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Sep 28 2016

Greer Garson, Peter Finch, Zoolander, and more...

1916 Happy Centennial to Best Actor winner Peter Finch (Network), one of only two posthumous acting winners in Oscar history.The other is Heath Ledger.(Curiously they were both Australian)
1924 Marcello Mastroianni (La Dolce Vita, 8½) is born in Italy.Becomes one of the all time great movie stars by his mid 30s.His career spans over 50 years of cinema.
1933 Greer Garson weds Edward Snelson, first of three husbands, though the cohabitation is brief.Ten years later she famously marries her screen son inMrs Miniver.
1934...And God CreatedBrigitte Bardot in Paris

1945Mildred Pierceopens.Joan Crawford will win Best Actress for this fabulous noir melodrama
1949 Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis first film togetherMy Friend Irma
1950 American indie icon John Sayles is born in New York.Among his most famous films:Return of the Secaucus 7, Passion Fish, andLone Star
1951 Franchot Tone marries Barbara Payton, his third wife, a disastrous marriage for both.And he survived Joan Crawford.
1957 The great cinematographer Harris Savides is born.Credits includeZodiac, Milk, andBirth.His last gorgeous filmThe Bling Ringwas released posthumously

Greer Garson isOscar's 7th Most Beloved Actress

1960Sunrise at Campobellopremieres at the movies.Greer Garson will snag her seventh and final Best Actress nomination as Eleanor Roosevelt.She'll lose to Elizabeth Taylor inBUtterfield 8though their fates were reversed at the Golden Globes.
1961 Shirley Booth starts her run asHazela TV sitcom that lasts five seasons.The next summer she wins the Lead Emmy making her a Triple Crowner after her Tony & Oscar forCome Back Little Sheba.
1964 Janeane Garofalo is born.We don't appreciate her comic brilliance inReality Bites(1994) enough.
1967 Supporting Actress winner Mira Sorvino is born.If you never read our 1995 Smackdown it was a good oneso check it out.

1968 Nicole's bestie Naomi Watts is born (curiously neither were born in Australia but moved there as children).Also "Hey Jude" by the Beatles hits #1 and stays there for 9 weeks
1976 Israeli star Ohad Knoller is born.Credits includeYossi & Jagger, Yossi, Munich, andThe Bubble
1984 Jessica Lange'sCountryopens.Exactly one week after Sally Field's Places in the Heart inthe year of the farm wife
1987 Hilary Duff who comes to fame as "Lizzie McGuire" is born.Currently co-starring on the underappreciated Emmy worthy comedyYounger
1992 Keir Gilchrist, who was so wonderful as a gay teenager onThe United States of Taraand was last seen inIt Followsis born

1994 Tim Burton'sEd Woodpremieres.Do you still love it?
1997 Chad Lowe & Hilary Swank marry.Two years later she wins the Oscar and forgets to thank him.She remembers the second time but why was their a second time again.ARGH!(Old wounds - editor)
2001 Ben Stiller first delivers "Blue Steel" in movie theaters inZoolander
2012Looperhits theaters.That was a good one though perhaps it was a warning that Joseph Gordon Levitt was always going to try to "alter" himself in some way (face, voice, body whatever) for his future leading roles shaving off parts of his charisma in the process.

Feb 15 2016

Beauty vs Beast: The Witches of Oz

Jason fromMNPPhere, trying to stop myself from making a deal with the devil to wish this entire week away before it's even really begun -- how can I hold off though?The Witchis out this weekend!I've been clamoring for the Sundance sensation since last year's Sundance, where it was a sensation, LAST YEAR, for Satan's sake.My patience is as worn-thin as the hair on a witch's chinny-chin-chin, yo.Anyway I was bothered and bewildered this morning to see that I have never used the most famous pair of witches of ever for our "Beauty vs Beast" series, so I'd say that it's high time we conjured this contest up (and we're talking about the 1939 film here, so keepWickedout of it)...

PREVIOUSLYTurns out it wasn't just at the box-office that interest in theZoolanderfilms turned out to be very unpretty indeed -the contest betweenWill Ferrell and Ben Stiller's mad sexy creations was pretty uneventful too.It was the male model with the most-est who strutted off with the win though, taking 52% of the vote.SaidSteven:

"The reason for Zoolander over Mugatu.....Magnum!!!!"

Feb 08 2016

Beauty vs Beast: It's A Walk Off!

Jason fromMNPPhere, flashing my signature look your way as we mount this week's "Beauty vs Beast" -- it's fifteen years later and we're set to return to the Derek Zoolander SchoolWho Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too this Friday withZoolander 2, the 2001 film's slow-cooked sequel.The film reunites most of the original cast while bringing in a few new (stretched, preening) faces - I can't even tell you how many times I've watchedKristen Wiig's "Youth Milk" commercial;she's the entire reason I will be returning.I do have good feelings towards the original film though, so let's make our best right turns and flash a Blue Steel backwards in time...

PREVIOUSLYWe wished Jennifer Jason Leighhappy birthday with a glance backat 1992'sSingle White Female, and this time out it was her crazy crazy Hedra that came out on top, sticking a single high heel (and sixty percent of the vote) into poor innocent Bridget Fonda's fashion hopes and dreams.SaidDJDeeJay:

"Yes, she kills a puppy, but she also gives a guy a BJ AGAINST HIS WISHES. Totally subversive, haven't seen anything like it before or since."

Jan 25 2016

FYC: Kristen Wiig as Alexanya Atoz

Manuelhere.我们都知道太初开始打鼓 up 2016 Oscar talk (not that that’s stopping the folks at Sundancewho are already championing Kenneth Lonergan’sManchester by the Sea,a filmwe already had on our radars).But, then theZoolander 2team release this viral video and well, Wiig is making a great case for a Best Supporting Actress nomination.

And before you scoff at me, remember that aJustin Theroux-penned outrageous comedy character that borders on caricaturehas already heard its name called on Oscar nomination morning.Oscars—and kidding—aside, 2016 looks to be a big one for Wiig what with thatotherhigh profile action comedythat reteams her withBridesmaidsco-star Melissa McCarthy.

Dec 28 2015

Thoughts I Had While Staring at Posters for Penelope Cruz’s Upcoming Films

Manuelhere.Every once in a while I like to check in on actresses I’ve been missing and see what they’re up to and what’s next.Last week, for example, I singled out Michelle Williamsand was glad to see she has two promising films landing at Sundance.This week, I wanted to see when I’d get my next Penelope Cruz fix.Sadly, it looks like she’ll be spending 2016 doing press junkets for two comedies I have no real interest in.

Disjointed thoughts on these films, Cruz, and the actress’s post-Oscar career followafter the jump...

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Oct 01 2013

Curio: Lucky Jackson

Alexahere.Film and embroidery don't seem a natural combination, but, as I've postedbefore, there are plenty of crafters out there celebrating their film fandom with an embroidery hoop.One in particular,Jennifer Jackson, a.k.a.Lucky Jackson, continues to amaze me with her prolific output.She uses thread like others might sketch with a pencil, stitching celebrities she's crushing on or movie scenes she loves.

Richie's tent

In 2011 and 2012 she did an embroidery each and every dayfora year, filling it with many a Bill Murray and Margot Tenenbaum.See a selection, including Bonnie Parker,American Beauty,Kick Ass,Zoolanderand more after the jump.

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