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Jun 27 2012

Link Me Like You Mean It

ScannersAlien(1979) in just one frame.On Ridley Scott's compositional skill.
Fug Girlswell played, Elizabeth Banks
My New Plaid PantsAbraham Lincoln Vampire Hunterin 150 words or less
The WrapMetropolisis the world's most valuable film poster.How much will it fetch at auction?
Indie Wirea ten wide Emmy nomination wishlist from Kathryn Hahn inParks and Recreation(great choice) to Laura Dern inEnlightened"the most burrowing television performance since Tony Soprano"

Guardiansmart piece, neither fully pro nor con onBraveand the evolution of the action princess...

the studio whose most iconic heroes include a toy cowboy, a rat, a fish, a boy scout, and a lonely trash compactor (all male-identified, of course), couldn't figure out how to tell a story about a human girlwithoutmaking her a princess.That's the problem in a nutshell: if the sparkling minds at Pixar can't imagine their way out of the princess paradigm, how can we expect girls to?

Flavorwire"actors with the worst onscreen love lives" - a fun (?) rundown of heartbreak for Michelle Williams, Leo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Ryan Gosling and more
Huffington PostMike Ryan took a male stripper to Magic Mike and wrote about their "date".I had this idea too and even lined up TWO of them, former Chippendale's guys that a girlfriend of mine once worked with.But then they both cancelled on account of 'conflicted feelings'.Argh.From conflicted feelings are beautiful movie conversations born.
Coming SoonAngelina Jolie on the very green screen set ofMaleficent
Cinema BlendViggo Mortensen may smuggle vampires in intriguiging soundingThe Last Voyage of the Demeter

Let's end with two random nifty visuals.THE FIRST ONE IS UNFORTUNATELYA HOAX.

1.It's supposedly aBack to the Futurescreenshot but I started hearing it was a hoax and I looked it up onThe Movie Timelineand it is.The future they were going to was...NOT today :(I apologize for tweeting and sharing.

2.The second was a birthday gif a reader "Mark the First" made me.xoxoxo Mark.

Isn't it cute?!It totally made my week.At the risk of sounding hopelessly narcissistic["What else is new?" - all of Nathaniel's friends]I accept birthday gifts all June long be they handmade and heartfelt blogging fuel like so, generously monetary (see sidebar -- it's only 10¢ a day to make my life way easier) or bartery for those of you with special skill sets in Manhattan;as always I need a photographer, stylist, publicist, massage therapist, yogi, etcetera...I know thatyou can't always get what you want♪ but I'm a firm believer that you should try to get it anyway.

Mar 11 2012

Hello, I Must Be Linking

/FilmChris Hemsworth on the set of Ron Howard'sRushabout race car drivers
FlavorwireFun stories from Joss Whedon's SXSW Talk:The Avengers, Buffy, TV versus film, and more.
Ultra Cultureputs 2012 releases thus far through the wonderful "Bechdel Test" in which a movie must have more than 1 female character and they must talk to each other...about something other than a man).Naturally most of them fail.

My Modern Metjust incredible "Star Wars Identity" posters.I wish other films would inspire the kind of enduring creativity this franchise does from people...because given the developments of the past 30 years our global worship of this franchise is just, well, embarrassing.
THRHello I Must Be Going, a hit at Sundance starring Melanie Lynskey (yay!), is getting a theatrical release later this year.
Wow Reportouch!(NSFW) A nasty accident for a son of a movie superstar.Guess who?
Movie|LineTom Cruise is the latest star being talked up to play opposite Beyoncé in theA Star is Born.If it weren't a Clint Eastwood picture I'd assume this movie was never happening but since it's a Clint Eastwood picture some male star is eventually going to bite before Blue Ivy is old enough to take the role from Mama.

Oh look.It's Javier Bardemon the set ofSkyfall.With blonde hair?

Villains just can't be trusted with hair dye.

And I kept forgetting to post the Genie Award winnersbut Awards Daily did that duty.Here's Viggo Mortensen accepting Best Supporting Actor for A Dangerous Method.Good pick, Genie.He was great in that movie.Not that greatness is surprising these days from Viggo.


Dec 07 2011

7 Things Viggo Mortensen Should Be Chewing On That Aren't His Shirt

Have you seen the new cover of NY Time's Style Magazine starring "grungy antihero" Viggo Mortensen?Viggo is one of my all time favorite actors asI was just recently saying to David Cronenbergso I'm always happy to see him but this photo -- I seriously thought it was an old magazine cover from when he was like 25 until I remembered that he wasn't famous till he was like 37.

Seven Things Viggo Mortensen Should Be Chewing On That Aren't His Shirt

  1. More roles as good as Sigmund Freud inA Dangerous Method
  2. The ear of the person who photoshopped this.Viggo makes 50something hot so don't take that away from the 50somethings of the world!
  3. The scenery in more prestige movies;get that Oscar role, wherever it is.
  4. Diane Lane's everything in a screen reunion.They were so nsfw hot together.
  5. His own decisions about who he'll vote for asActorandActresson his own Oscar ballot...I mean who to vote for besides Fassy & Keira.
  6. His paintbrushes.Paintbrushes should always have teethmarks in them.Have you seen his art?
  7. Maria Bello's vajayjay inA History of Violence.Time to watch the cheerleader scene again!

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Dec 01 2011

David Cronenberg on A Dangerous Method & the "Parallel Universe" of Oscar

Cronenberg hard at work on "A Dangerous Method"I met the great filmmaker David Cronenberg one morning this fall shortly before a screening of his latest work at the New York Film Festival.His new filmA Dangerous Method, which just opened and will be expanding throughout the month in theaters, is a historical drama about the birth of psychoanalysis.在电影《西格蒙德·弗洛伊德(维果·莫特森)和你好s protege Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender) are torn apart over idealogical differences and Jung's treatment of a young woman named Sabina (Keira Knightley).

Cronenberg in person was talkative, articulate and fascinating.He was even good natured about the sordid topic of Oscar (incredibly the reknowned auteur has never been nominated for an Oscar, a Golden Globe or even a DGA prize!).

His ease with conversation might surprise people who only know him through his often unsettling films.The night before our interview I'd been at a party and when I casually mentioned I'd be interviewing Cronenberg the next day I heard the strangest funniest responses: "Don't get in a car with him!" "Don't let him touch your portals!" and so on.Other amusing warnings followed as if he were a frightening character from his movies.

I relayed this to Cronenberg as icebreaker when we sat down...

Nathaniel: Do you find that people regularly have odd conceptions about you based on your films?

DAVID CRONENBERG: Well, you know, I haven't done horror films for a long time so it's strange that it's sticky.I've talked about this before but Marty Scorsese told me he was terrified to meet me -- we did meet and became very good friends many years ago -- but he said he was terrified and then shocked to see that I looked like a Beverly Hills gynecologist.And I said 'You were afraid to meet me?You're the guy who madeTaxi Driver?!'

a small sampling of his often deeply troubling films

It was a long time ago.But he had seenShiversandRabidand maybeThe Broodand he found them incredibly overwhelming and terrifying.He of all people should know and I suppose if Marty could make the same mistake...

The relationship of an artist to his art is a complex one.It's not one to one.It's not like you make romantic comedies therefore you are romantic and fun.On the contrary we know that most comedians are really nastily, hostile, spiteful vindictive people.

Nathaniel: Does your work ever scareyouthen, when you see it back?

CRONENBERG: I don't normally watch it.I can't watch my movies as though they're movies.They're documentaries of what I was doing that day.I'm the last person to be able to tell you objectively what my movies do or don't do.

Nathaniel: As an auteur you obviously have had recurring thematic elements Do you think about your past work when you're working on something new?

CRONENBERG: No.I completely don't.That's why if someone should say, it has happened, thatA Dangerous Methoddoesn't feel like a Cronenberg film.I don't know what they're talking about.I mean, I know what the cliches are.But to me, they don't realize that the first movie I made was about a psychiatrist and his patient.It was a short,my first film.So for me this is business as usual.To me that just reveals their ignorance.I'm not saying that in a vindictive way but it just means they don't really know my work or understand it.That's the way I feel.

Nathaniel: It's actually very much like your work in terms of the concerns.You've done a lot of films that had psycho-analytic elements.Did you ever worry that this was maybetooon the nose, given that?Like you're going back to the womb or the source of it all.

CRONENBERG: No, No.It's exciting to do that!

[MORE AFTER THE JUMP: including his collaboration with Viggo, awards season lottery tickets, and the modern trend of directors tinkering with their old movies.]

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Sep 27 2011

NYFF: 'A Dangerous Method' with Keira Unleashed

Kurthere.I'll admit I'm not as well-versed in the work of David Cronenberg as a 27-year-old cinephile should be, but I know enough to confidently conclude thatA Dangerous Method, while every bit worth seeing, won't go down as a definitive entry in the Canadian maestro's oeuvre.A bubbling marriage of the sexual and the cerebral, the material surely speaks to Cronenberg's penchant for exploring the curious links between mind and body, but the resulting film doesn't haunt, nor does it even consistently provoke, short of whatever reactions are elicited from the recurring spanking of Keira Knightley's bum.A prestige piece through and through,A Dangerous Methodis the intersection of a handful of prior collaborators, teaming Cronenberg with muse Viggo Mortensen,Dangerous LiaisonsandAtonementscreenwriter Christopher Hampton (who here adapts his own 2002 play,The Talking Cure), andAtonementleading lady Keira Knightley.It seems an almost experimental assemblage of talent, with Cronenberg's newfound Oscar-friendliness put into the mix with some very Oscary playmates.It could be grander, it could be harder, it could be better.

But damn, is it watchable, especially in regard to Knightley's performance as Sabina Spielrein, the unhinged, yet shrewd, Russian fetishist who ultimately comes between psych titans Sigmund Freud (Mortensen) and Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender).A violently screaming Sabina is the first thing you see after some ink-on-paper credits, and it's immediately arresting, if only because you've never seen Knightley so...loud.This is easily Knightley's most impassioned and most transformative performance, one that's sure to have Oscar calling in whatever category she lands in (note to voters: it's a leading role).For a long while, I was having a hard time deciding if her turn was too shrill or dead-on, but I'm leaning toward the latter, despite the lingering sense that she's operating on a wild plane independent of the film.巧妙地解决一个令人信服的口音,和夏娃n more gorgeously gaunt than usual, Knightley plays the sexually-scarred Sabina like a slinky Linda Blair, her deep, dark and gyrating confessions to Jung trickling out as if part of a deep-seated, slow-motion seizure that's long been brewing in her groin.It's uncomfortably compelling, and it gains interest as the film proceeds, as Sabina proves to be much more than her demons.

Mortensen also slips deep into his character, in a performance that's also likely to have at least some amount of gold thrown at it.Behind dark contacts and a good bit of facial hair, he steps into uncommon character-actor territory, to which his handsomely-aging face lends itself well (he's also best with the movie's easy, unassuming humor, which finds a mature, yet playful, way to fool with so much clinical sex talk).Faces, I'd say, are Cronenberg's greatest collective asset here, and one he exploits like a pro.I'm avoiding a great deal of plot, because I don't feel that gripping storytelling is the movie's strong suit.But the not-quite-million-dollar mugs of Knightley, Mortensen and Fassbender, all of whom have enough uncannily symmetrical beauty to ensnare you, but enough slightly-offbeat features to keep things interesting, are what hold you from moment-to-moment and stick with you when you leave.Fassbender, bless him, is clean-cut and awkwardly dashing, yet he shares Knightley's cadaverous look, his well-formed bones exceptionally pronounced.And Mortensen gets a lot of mileage out of those wrinkles, swapping out smolder for aloof wisdom.

Of the milieu on display, I found it most interesting to consider a group of characters evaluating their behaviors while Freudian explanations were still being established.Can we imagine a world without them now?Where motivations and actions aren't looked upon with some degree of id assessment?Such thoughts makeA Dangerous Methodfeel important, at the very least in relation to the whole of 2011's output.What burrowed into my head, though, were those faces and that feral performance from Knightley.Getting in the spirit, I kept wondering what she drew from to get into character, what conscious and unconscious Knightley demons brought Sabina to life.Whatever the answer, it worked, as Knightley's method, pardon the pun, is a dangerous one indeed.

Previously on NYFF
The Loneliest Planetbrushes against Nathaniel's skin.
Melancholiashows Michael the end of von Trier's world.

Sep 26 2011

Q&A: Shady Ladies, Brutal Scuffles, and Winsletisms

I begin with the lamest of blog clichés, an apology about my tardiness with the Q&A column.Somehow I completely forgot to do my "A"s last Monday despite asking you for the "Q"s.I've been lost in some sort of daze on which I blame the weather (why not) insomnia (for sure) and Lars von Trier (hear me out).Melancholiakeeps creeping back into my peripheral vision at inopportune times and I feel I really need to talk about it.But, see, I'm the sort of guy who likes a good conversation and film culture continues to torment me with its deathly shuffle.It takes FOREVER for movies to open after people first start talking about them.By the time many of you get a chance to seeMelancholia, Lars von Trier will probably be editing his next picture instead of trying to cast it...thus killing all beneficial opportunities for conversation between moviegoers and the media.

Now on to the movie questions you totally forgot you asked since we're one week late!

Brian Z:A large number of filmmakers (Crowe, Payne) seem to be back after a bit of a hiatus.What director who have been away for awhile would you most like to see again?
Nathaniel:Obviously Paul Thomas Anderson needs to come back (and stay).I'm ready for Jonathan Demme postRachel Getting Married.I don't understand why Christopher Guest needed to go away (though I did findFor Your Considerationdisappointing).I want to say Peyton Reed but only if he would get funding for something he really wanted to do (he started off in such a high spirited / original way withBring it OnandDown With Lovebut then...).And if you want to go much further back it's disappointing to me that Leos Carax who so startled withLovers on the Bridge(1991) andPola X(1999) hasn't followed those difficult memorable dreams up with another visionary feature.

Michael:If all of Viggo Mortensen's characters got into a fight, who would win?
Nathaniel:Immediately I'm picturing Nikolai (Eastern Promises) in a naked steam room brawl with all the other Viggos for which I thank you (and David Cronenberg).Viggo has played several dangerous men over the years but I think the final rounds include brutal military officer (G.I.Jane) vs.Tom Stall (A History of Violence) but since Demi Moore can kick his the Chief's ass than he doesn't survive Tom Stall's crazy speed and death blow efficiency aim.Nikolai puts up a long fight and makes it through several rounds but in the end when Aragorn arrives with all his superpowered friends and ghost armies in tow, his massive sword swinging low, then it's really no contest whatsoever.Aragorn for the win.

Middle-P:你认为马蒂Noxon和新的写作 staff will actually be able to redirect/saveGleefrom the uneven mess of a sophomore slump it took during season 2?
Nathaniel:I thinkGleemay have been doomed from Season 1 when it made the same mistake that all high school shows make (you'd think someone would learn) when it didn't think to vary up the ages of the key characters so that nobody would kill the show when they graduated (and I'm sorry but without Kurt & Rachel, they just don't have a show) and decided that Sue Sylvester would have to be the Big Bad for all time.Jane Lynch is funny but it just doesn't work as a constant war of ridiculous proportions.But I think you mean tonally.Good writers can definitely mend its weird personality switcheroos.I hold out hope that Season 3 is an improvement but I think the show will be a short-lived wonder and maybe they'd be totally smart to call this their final season and go out on a high note, no pun intended.

Bryan:What are your top five Kate Winslet performances?

FIVE BEST KATESand more actressy goodness after the jump.

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Sep 04 2011

Reason #6,391 to Love Viggo Mortensen

He doesn't just wave to his fans or sign autographs, he leans into it with a huge genuine grin.

Viggo with fans in Venice (you can see they attracted him with that sign...wonder what it says?) at the premiere ofA Dangerous Method

I was lamenting之前在推特上that I can't imagineTIFFbeing as exciting as Venice this year.Perhaps it was the mad desire to welcome prestige movie season in but doesn't it feel explosively exciting right about now?So much possibility.So many beloved faces.So many movie stars that aren't wearing spandex in front of a green screen.

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