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Oct 18 2018

Months of Meryl: It's Complicated (2009)

JohnandMattheware watching every single live-action film starring Meryl Streep.

#42 —Jane Adler,a successful bakery owner caught in a love triangle with her ex-husband and her architect.

JOHN: Quick: name a recent American movie starring a 60-year-old woman who,in attempting to enliven her long-deferred sex life,is pursued by not one but two enamored men.Additionally: name a film like this that grossed over $200 million worldwide.Perhaps the only correct answer is Nancy Meyers'It's Complicated,which is itself a testament to both the rarified and barrier-breaking career of its leading lady,the one and only Meryl Streep."Only"because,well,who else but Streep could get a movie like this off the ground and steward it toward a box office tier reserved almost exclusively for inane,teenager-courting blockbusters?In her 2011Voguecover story,Streep remarked that "in the period ofSilkwood,[It's Complicated] could never have been made,with a 60-year-old actress deciding between her ex-husband and another man.With a 40-year-old actress it would never have been made."It's Complicatedis a star vehicle that is in some ways completely uncomplicated,but in other ways downright revolutionary,showcasing the effervescent charisma of its beloved star while also demanding that audiences consider a woman who undoubtedly exists in the real world but hardly ever graces the big screen...

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Oct 07 2018

NYFF: The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

Jason Adamsreporting from the New York Film Festival

Anthology films always have a bit of an under-cooked quality - you like a chunk of meat here,a chunk of potato there,but the stew's uneven,the broth skinned over from sitting.Even the very best ones can feel haphazard - you can and should certainly argue thatPulp Fictionis an anthology film,albeit one that's po-mo'd up in glorious fashion,but some days you're just not in the mood for Honey Bunny,ya dig?  The Coens' six-partThe Ballad of Buster Scruggsmaintains that streak - highs,lows,and everything in between,slapped between two fraying book covers...

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Sep 11 2018

TIFF Review: "Wildlife"

byChris Feil

Paul Dano's directorial debutWildlifeis a period domestic drama with a fire in its gut.It's the kind of piercing portrait of a family that makes you want to marinate in all of its surprising details just as you desperately want to escape its breathlessly realized pain.

Picturing an emotionally desolate suburban America of shitty lawns and ranch style homes,Dano strikes a balance between toughness and compassion,cruelty and honesty.It's as if its family was built on the fault line of two massive tectonic plates and no matter how violent the inevitable eruption that is to come,it might be sadly better that they be ripped apart.For everyone.

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Jul 04 2017

Review: The Big Sick

byLynn Lee

Judging from its early reception,The Big Sickhas all the markings of a sleeper hit.Directed by Michael Showalter (My Name is Doris,Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp) and written by comedian Kumail Nanjiani (best known to TV audiences as Dinesh onSilicon Valley) and his wife Emily Gordon,the movie's loosely based on the stranger-than-fiction true story of how the couple overcame the dual barriers posed by his traditionalist Pakistani Muslim family and her medically induced coma.  That's a story you couldn't make up,or imagine mining for laughs rather than melodrama.  And yet here it is: a crowd-pleasing romantic comedy (though it's really more of a dramedy) about a girl in a coma that's equal parts funny and poignant without feeling the least bit exploitative.

Nanjiani plays himself,a tricky job he handles deftly,with a beguiling Zoe Kazan as the on-screen Emily,

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May 05 2017

"The Big Sick"is Coming for Your Heart

Chrishere.Summer movie season isn't complete without one solid romantic comedy (or four,or ten,wishful thinking).This year's winner could very well likely be Sundance sensationThe Big Sick.

The film stars comedian Kumail Nanjiani (who also cowrote the semi-autobiographical film with Emily V.Gordon) and Zoe Kazan as a young lovers on the outs thanks to the pressures of their interracial coupling...

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Jan 02 2016

A Happy New (Twitterful) Year

2016 is upon us.So far it's been a wash since a cold has attacked me without warning but while I sleep and stay hydrated (not simultaneously) and procrastinate here are some favorite tweets of the week.But the year started beautifully with two of our favorite film thinkers and Oscar historiansNick Davisand Mark Harris announcing new projects.Nick will be expanding his"Best Actress"sectionand Mark Harris will becelebrating 1966 movies all yearas he preps for the 50th anniversary of those Best Picture nominees he celebrated in his first book "Pictures at a Revolution"which was on the Best Pictures of 1967.

Our first tweet is a perfect message for the "survey the greats"season we're in via filmmaker Guillermo del Toro.Our friend Nick has an interesting solution to this favorites versus perfection equation.He has two top 100s,greatestandfavorites.He just wrote a huge batch of new essays which you should really read.Recent pieces include two movies that are accidentallly perfect for New Year's week includingStrange DaysandWhen Harry Met Sally(on the "greatest"list)  movies like Movies become "favorites"for so many reasons,whether that'sgreat experiences at the theater where we saw themor,the ease at rewatching them,or just the slow dawning realization that this one you just love whatever its shortcomings (this is me withBurlesquewhich showed on cable in a loop in 2015 and Icouldn'tlook away.)

MORE AFTER THE JUMPincluding but not limited to Blanchett,Damon,Gleeson,Isaac ...and Eartha Kitt as 2016's Patron Saint?

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