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Aug 08 2018

Bye, Fantasia

byJason Adams

The 2018 edition of theFantasia Film Festivalin Montreal just finished its three-week run on August 2nd,and yours truly covered it here from my perch six hundred whole kilometers away thanks to the wonders of the internet and the great generosity of the fest's programmers.We introduced the fest right here,listing what looked of interest.And now down below here's a round-up of what we eventually reviewed (you can click on the film titles to read each review):

Fleuve Noir-- Vincent Cassel and Romain Duris circle each other suspiciously (with sexy results!) in this off-beat crime-thriller fromJuliadirector Erick Zonca

Knuckleball-- A kid fights off home invaders in a super dark twist onHome Alone

Blue My Mind-- Add mermaid to the list of movie puberty hells getting the updated girlhood spin in this beautifully acted and photographed Swiss flick

Cold Skin-- Lovecraft meets Old-timey Lighthouse Keeper Sweater Porn

Chained For Life-- This movie (within a movie) starring Jess Weixler about our culture of beauty fetishization is a real trip and a half

Cam-- Madeline Brewer fromThe Handmaid's Taleproves she's no one-eyed fluke in this candy-colored Lynchian spin on online sex-work (PSCamjust got picked up for release this fall so stay tuned!)

Jul 25 2018

Fantasia 2018: Fleuve Noir

byJason Adams

There's a real effortfully cool 70s vibe toFleuve Noir(akaBlack Tide),the new crime thriller by Erick Zonca (his first movie since 2008's terrificJuliastarring Tilda Swinton) - if you think Vincent Cassel might at some point sit in a seedy apartment and play some saxophone like he's Gene Hackman inThe Conversationyou wouldn't be straining nearly as hard as the movie is to make you think of that.Cassel,looking like a cigarette that gained sentience and put on an overcoat,plays Commandant Visconti,a detective (but don't call him a detective please!) on the case of a missing teenage boy...

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Jul 11 2018

Fantasia,Straight Ahead

byJason Adams

Tomorrow marks the opening of the 22nd annualFantasia Film Festivalin Montreal,which runs all the way to August 2nd - the fest focuses in on genre films from around the world,with titles ranging from Indonesian Cowboy Epics to Christmas Zombie Musicals to Nicolas Cage.It's got everything a growing nerd might want...and then some things you might not think you want but you'll try them anyway and oh look you've got a new kink now,thanks Fantasia.

I'll be covering the fest both here at TFE andover at MNPP(we covered the festthere last year) over the next couple of weeks.There are some big titles screening likeMandy,the by-all-accounts insane bloodbath starring the aforementioned Cage alongside Andrea Riseborough of all people,andUnder the Silver Lake,It Follows' director David Robert Mitchell's (recently delayed) flick with Andrew Garfield.

After the jump six smaller yet delicious-looking highlights from the fest's epic programming slate that we're hoping to get our beady little eyes on...

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Jun 13 2016

It's only 'It's Only the End of the World'

Josh here,reflecting on the backlash against Xavier Dolan now he's seenIt's Only the End of the Worldat the Sydney Film Festival

In what must be a true sign of success,Xavier Dolan was booed and savaged by critics at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this year when his latest filmIt's Only the End of the Worldpremiered.The reaction was swift not just against his film,but against the filmmaker himself.Dolan address this,and reacted strongly to The Playlist which remarked "It's simply impossible to believe that a story this stridently self-pitying could not refer,more or less explicitly,to writer/director Dolan himself… It suggests a level of martyred self-involvement on Dolan's part that is tantamount to a persecution complex".This was just one of many vicious reactions online and especially on twitter,against the film but then,in turn,against Dolan for defending himself against criticism.

The apparent taboo of a filmmaker reading,and responding to a critic was a major sore point.As though a critic should get the final word.It's hard here not to recall the brilliant monologue fromRatatouille...

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Apr 22 2016

Review: Tale of Tales

Matteo Garrone'sTale of Talesis based on the writings of 16th century author Giambattista Basile,who by most accounts compiled the first collection of fairy tales as we came to know them.If you think that the Brothers Grimm's non-Disney-fied stories are dark,wait till you get a hold of Basile's perverse accounts of doomed princesses,kings that set their wives on fire,and men who stab the women who they think betrayed them.More than stories about "fairies"and "happily ever after",they're cautionary tales about how unfair the world has always been for women who defy men.One wonders though,why would Garrone make a lavish,epic film about such injustices,without any sense of intention behind why he's telling them.

The film essentially follows the misadventures of the members of three royal families.The first takes place in the kingdom of Darkwood where a capricious Queen (Salma Hayek) sends her King (John C.Reilly) to his death in order to fulfill the command of a necromancer who has advised him to procure the heart of a sea monster which the Queen must devour in order to have a child.The second family is ruled by the King of the Highhills (Toby Jones) who promises his daughter's (Bebe Cave) hand in marriage to whoever guesses a riddle.An ogre (Guillaume Delaunay) does,and he's not the kind of lovable ogre who grows a heart,but a ruthless monster who keeps the princess inside a cave in the mountains.The third tale has a lustful King (Vincent Cassel) "fall in love"with the voice of a woman he has never seen,but whom he must possess.To say that this leads to no good would be an understatement.

After his expertly madeGomorrah,which also saw him intertwine various Neapolitan tales,it's clear that Garrone has the skills required to engage the viewer in the world he conveys,but one often wants to escape the world he's crafted inTale of Talesmuch more than the one of vicious mobsters inGomorrah.Where the latter was brutal,its effectiveness in portraying the senselessness of criminal life is unrivaled at least in contemporary cinema.But the way we see the women in Tale of Talesbe punished for their desires - whether sexual,filial or maternal - is absolutely merciless.If Garrone was trying to show how little the world has changed in its treatment of women since the 16th century,to do so in the guise of "old fashioned"entertainment seems counterproductive.The film is so keen in its desire to entertain and delight,that it loses sight of the content of the stories to the point that it makes Disney seem progressive.At least in those films a fairy godmother shows up to save the day.

Tale of Talesis now in theaters.