.

S8.05 "Supermodel Snatch Game"

And it brings me no joy to tell you that the episode was an unfortunate dud.

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Dec 03 2015

THE WIZ LIVE!Live Blog with Anne Marie and Margaret

MARGARET: Good evening,Kansans and citizens of Oz!Margaret here with Anne Marie,ready and excited to ease on into NBC'sThe Wiz Live!

ANNE MARIE: Last year Margaret and I re-capped that musical where Christopher Walken kinda sang a little bit,to the joy of few and the dismay of many.HOWEVER,this yearThe Wiz Live!looks like everything we ever wanted and more!The live-blog begins after the jump!

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Aug 14 2015

'The Wiz Live!' Has Its Full Cast

Margaret herewith your live TV musical update.NBC has just announced the final principal cast members for its live production ofThe Wiz: R&B singer Ne-Yo as the Tin Man,Elijah Kelley (aka the showstopping dreamboat fromHairspray) as the Scarecrow,and Common as the Emerald City gatekeeper.

The full cast,then,is set:

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