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Entries in Wet Hot American Summer (7)

Aug 03 2011

The Link of Warrior

<-- Coffee Table Book Alert!
Photographer Tim Palen has immortalized the bodies of Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton for a coffee table book called "The Men of Warrior" that's out on August 9th (available for pre-sale nowhereor here).The book as we imagine it -- all we've seen is this cover -- is a smart marketing movie for theWarriorfilm in which the two fine actors play two sparring brothers.Obviously people will see this for the muscle abuse alone, yes?That's why people go to boxing matches, right?I don't know.I'd never go to one -- too bloody/sadistic for me -- but I'd happily look at photos.The book has a foreward by Tom Hardy and (presumably) a ton of pictures of him.

Links in the Ring
Kenneth in the (212)Have you heard about this Faye Dunaway / NYC apartment eviction story.
My New Plaid Pantsattends the美国夏天潮湿的热anniversary party.We were just celebratin' that.
GLAADthe Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation ranks the TV networks on their LGBT inclusive.Top marks for CW and...ABC Family?How weird.who'da thunk it?Not that you can always trust GLAAD.They've made some weird suspect calls over the years.Showtime has a smidgeon more gay representation than HBO among premium channels.
Film Drhas some questions for those of you who have seenCowboys and Aliens
aqui tinhaa truth
EmpireSteve McQueen'sShamestarring Michael Fassbender has a UK release date (Jan 13th) still no word on the American release after its TIFF bow.

Alt Screenno way!Lost silent Alfred Hitchcock filmThe White Shadow(1923) discovered/restored.Sort of.
The Critical Conditionthe ultimate pop song tournament continues into the second round.I like the second round less because I'm sure this is where all of my favorites start losing.Like "Edge of Seventeen" being bested by "Livin' on a Prayer" (thus far).That is so unright.
My New Plaid Pantswhich is hotter: Dominic Cooper or a Boston Terrier?

Jul 27 2011

"Wet Hot American Summer" at 10!

AlexBBatshere, and today is the10th birthdayof one of my all time favorite films.

Watching a film can be a relatively light affair.Simple plots, easy jokes, characters who follow archetypes to the tee.A.O.Scottrecently proposedthat more challenging and unconventional films, such as Bela Tarr’sTurin Horse, might expand a moviegoers palate and appetite for cinema.Occasionally a film brings the viewer into a lawless land, not one filled with bandits, but a can of vegetables who happens to be a Vietnam Veteran, a boy who can create gusts, and haystacks able to block a motorcycle.美国夏天潮湿的热(2001) challenges the viewer with absurdity, its reward being pure bliss.

美国夏天潮湿的热is bedazzled to the brim with details: funny posters, extras dancing, strange gestures, or that fantastic breaking glass sound effect.I’ve seen美国夏天潮湿的热over 30 times and always find, or am given, something new to smile at.(This latest playthrough, I heard a small, impressed gasp that the talent show MC hailed from the Catskill Mountains resort circuit and Amy Pohler whispering “This is terrible” during theGodspellnumber.)

Depth is rare in film and rarer in comedy.David Wain and the company put there all into making this film the best possible.There's a youthful vigor to the movie, which is especially considering that twenty and thirtysomethings are playing teenagers.Every scene in美国夏天潮湿的热has something unexpected.The actors don’t sell the jokes, they own and share them.You can tell everyone had an amazing time on the set.Eighty percent of the cast (or thereabouts) went on to become A-list actors.(Bradley Cooper gets a permapass because of this film).Even the kid that gets tossed out of the van has an amazing resume.

Seriously, check out his IMDB page, Kyle Gallner

Nathaniel once describedRachel Getting Marriedas “Nathaniel Getting Hugged.” I feel that美国夏天潮湿的热is Alex Getting Loved Passionately.I’ll snuggle up with美国夏天潮湿的热any season.

Also, Sluts Rock.

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