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"I watchedWhere'd Ya Go Bernadette,it was entertaining enough but what did it all add up to in the end,not sure.I also watchedAngel Has Fallen,which was silly,made no sense in parts but who cares,it was a fun movie."-Rami

"Finally went to seeOnce upon a Time...in Hollywoodand boy did I find it pompous and underwhelming!"-FrenchToast

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Lulu Wang(The Farewell)
Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
Wanuri Kahiu(Rafiki)
Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Sep 27 2017

YNMS: Tomb Raider

Seánhere.Another day,another reboot,another Academy Award Winning Supporting Actress.And not unlike Angelina Jolie at the time,Alicia Vikander is aiming to capitalise on an Oscar with a leading role in a big star making vehicle.Vikander has an advantage compared to Jolie at this time,with some notable credits likeEx MachinaandA Royal Affairto upsell her Oscar.Angelina Jolie has hadone of the patchiest filmographiesfor anyone supposedly a mega-famous superstar.The twoTomb Raiderfilms Jolie starred in were snoozefests,making the 2018 reboot something no one is going to be precious about,while raising the important question "why bother?"

The reason is that - at least on paper - Lara Croft is a perfect action heroine.

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Nov 11 2015

Oscar Scuttlebutt: Hateful Eight,Best Actress,and More

Nathaniel,popping in from a busy AFI schedule to gossip with you!

One of the best things about this annual trip to Los Angeles,besides meeting West Coast fans and spending time with rarely seen LA friends,is hearing the gossip around the Oscar campaigns and individual opinions on the movie.As I suspectedYouthresonates with a lot of people in the industry.I've always thought the Oscar conversations on the internet are sleeping on this one because it's a) not in theaters yet and b) skews older than active rooting interests of typical online communities.Also extremely happy to report that people in town seem more confident in Charlotte Rampling's prospects for a45 Yearsnominationthan I have previously been.She's getting a tribute at the AFI and Kirsten Dunst is even hosting a party in her honor this weekend.

Now,one must always take every anecdote and opinion with a whole block of salt since one man's treasure is another's junk,some assumptions will always be proven wrong,and depending on who is talking there may be an agenda floating around,visible or well hidden.Here are some tidbits you may be interested in though keep in mind that it's all just hearsayafter the jump...

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