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"The only thing that gives me trepidation about calling Tom Hanks a lock is thatA Beautiful Day in the Neighborhoodhas zero Best Picture buzz..." -Edwin

"I thought we were nominating people for the acting not the speech they have just given."- Mark

"I think we need more than Meryl for precedent, given her history with AMPAS. "- Carmen

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董事(For Sama)
Lulu Wang(The Farewell)
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Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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十月 20 2016


这是一个大的日子里,你Lord of the Rings球迷,即使你不知道它。请继续阅读。

On this day in history as it relates to the movies
1882贝拉卢戈西出生于当时的匈牙利(现在罗马尼亚)。他vants吸你的血为原大屏幕Dracula。一个世纪后,马丁·兰道将赢得一个公正当之无愧的奥斯卡打他,蒂姆·伯顿的精彩Ed Wood(1994)。
1895雷克斯英格拉姆,在好莱坞最早成功的黑人演员之一诞生了。作品包括:The Thief of Baghdad(作为妖怪),Huckleberry Finn(如吉姆),和Cabin in the Sky(狂妄JR)...

1901邱吉尔出生于缅因州。他写的歌的人还是听包括今天"Baby Mine" fromDumbo和“有一天我的王子会来”,从Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.可悲的是,他致力于在自杀岁时他赢得了奥斯卡仅仅40个月后Dumbo...

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九月 21 2016



因为浪漫的男主角在历史上有一个艰难的时期发现从男性为主的学院体奥斯卡提名(romance is for girls.ewwwww, cooties)我知道这看起来奇怪,以显示两国的乔尔·埃杰顿和瑞恩·高斯林正在寻找可能的,但在这个阶段,场场是什么。特别是小鹅,一个演员的工作,我一直深爱不要误会,似乎是一个明确的思念。想想吧。他领衔音乐这在很大程度上依赖于他毫不费力的梦,充满活力的音乐,和身体的宽限期。这并不是说那些不值得奖励属性,但奥斯卡是很性别刚性哪些形容词奖有价值的,如果你说“梦幻般的,音乐的,婉约”他们会认为最佳女主角。这就是为什么艾玛·斯通得多锁定为现阶段的竞争对手,尽管,音乐来说,她并没有天然的舞蹈家或音乐家。(请注意:·高斯林还弹钢琴喜欢它比几乎任何其他演员更好,我见过一个亲或可以伪造。)

埃杰顿 - 高斯林的主要竞争对手貌似很年轻男性(在奥斯卡选民的口味而言)麦尔斯·泰勒(如果他的电影的成功),戴夫·帕特尔的形式(如果他们不这样做有鬼与运动),和 Joe Alwyn (if he's tremendous in his debut and people love the movie).我知道其中一些是在指望马修·麦康纳Gold或者安德鲁·加菲尔德在沉默中(包括看都没看),但我在这两种情况可疑。只是一种预感。

That's where we'll find the gold.

缺乏在这场比赛方式激烈竞争的是汤姆·汉克斯将最终错过了那么最近他在最佳影片提名最佳可以说是下班后回来。我们希望在这场比赛中(迄今至少)缺乏兴奋的将激发更多的激情票了。如果选民不舒服主导的人,今年他们总是可以看到偏离中心的巨头,如维果·莫特森在Captain Fantastic.如果有五周强男主角的表演比他今年我会感到震惊 - 不是说“值得”得到了很多用它做。

The New Best Actor Chart- Thoughts?

九月 03 2016


This article originally appeared in Nathaniel's column atTowleroad。It is reprinted here in a revised TFE specific but abridged version...

虽然夏天并没有技术上的开始,直到6月20日,而不是技术上还没有结束,“暑期电影季”不听命于冬至和Equinox,而是一鸣惊人。夏季一直是最赚钱的季节好莱坞,所以他们已经一伸每年早些时候开始。现在倾向于在四月的某个时候开始,感觉一个暑期大片适当的(今年会已经可以说一直喜欢的第一部电影的发行The Jungle Book4月15日),并结束于劳动节,又名任何一秒现在。这已经不是什么秘密,它是一个粗略的夏季大片的质量。但是,如果你足够幸运生活在大城市还是足够聪明去寻找没有庞大的广告预算的电影,但仍有大量的电影感到兴奋。所以特此最佳及最差2016的暑期电影季...

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七月 06 2016


这里的Murtada这些理想配偶与思想不可或缺的英雄cular times, Viggo Mortensen asCaptain Fantasic(opening this weekend).

Captain Fantasticopens by immediately throwing the viewer into its physical world.Forests, mountains, people hunting and gathering.If I didn’t know the synopsis beforehand I’d have thought I was watching a update ofLord of the Flies。Instead the film is about a fiercely independent patriarch (Viggo Mortensen) raising his six children in forests of the Pacific Northwest, teaching them how to thrive while turning his back on a conventional contemporary life and what it means and may offer.

This particular fantasy felt extremely appealing in a post-Brexit, Trump world...

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可以 19 2016

Cannes Cannes Cannes

With this many filmmakers, photographers and journalists in one place, interesting moments are bound to happen and be reported on.Here’sMurtadawith a few after the jump...

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四月 24 2016

Viggo Mortensen: Still here, still fantastic

Our celebration of Actors this month continues with Lynn Lee on Viggo

Is Viggo Mortensen the most interesting man in the world?Based on his peripatetic history and eclectic interests, he’s certainly a contender.In addition to acting, he’s a prolific painter, photographer, composer, and poet who founded his own publishing house.A dual American and Danish citizen who spent his early childhood in South America and Denmark before returning to his native New York, he speaks multiple languages, with greatest fluency in English, Spanish, and Danish.Oh, and his ex-wife is punk singer Exene Cervenko, with whom he has a son.

As my husband put it, “Viggo Mortensen is who James Francowisheshe was.”

I can’t speak to the artistic merits of Viggo’s off-screen pursuits, but I do see him as a kind of anti-Franco in keeping them largely off the public radar.And while he’s clearly driven by a need to express himself via many outlets, he still exudes a sense of some private, fundamentally unknowable core self.It permeates his screen presence, too, and is part of what makes him so intriguing as an actor.(Well, that plus the rugged Scandinavian good looks and dimpled chin don't hurt, either.)More...

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二月 04 2016

Let My People Link

The Daily Beastthe Coen Bros on diversity vs the Oscars.But they don't take kindly to complaints aboutHail, Caesar!'s whiteness
DeciderJoe Reid ranks the top 50 performances in Coen Bros movies.Much to argue with but also to agree with.The #1 is indisputable.
i09Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey)signed as the male lead of X-Men spinoff tv seriesLegionwho may or may not be insane
VarietyJake Gyllenhaal's Boston Marathon bombing movie is a go
Decider"Let My People F***" amusing piece on the conservative sexual morality of the Duplass Brothers filmography

IndieWireViggo Mortensen's new filmCaptain Fantastic, which sounds intriguing, will open on July 8th.It co-stars Frank Langella, Kathryn Hahn, and George Mackay (who played the young photographer inPride)
剧院躁狂Mark Rylance, fresh off his Oscar nomination, returns to the New York stage with漂亮的鱼(and possiblyFarinelli王)
用力推Bel Powley and Martin Wallström who both broke out this past year inDiary of a Teenage GirlandMr Robot, respectively,will costar in WWII dramaAshes in the Snow
PlaybillOooh, look.They're putting up the marquee forAmerican Psychoon Broadway.Benjamin Walker, currently in theaters in The Choice (and who is a singing charisma machine onstage) is playing Patrick Bateman
InterviewPeter Dinklage interviews Paul Dano

DANO: I just did this film, calledYouth, that Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel and Jane Fonda are in.And I have to tell you, Michael Caine is so happy.Happy and healthy.I think he enjoys life.I think he's 82 now, and I have no clue if I'll be working at that age, but it was amazing and inspiring to see him bring it, because you know that the search never ends.I talked to Jane Fonda about acting and about what we want to work on, and I was like, "Jane Fonda and I are talking about how to be better actors."

DINKLAGE: It never stops.

DANO: Which I also find so beautiful and healthy to see in people who have had so much success.They still have skin in the game.