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Soundtracking:Southland Tales

"If you'll pardon the bluntness,I am still convinced that Richard Kelly was masturbating the entire time he was filming this movie."-PoliVamp

"Love this write-up,and love Southland Tales in all its loopy glory."-Ben1283

"I saw this in the theater with a friend who (like me) has a very high tolerance for obscure,messy film.We both left the screening saying,'What the hell WAS that?' "- RV

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Ritesh Batra(Photograph)
Schmidt & Abrantes(Diamantino)
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Jia Zhang-ke(Ash is Purest White)

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Aug 04 2017

Aug Screengrab Roulette: Sing!,Rachel Getting Married, etc...

You know the drill.Here's all the new stuff on the major streaming services with a handful plus of random titles freeze-framed (whatever came up when we messed with the viewing bar,no fudging).What will you be watching this month and which movies would you love to see covered in depth?

The lists and screengrabs are after the jump.

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Apr 06 2015

Beauty vs Beast: Wet Hot American Rudd

Jason fromMNPPhere with this week's "Beauty vs Beast"-- you know who's been in love with Paul Rudd for twenty years?This guy's been in love withPaul Ruddfor twenty years.Almost exactly -Cluelesscame out in July of 1995 and I think it's safe to say that 95% of everyone who sawCluelessin theaters fell in love with Paul Rudd that summer twenty summers ago.Well today is Paul's 46th birthday and here on the verge of what's probably his biggest role ever (a literally little superhero movie calledAnt-Man) it seems a good time to look back... something small,super small,that changed the course of his career.Even thoughWet Hot American Summerwasn't a hit when it came out in 2001 I can still remember it being a topic of conversation,how everybody was a bit surprised at how funny Rudd was in it.He'd done light romantic comedies a laCluelessbefore but his work inWHASwas diffrent - raunchy,and going-for-broke.And as the Apatow School of Comedy took over the decade,Rudd slipped himself right into the zeitgeist.

As forWet Hotit was a cult movie pretty much immediately - I've certainly been banging the drum for it from my microscopic corner of the internet for a good long while now,and that dedication's been rewarded with Netflix's upcomingWet Hotseries,which will premiere on the streaming service on July 17th (aka two days before the 20th anniversary ofClueless.Weird right?)

As for this week's "Beauty vs Beast,"I'm focusing in on a single scene in the 2001 film (one I've probably re-enacted to my boyfriend's chagrin far too many times when I'm asked to pick up some mess I've made) in order to face off two of my favorite characters in the movie - in the left-hand corner we've got Andy (Rudd),the Camp's bad boy,and in the right-hand we've got Beth (Janeane Garofalo) the responsible-ish Camp Director.

Whose team are you on?
Team Andy 0%
Team Beth 0%

PREVIOUSLYAs Nathaniel noted inFriday's editionof April Showers last week was ALL aboutMommie Dearest,andthis contest was no different- and it wasn't Mommie's first time at the rodeo,and it 80% Joan Crawford (Faye Dunaway) trounced the competition like...well like those rosh buses,and that talcum powder,and Christina herself.Although it was par who made the most sense:

"Team Christopher![mostly for having the sense to stay out of this mess until the end]"

Jan 10 2015

Who you gonna call? Linkbusters

Vanity FairMelissa McCarthy and other funny ladies in talks forGhostbustersreboot.I'm rooting for Jillian Bell myself who is mentioned.Yay.
Buzzfeeda definitive ranking of Disney Prince butts - as great as it sounds though I'd place Prince Phillip higher because my imagination works (I love that former Prince BD Wongeven replied to his rankingon Twitter)
Vulturelet us all worship Charlize Theron who has demanded (and been given) equal pay to her male co-star forThe Huntsman.It's not like people went to the first movie for Hemsworth...Insane.Sexism by the numbers.
The Film GrapevineBirdmanand the unexpected virtue of Contrivance
A Socialite LifeAndrew Garfield and Emma Stone photobomb someone actually trying to take a photo of them

Slateon why Wes Anderson movies have never been popular with the Academy Awards before (presumably) now.Fairly good reasoning
MNPPWet Hot American Summer will become a Netflix series and the original cast is all returning
RogerEbert.comon the women inSelma: the unsung heroines of the movement
THRSamuel Goldwyn Jr dies
Theater ManiaThe Color Purpleis coming back to Broadway (already?) with Jennifer Hudson as Shug

Good Long Reads
IndieWiregreat piece on the definitions of patriotism and exceedingly pro-gun messaging ofAmerican Sniper.Please donotlet this film be nominated for Best Picture.It's just not what we need right now...especially given how many people have been killed by guns lately in the States...and still no gun reform.
GrantlandWesley Morris onSelma.Love this sprawling,provocative review / thinkpiece.I've been totally appalled and confused myself at the way the media has latched on to the Lyndon B Johnson depiction but Morris makes a great point here that helps clarify,for me,the anger and nitpicking:

A quick survey of film history suggests that the depiction of racial themes in America has always been the province of white directors,whether it's something as spectacularly diabolical as D.W.Griffith'sThe Birth of a Nationor the antebellum revenge of Quentin Tarantino'sDjango Unchained.These great-man movies tend to reflect the aspirations and identities of the people who make them,which is how so many stories ostensibly about black life wind up with white interpolators.DuVernay understands the fraught,imbalanced legacy a film like this pulls her into,and she's been as fair as she needs to be.This is not a film that undermines or questions Johnson's ultimate contributions to the improvement of black life in this country.(It very easily could have mentioned the two decades in Congress he spent opposing civil rights legislation.)Inasmuch as there are villains,they are Wallace,Hoover,and Selma's sheriff,Jim Clark.But because this isn't Johnson's story,those accustomed to seeing the president as hero (or protagonist) ultimately seem dismayed by how little of the president there is here.

The bold is mine,not Morris's.People who are angry about Lyndon B Johnson's depiction really ought to look beyond the myth and think about reality.And once they do,rather than be disappointed,they should be as generous as DuVernay is who depicts him as an imperfect man who makes a great progressive decision which changes history.

Sep 23 2014

Curio: Danielle Buerli's Three-dimensional Tributes

Alexahere with your weekly art appreciation.In my frequent perusals of the pop culture artwork shown atGallery1988,Danielle Buerli's work has always stood out.Danielle is an illustrator working out of Zurich,Swizerland.While in art school,Danielle's illustrations began to emerge from the page,and now she primarily creates diorama environments with found materials,often with inspiration from popular culture.

Here are some examples of her wonderful movie tributes (moreafter the jump...)

"Milk Plus"

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Aug 26 2011

I'm Linking As Fast As I Can

The Hairpinhas a huge piece on Ava Gardner's career,femme fatale posing,and storied romantic life.I always always forget she was married to Mickey Rooney because it just seems so wrong.
My New Plaid PantsThursdays Ways Not To Die...Fashion Faux- Pwned (Serial Mom)
The Critical Conditionlooks at three (unfortunate) differences between "The Help"as a book andThe Helpas a movie.

Movie|Linefirst pics fromBel Ami--notan historical epic about the gay porn studio -- wherein Robert Pattison sexes up various actresses we like: Uma Thurman (pictured below),Christina Ricci and Kristin Scott Thomas
The Wow Reportcongratulations Carrie Fisher on her new look.Jenny Craig worked wonders!
Cinema BlendUniversal keeps dropping film projects.What's going on?
Grantlandpredicts the Worst Supporting Actress for this year's Razzies.Agreed that Blake Lively's gotat leasta nomination sewn up forGreen Lantern.
Socialite LifeMichael Ian Black recalls his sex scene with Bradley Cooper inWet Hot American Summer.(Cooper is the only holdout so far on a sequel.)
IndieWireJim Carrey's video love letter to Emma Stone.So random.

Finally,did you hear about the bigScarfacereunion party to celebrate a special edition BluRay release?Scarface himself Al Pacino,Oscar winner F Murray Abraham,80s character actor Robert Loggia and 80s hunk Steven Bauer were on hand.But without Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (what,was she too busy?) and especially without Elvira herself,Michelle Pfeiffer,what is even the point?I'm assuming Pfeiffer wasn't there because she's filming Tim Burton'sDark Shadowsin London at the moment.But ifThe Avengerscast can leave Cleveland for a 10 minute walk on at that Disney convention last week,shouldn't they have flown La Pfeiffer cross the Atlantic to class up that party a little?

Aug 03 2011

The Link of Warrior

<-- Coffee Table Book Alert!
Photographer Tim Palen has immortalized the bodies of Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton for a coffee table book called "The Men of Warrior"that's out on August 9th (available for pre-sale nowhereor here).The book as we imagine it -- all we've seen is this cover -- is a smart marketing movie for theWarriorfilm in which the two fine actors play two sparring brothers.Obviously people will see this for the muscle abuse alone,yes?That's why people go to boxing matches,right?I don't know.I'd never go to one -- too bloody/sadistic for me -- but I'd happily look at photos.The book has a foreward by Tom Hardy and (presumably) a ton of pictures of him.

Links in the Ring
Kenneth in the (212)Have you heard about this Faye Dunaway / NYC apartment eviction story.
My New Plaid Pantsattends theWet Hot American Summeranniversary party.We were just celebratin' that.
GLAADthe Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation ranks the TV networks on their LGBT inclusive.Top marks for CW and...ABC Family?How weird.who'da thunk it?Not that you can always trust GLAAD.They've made some weird suspect calls over the years.Showtime has a smidgeon more gay representation than HBO among premium channels.
Film Drhas some questions for those of you who have seenCowboys and Aliens
aqui tinhaa truth
EmpireSteve McQueen'sShamestarring Michael Fassbender has a UK release date (Jan 13th) still no word on the American release after its TIFF bow.

Alt Screenno way!Lost silent Alfred Hitchcock filmThe White Shadow(1923) discovered/restored.Sort of.
The Critical Conditionthe ultimate pop song tournament continues into the second round.I like the second round less because I'm sure this is where all of my favorites start losing.Like "Edge of Seventeen"being bested by "Livin' on a Prayer"(thus far).That is so unright.
My New Plaid Pantswhich is hotter: Dominic Cooper or a Boston Terrier?