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"Bob Newhart is still doing standup!He headlined in my city this June."-Jakey

"Olivia DeHavilland and Lois Smith are so great."-Jono

"Incredible that Max von Sydow has neither a competitive Oscar nor an Honorary by now."-Joel6

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Feb 09 2016

Silence of the Lambs Pt 2: Head in Jar,Moth in Throat,Girl in Pit

Team Experience is revisiting 1991's Best Picture,Silence of the Lambsfor its 25th anniversary.In Pt 1 we met our protagonistFBI student Clarice Starling,given an errand by her boss to question serial killer Hannibal the Cannibal in hopes of gaining insight into a new case,a killer named "Buffalo Bill".We begin where Kieran left us with our intrepid heroine,Clarice Starling,sliding herself narrowly into an ominous storage facility thanks to a lead (of sorts) from Hannibal Lecter.

Let's see what she finds inside,shall we?

Pt 2 by Angelica Jade Bastién

00:24:43 A bloody cut from some rotten wood will be the least of Clarice's problems

00:25:35 Creepiest storage facility ever,right?Thus far we've seen disparate parts from pale mannequins,a taxidermy owl suspended mid flight,and other odd oddities covered in dust.

00:26:05 The fear and curiosity on Clarice's face is palpable.I think what makes her such a compelling lead are those qualities coupled with her bravery.I've been bothered recently by seeing many female characters who are either so strong they seem infallible or faux girl-power creations.Clarice is compelling because of her humanity and complications.

more after the jump...

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Mar 25 2015

The Links: Buffy,Disney,Hanks,Viggo,Toxic Sets and Tight Pants

Varietyseveral distributors want the Sally Field vehicleHello My Name is Doris,an  indie hit at SXSW.But neither of the big Oscar dogs want it (no interest from Weinsteins or Fox Searchlight.Hmmm)
Teenage Bedrooms on Screena tumblr celebrating movie sets from teen films.I thought this was appropriate to share after...
TFEa discussion of interesting / fun film sets
Varietyour favorite Israeli actress Ronit Elkabetz will serve as president of Cannes' "Critics Week"the festival's sidebar focused on newer filmmakers  (That's often where the best movies are anyway!)
My New Plaid Pantson a current rumor about the "toxic"set of Alejandro González Iñárritu'sThe Revenant

Vanity Fairlooks back atPretty Womanfor its 25th,specifically it's originally much darker screenplay
TFEin case you missed it Manuel also looked back on the nation's (and his) 25 year old Julia Roberts obsession
Daily MailLauren Bacall's estate auctioning off collections.Her Manhattan partment is also for sale for (gulp) $26 million
The Guardianmatch the evil quote to the Disney villain - I got a few of these wrong.The Shame!
CHUDMarvel has reportedly cast Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel) already and she might even be added toThe Avengers: Age of many actors can be in that one movie and shouldn't they have finished it already given that it opens in a month?
Film School RejectsAnthony Russo & Joe Russo,who did such a great job on Captain America: Winter Soldier have been adopted by Marvel and will now direct all of their movies (not really but they're locked up for awhile)

The Film Stagea one hour conversation with Jessica Chastain
The PlaylistViggo Mortensen turned downHateful Eight?Sad.He'd be great in a Tarantino and could use a hit
In ContentionSandy Powell talksCinderellacostumes
ET Onlineand speaking of costumes,Billy Magnussen talks about his unmissably tight leather pants inInto the Woods

Today's Watch

Tom Hanks reenacts his filmography's greatest hits in seven minutes with James Corden.Hanks seems to be having a lot of fun with himself lately,right?

Small Screen

Coming Soon
The X-Filesstars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are returning to their iconic roles for a miniseries.The original series lasted 9 years and was revived in two feature films so it's had quite a shelf-life.
VarietyI find BAFTA so confusing.They have so many different awards branches and different announcement times.But the TV craft nominations are out with Penny Dreadful doing well
Ryan MurphyChloe Sevigny returning toAmerican Horror Storynext season.She was a pleasant surprise for me on Netflix'sBloodline.I forget sometimes how totally watchable she is
Towleroadrumors circulating that HBO is cancellingLookingalbeit with a wrap up film *sniffle*
SalonJon Hamm just out of rehab for alcohol addiction.WithMad Menwrapped hopefully he won't be reminded of the glass in hand for a while.Best wishes!

Three Must Reads To Go

1.If you're a fan ofBuffy the Vampire Slayer(and who isn't) you'll LOL all through The Toast's"Every Argument about Buffy on the Internet,From 1998 Until Now."It's blissfully true to its title.

2.This doesn't have a movie connection apart from a well earned dig at that awfulFlawlessmovie starring Philip Seymour Hoffman but The New York Times has an essayon the feminist evolution of the word "flawless"that is really something.A great read.

3.David Poland has said these things before and will say them again.And we've also harped on his underlying theme / advice to the Academy - 'Embrace the fact that you're THE movie proud,not worried.' But it's always worth repeating and he does a great job in"48 Weeks to Oscar: Academy in Crisis (?)"at highlighting all the problems...which don't have to be problems!Read it (if you've ever bitched about or defended the Oscars).亚博主页Live it (if you're AMPAS).Love it (if you love the Oscars).亚博主页

That's a lot to read and discuss,so have at it!

Sep 10 2013

Twenty Years A Sculder

JA from MNPPhere - typing this now I'm realizing I actually have no idea what Nathaniel's stance is on The X-Files,but today's the 20th anniversary of the very first episodeif you can believe it,so I figured I'd check in with you guys,see if we have an fans up in The Film Experience.亚博主页I can never quite believe that I came as late to the show as I did - it was firmly up my alley even back then,but it wasn't until well into the show's fifth season that I started watching.I think that maybe corresponded with the first movie?Anyway I was hooked just in time for the quality to take a nose-dive (hello Annabeth Gish),but I stuck with it straight to the muddied end.There's been talk ever since the second movie in 2008 of a third film,wrapping it all up - do you want to see it come back?Or should Mulder and Scully stay off in the sunset?

And how freaking fabulous does Gillian Anderson look these days (she is divine on Hannibal) anyway?Sound off on your favorite X-Files moments in the comments!