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Can a good speech secure a nomination

“这给了我诚惶诚恐有关调用汤姆·汉克斯唯一一个锁是邻里美好的一天has zero Best Picture buzz...“-埃德温

I thought we were nominating people for the acting not the speech they have just given.- 马克



We're looking for500...没有461Patron Saints如果您每天看我们,请之一。你suscription角钱作出巨大的差异。Consider...




Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Jia Zhang-ke(灰是最纯净的白色)

What'cha Looking For?


四月 28 2015年



You have to admire a film that trusts its audience enough to not spell things out for them. Writer/director William Monahan (who won an Oscar for his screenplay forThe Departed)让他的电影Mojave展开像一个疯狂的发烧梦想在沙漠中两个对立的人(盖瑞特·荷德伦和奥斯卡·伊萨克)在蜡诗意一切从耶稣的诱惑......只有上帝知道什么。作为一个沙哑的声音和倾向,呼吁大家,哥一个流浪者,艾萨克津津乐道的机会,发挥他的精神错乱的性格,使那是什么,但安全的选择。但Hedlund的的直男是艾萨克的怒目而视死缠烂打所掩盖,从来没有让他们感到势均力敌。而作为影片中扮演了,它开始觉得也许什么也没有阐明了我们,因为没有什么实际发生的情况 - 填充了独立电影的怪人(沃尔特·戈金斯短暂地显示在他的tightey whiteys满口一些杂感)和故事只能被描述为令人费解......


Dec 14 2014


Editor's Note:我们很高兴能有米·派尔guest-blogging for a day. I made her do this topic!

金狄更斯和米·派尔(GONE GIRL)在上个月的好莱坞电影奖

What I am working on now


所以,是的。我唱歌。'你唱歌?'人们经常会问?是。我做。我写的(大部分)愚蠢的歌曲,我唱他们。有一段时间我曾与莎莉史密夫带。我们做了一个飞行员聚在一起,我们交谈了一天,她问我什么,我真正想要的。我说。 To be in a band. That would be heaven. and she said. "OK. I'll do it with you. But just know. Its not all its cracked up to be. You'll be disappointed."

And we did. We made an album with克里斯·戈斯,another genius human I have been lucky enough to work with. Shawnee and I's band was "Smith and Pyle". The album isIt's OK to be Happy你可以得到它在iTunes上。自那时以来,我一直在写歌与其他几个人,我一直在与克里斯·戈斯再次合作的专辑了4年,我有大约20首歌曲。从像“我想他妈的你”封号测距“大决战兴奋”,并有一些简单的(希望)在有甜的,太。我很可怕的自我宣传,但我会得到这张专辑出来,2015年我在做一个视频“I wanna fuck you up“在一月,希望有人会看它。

如果你想看看我的一些东西,check out my youtube channel。I sometimes get drunk and record myself singing. Hmmm maybe you shouldnt check it out.but如果你想要..。

我有一个疯狂忙碌的一年。I have done more movies this year than in the last five combined. It has been wonderful. My agents keep telling me to say no. but I'm scared of another dry spell I guess.

Viggo with this screen kids in CAPTAIN FANTASTIC

  • Highly Functional..。is a sweet roadtrip movie about a kid with Autism and I have a couple scenes with Bruce Campbell. He is a trip. And the movie will be great.
  • 神奇上尉..。是由另一个现代天才马特·罗斯编剧和导演。剧本是他妈的那么好,我去(几乎)做出与维果·莫特森。
  • 另一个时期..。is a new show coming out on Comedy Central starring Natasha Leggero and Riki Lindhome. It spoofs period dramas. I play the local society queen bee Celery. It is soooo funny and I get to wear super great costumes and be a total bitch. I worked with Tom Lennon who is the greatest master of improv of all time.
  • Bordertown..。is a new animated series on Fox. I think we got pushed so we are airing in the fall now? But it is the story of a fictional town called Mexifornia on the border of California and you know, Mexico. It is HILARIOus. I play a 200 pound 5 year old named Gert who is like honey boo boo on steroids. It stars Hank Azaria and Alex Borstein. It has been super dreamy!

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十月 19 2014

播客Leftover Pt. 2

Here's part two of our long delayed festival wrap in which we discuss favorites, celebrity run-ins and hilarious Q&A anecdotes. Enjoy the conversation withNick Davis纳撒尼尔 - [R,和特邀嘉宾Angelo MureddaAmir Soltani并继续它在评论


  • It Follows
  • 富临琼斯,迈克·李,和Viggo Mortensen
  • Documentary greats fromSilvered WatertoThe Look of Silence
  • 伊朗提交奥斯卡
  • 导演:迈克·李,彼得·斯特里克兰,LAV迪亚兹,杰西卡·豪斯纳和达米恩·查泽雷

You can listen at the bottom of the post要么download on iTunes tomorrow

Festival Leftovers. Pt 2

十月 04 2014




I think it has to do with the fact thatJauja与为观众几乎完全无视制作的,我并不意味着它的冰川起搏。如果电影将是这个坚不可摧,为公平起见,应该含有足够的思想占据了观众的心灵,而屏幕上的动作使得格斯·范·桑特的较慢的部分格里look like侏罗纪公园Jauja包含足以支持你的平均短片的想法。这里只有殖民主义这么多的象征意义可以从维果提取孤独和迷茫磕磕绊绊通过阿根廷的旷野,我Jauja的约,他停下来补充自己的食堂第五次脉冲模具。Jaujadoesn’t illuminate or challenge so much as it gathers a group of potential story elements into a bundle, ties that bundle to a balloon and then watches placidly as the whole thing floats off into the distance. Not even a late film swerve into the surreal is enough to jolt a heartbeat back into the proceedings.

Most of the film’s ideas (and 90% of the plot) are frontloaded into the film’s opening act. Details are sketchy but we can be sure that Viggo plays a Danish army captain traveling with his beautiful 15-year-old daughter, Ingeborg, to South America in the late 1800’s. He’s a surveyor, there to aid the military’s attempts to carve civilization out of the wilderness, but that mission quickly takes a backseat to the job of shielding his daughter from the swarm of military men who take an immediate and unwholesome interest in her. When Ingeborg runs off with a handsome young soldier Viggo grabs his saber and sets off into the Argentinean wild after them in what appears to be the start of a dark chase movie but is actually a plunge into an existential void.

Jauja必须努力让一些观众,因为它获得了国际影评人联盟奖在戛纳电影节。这当然与原来完全按它的制造者意图电影的信心发挥。以外的国际电影节电路的稀薄空气Jauja很可能是最在家中安装投影在现代艺术博物馆,顾客可以自由地思考维戈讲丹麦语和蹒跚过岩石,直到他们觉得一切都已经得到了它,他们将要得到的墙。(15〜20分钟就足够了)。作为一个电影,它让我想起了经典的智能防御“你要听他不打的音符。”为了找到Jaujaa rewarding experience you have to appreciate all the movie Alonso did not make.

P.S. It’s pronounced “How-huh” and it refers to the Spanish term for an idyllic utopia. How this relates to the film, like everything else inJauja,is a bit tough to pinpoint.Jaujascreens Tuesday October 7th (9 PM) with Viggo in attendance for a Q&A和星期四十月9th (6 PM)

九月 05 2014



当人们抱怨像侯赛因·阿米尼的电影“像他们用他们不作“时间”The Two Faces of January是他们的意思是那种电影。它改编自一个著名的小说家的书,其是这样心爱的电影作为源的工作The Talented Mr. Ripley火车怪客It features big stars in sumptuous foreign locales. It is made with a careful attention to detail. It doesn’t dumb things down or clutter the plot up with needless action. It is fair to say I was primed to love this movie, yet it never quite jolts to life. At some point my investment in the story passed from suspense to impatience. It never went so far as indifference, but I was pretty far from the edge of my seat. Rather, I was leaned back in my chair, head in my hand, thinking what a classy job everyone involved was doing and admiring the sumptuous visuals and thinking how this was going to end up being one of those reviews that used the word “sumptuous” a lot.



四月 18 2013


JAfromMNPPhere, checking in with some movie news while Nathaniel heads off to fair Nashville - have you been following the progress of David Cronenberg's next film, the one calledMap to the Stars?他一直说做这部电影,显然是某种类型的好莱坞讽刺的,因为在2006年他当时的缪斯维果·莫特森打算明星回来的路上;随着时间的推移它looked like it would beViggo alongside Cronenberg's now-muse Robert Pattinson, with Rachel Weisz as the female lead. About a month ago Weisz dropped out andwe were worriedthat the movie might not be happening (especially since Cronenberg'strying acting again在卢卡·瓜达格尼诺的下一个甩尾)...


车上还为萨拉·加登 - 如果你已经看到在过去的三年里与它取名为“柯南伯格”做任何事情,你已经见过她。她扮演迈克尔·法斯宾德的妻子A Dangerous Method,和罗伯特·帕丁森's wife in国际大都市,和she was the virus-stricken celebrity at the center of David's son Brandon Cronenberg's body-horror piece抗病毒物质(我只是回顾另一天)。这些小伙子们肯定不喜欢他们一些萨拉·加登,它似乎。

十月 06 2012

一月的两副面孔。Three Faces of Beauty

一月的两副面孔,a thriller based on the Patricia Highsmith novel, has released its first official still which includes Two Faces of Obsession (Viggo Mortensen and Kirsten Dunst... Oscar Isaac, backgrounded, has a good one, too). Viggo and Kiki are also inOn The Road一起尽管它们不共享的场景(其中维果处于艳丽小部分特别奇妙)。

No word yet on who did the costumes but I like 'em.

我读这部小说在某种程度上but I don't remember a thing about it other than the Greece setting, that it was moody and triangular, and that the ending disappointed me - don't remember why just that it did. Still. Highsmith transfers well to film (see her 'Ripliad' series which has been adapted a few times already)

(When I was researching that poll I was said to hear that Barry Pepper had also starred in a Mr. Ripley adaptation called地下里普利(2005)但是电影从来没有被释放。巴里Pepper really needs a more fortunate career.)

侯赛因·阿米尼一月的两副面孔is currently filming in Greece which surely can use all this movie-making revenue of late (see also:午夜前) but it isn't a stylistic choice. That's where a good portion of the travelogue thriller is set. This marks the feature directorial debut of Oscar nominated Iranian British screenwriter Hossein Amini -- my favorites from his work areDrive(2011年),Jude(1996)和鸽子的翅膀(1997年) - 这样的亚博主页电影体验正式生根成功,因为他使相机背后的跳跃。

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