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Apr 03 2017

On this day: Jungle Book's First,Dolly's Near Last,and Annie Hall vs.Star Wars

on this day in history as it relates to showbiz...

1882The titular event inThe Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford(2007) happened on this very day in Missouri
1893Leading man of the 1930s Leslie Howard (Gone With the Wind,Of Human Bondage) born in London
1921Jan Sterling born in NYC.(We recently discussedher Oscar nominated performance inThe High and the Mighty)
1922After years of "which year is it?"it's finally settled...Doris Day was born on this day 1922.So happy 95th birthday to the icon,still with us,today.
1924Another cinematic icon,Marlon Brando,born in Omaha

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Feb 03 2017

New to Netflix: Magic Mike,Woman in Gold,Babe and More...

Today on Netflix a new series debuts starring the long lost Drew Barrymore calledSanta Clarita Dietbut it's apparently a gore-fest so perhaps skippable?Those of you with a high tolerance for such things can let us know.But there are several enticing options that have just made available for streaming.As is our habit,we've freeze framed a handful plus of new selections at random places and are sharing anything that came up.

This is my idol,Paulina.Someday I hope to be up there with her.

Paris is Burning(1990)
The best documentary of all time?Well,one of 'em at least.And 100% the most quotable as you hear lines from it practically every day still thanks to drag going more mainstream.

Seven more after the jump includingMagic Mike...

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Dec 22 2015

Cinematic Lumps of Coal: 15 Worst of '15

They've been naughty.So we shan't be nice.Rather than choosing the 15 worst movies (we skip a lot of stuff that looks atrocious),here are 15 matters of annoyance within the movies of 2015,whether the movies were decent or terrible.Vague/light spoilers ahead.

15 Lumps of Coal From '15
Links go to past articles about the film or reviews if they exist

15Grab Bag of Undelights
Afew I couldn't fit in below: Chris Hemsworth's wandering accent inIn The Heart of The Seaoften within the same scene.Is this First Mate Australian,British,or from the Bronx?;The way Mother Malkin's (Julianne Moore) red hair stays that way when she shifts into dragon form inThe Seventh Son.That was cute with Madame Mim inThe Sword in the Stonebut in "realistic"cgi not so much;and,the perpetual agony oftrailersthat take you from the beginning to the end of a movie (RoomandThe Revenantare the latest victims) spoiling every story beat.

In nearly great movies (Clouds of Sils Maria124 min),good movies (Saint Laurent150 min.),divisive movies (I'm still making up my mind aboutThe Revenantokay?156 min),and arthouse curiousities (Arabian Nights,Vol II 131 min.,Love135 min.) alike the tendency in contemporary cinema is to let the camera linger here and there and everywhere and also to include entire sections that add nothing particularly new to the plot or our understanding of character or theme if narrative isn't the movie's main thrust.Don't misunderstand: a good lingering camera can be among the greatest of things but if you're running over 90 minutes please justify it with new information.Shave 10 minutes (or a lot more in some cases) off any of these movies and they're instantly improved.

13 more after the jump...

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Dec 05 2015

Pt 2.Oscar Editorials to Make the Blood Boil: The Holiday Glut

Two recent trade editorials have driven us crazy enough to write long hair-pulling screeds in response.We're bald now!The first was a 'dishonorable' defense of our #1 gripeCategory Fraudand we'll be quicker about this one which is about our second biggest pet peeve of Oscar season: 'the holiday glut' aka the ghettoization of adult movies into the final quarter of each year.

The Hollywood Reporter's "Everybody Cannibalized Each Other"- Harvey Weinstein
Weinstein begins his guest editorial by calling the final quarter glut of awards-hopefuls a "pet peeve"which is fine if we say it...but him?!?He championed it for 20 years with his own actions!


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Apr 07 2015

Masterpieces: 5 Works of Art That Deserve Their Own Movie

Abstewin the gallery to talk artworld films.

This past week saw the release of not one but two true life films set in the art world.Rather than traditional artist biopics,both films focus instead on the life of a particular painting's subject matter or the history of the painting itself.Woman in Gold(which opened in the top ten despite its limited theater count) stars Helen Mirren as Maria Altmann,a Holocaust survivor.She fought for over a decade in court with the Austrian government to become the rightful owner of Gustav Klimt'sPortrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I.The painting was of her aunt and it was stolen from her family by the Nazis during WWII.The long-delayedEffie Grayrevolves around the unhappy wife (Dakota Fanning) of art critic John Ruskin (Greg Wise) in Victorian England.Apparently their marriage was never consummated and Effie became involved with the Pre-Raphaelite painter John Everett Millais (Tom Sturridge) and was the subject of some of his paintings.

Biopics about artists (Frida,Pollock,Mr.Turner,Lust for Life,the originalMoulin Rouge,and many more over the decades) have found favor with the Academy.It will be interesting to see if these new films begin a trend for movies about the backstories of famous paintings,rather than the artist who painted them.

Since Hollywood is always in need of more interesting and diverse source material,here are 5 works of art that would make movies as pretty as a picture...

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