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Pieces of a Woman

Loved it. Great performances, and love it when filmmakers go big and swing for the fences!"-Joseph

I hated this movie, the first arc is just torture porn. Also, the movie is a disservice to midwifery“-Taurus


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Jan 11 2021.

International Oscar Race Pt 1: The Contenders List and where to see them

听着奥斯卡球迷afic和国际电影ioniados. We'd been holding off on this three part deep dive into the list of titles vying forBest International Feature Filmuntil the Academy's announcement. Sadly we hear through the grapevine that they're not actually making this list "official" until very late in January. In other words, less than two weeks after they announce the 90 plus titles, they'll be cutting most of them when the finalist list of ten is announced on February 9th. This is no way to treat the movies, giving them such a tiny window of "official" attention. So we're sharing the list of 93 titles (a record) now and doing our deep dive now... with the caveat that one or two titles might change in late January when the Academy makes this official. If things do change we'll republish the list and the articles then. If they don't, we can just link back.

NOTES ON THIS LIST: For more details on the films like genre, plot, running time, directors, please see the corresponding Oscar charts linked below. If we've reviewed or written about the movie itself or the country's Oscar history, it's linked below. If the title has a * by it, that means it's got an arguably high profile going into the screenings / voting period (though that's no guarantee of a nomination) by way of either its filmmaking team, noisy campaign, media coverage, or festival heat...


Finland. Denmark. Egypt. Costa Rica

  • Albania,Open Door
  • Argentina,The Sleepwalkers
  • Armenia,所罗门的歌曲
  • Austria,What We Wantedstreaming on Netflix
  • Bangladesh,真诚地,您的达卡streaming on Netflix
  • 比利时,工作女孩
  • Bolivia,Chaco
  • 波斯尼亚和黑塞哥维那,Quo Vadis,Aida?*
  • 巴西Babenco: Tell Me When I Die在mubi上流媒体
  • Bulgaria,The Father
  • Ecuador,空虚
  • 埃及,当我们出生时
  • Estonia,The Last Ones
  • Finland,Tove
  • FranceDeux/Two of Us


Hong Kong. Nigeria. Latvia. Iceland

  • Japan,True Mothers
  • Jordan,200 Meters
  • Kazakhstan,哭泣的草原
  • Kenya,letter
  • Kosovo,Exile
  • 吉尔吉斯斯坦,跑到天空
  • Latvia,暴风雪/利福利曼
  • 黎巴嫩,Broken Keys
  • Lesotho,这不是一个埋葬,这是一个rescurection*首次提交
  • Lithuania,诺瓦Lituania在mubi上流媒体
  • Luxembourg,River Tales
  • Malaysia,Roh/Soul
  • Mexico,I'm No Longer Here*(streaming on Netflix
  • 蒙古,ve
  • Montenegro,Breasts
  • Morocco,The Unknown Saint
  • 荷兰,ulado.
  • Nigeria,The Milkmaid
  • North Macedonia,Willow
  • NorwayHope
  • Pakistan,Zindagi Tamasha/Circus of Life

CHART 3 - Palestine through Vietnam

Ukraine. Sweden. Poland. Vietnam

  • 沙特阿拉伯,Scales
  • 塞内加尔,Nafi的父亲
  • Serbia,Dara in Jasenovac
  • Singapore,Wet Season
  • 斯洛伐克,Auschwitz报告
  • Slovenia,Stories from the Chestnut Woods
  • South Africa,多硼酸
  • South Korea,那个男人站在下一个available to rent
  • Spain无尽的壕沟streaming on Netflix
  • 苏丹,You Will Die at 20首次提交
  • Suriname,丝网首次提交
  • 瑞典,Charter
  • SwitzerlandMy Little Sister

This list is also available on Letterboxd if you'd like to track your viewing


Algeria'sHeliopolis那Belarus's波斯课程(disqualified as not Belarusian enough), Canada'sFunny Boy(disqualified due to too much English language), Bhutan'sLunana: Yak in the Classroom那葡萄牙'sListen(因英语语言过多而取消资格),和乌兹别克斯坦的2000 Songs of Farida.

Are you planning on seeing any of these films? If you've already seen some which are you rooting for?

Jan 11 2021.

First annual (?) "Super" Awards

通过Nathaniel R


We're still trying to wrap our heads around the absolutely bizarre decision by the executives of the Critics Choice Association to launch a genre-specific awards show (think the土星奖在各种各样的媒体,而只从头部特写than the fans) in the very year where most of those kinds of movies didn't actually open and in which none of the big stars would be able to actually attend. It's a head scratcher in so many ways though happily two good movies (Palm SpringsandSoul)带领最多的奖品。

Here are the winners (no, we did not vote)...

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Jan 11 2021.


一系列Christopher James调查电影中的“同性恋最好的朋友”拖信。

At 13 minutes into the movie, we meet Duncan (Pete Davidson). Very quickly after, we wish we hadn't met him.

I can admit this. Many of my choices for Gay Best Friend have been examples that I’ve loved. In the 90s and 00s, this was often one of the few ways we would see positive gay representation on the screen. Still, this trope can be negative when it leans on broad characterizations, the gay best friend as an empty accessory.

Netflix’sSet It Up(2018)以某种方式是新鲜空气的呼吸。戏剧释放被保留为超级英雄电影或更多“电影”声望票价。浪漫喜剧类型正在被爆发,只能在Netflix上找到它的家。Set It Up所有的家庭都有Pillow Talk与现代光泽的老式浪漫喜剧How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days。哈珀(Zoey Deutsch)和查理(Glen Powell)是过度劳累的助手,他将各自的老大彼此联系(Taye Diggs和Lucy Lui),所以他们可以拥有更多的工作生活平衡。火花在老板和助手之间飞翔。

Unfortunately, it features a “gay best friend” character that embodies everything that’s wrong with the stereotype and threatens to derail a perfectly fun movie...

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Jan 11 2021.

Showbiz History: Founding of the Academy and two Golden Globe nights

7 random things that happened on this day, January 11th, in showbiz history

Hattie McDaniel in her younger years. Not sure what year in this photo, though.

1911Hattie McDaniel,那么只有17岁,嫁给了她的第一个丈夫。她已经是一个表演者,并在嘉年华,吟游诗人,竞技表演,在20世纪30年代初击中电影之前。她着名成为第一个被提名或赢得奥斯卡的非洲裔美国人。最后,发生了生物学和它将明星乌鸦善良车站代理人,是玛丽珍)。

1927The creation of AMPAS came (arguably) on this day at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles...

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Jan 10 2021.

How Had I Never Seen... "Monsoon Wedding"?


Last year, Chloé Zhao won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival forNomadland。与戛纳(仅授予一个女人)不同(简康马县The Piano)在Palme d'或历史中,威尼斯将五名女董事命名为主要竞争的宏伟胜利者。其中一个,mira nair的季风婚礼,I hadn't seen. Since the Criterion Channel has just added Mira Nair's 2001 Venice-winner, it seems like a good time to correct this lacuna. Without further ado, let's delve into the rainy festivities of this季风婚礼......

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Jan 10 2021.

Cate is camp and crazy-good in "The Man Who Cried"

通过Nathaniel R

我很高兴分享我在Murtada的有趣播客中回来了第二次出现“星期天与cate.“他正在调查Cate Blanchett的整个职业生涯(不是按时间顺序)与各种客人。本周的话题是奇怪的莎莉陶器失火The Man Who Cried(2001年),关于跳舞俄罗斯人,唱犹太人,在巴黎的歌剧意大利人的戏剧戏剧。我要求这个是因为当电影在剧院时,我记得绝对被一个特写镜头被一个特写镜头。但这部电影变得如此完全被遗忘(甚至是我),我几乎无法记住任何背景。电影明星约翰尼德普和克里斯蒂娜里加(两者都在蒂姆伯顿的同事Sleepy Hollow)将永久放在好莱坞时间非常具体的地方。给我们听!

Jan 10 2021.

娱乐圈历史:沉默的超级明星,“结婚”那and Sal Mineo in Oil

7 random things that happened on this day, January 10th, in showbiz history

1927Fritz Lang的科幻经典Metropolis在柏林有世界首映。它将成为传奇和充分理由......但是,由于过度曝光,我们厌倦了多年的厌倦了(有这么多沉默的薄膜,但似乎MetropolisandBirth of a Nationare the only ones the world knows).Our favourite, of infinite progeny and homages, is still Madonna's "Express Yourself" video from 1989

1936Silent film superstars Mary Pickford (44) and Douglas Fairbanks (53), who invented the "Hollywood Power Couple" finalize their divorce after 15 years of marriage (though they'd be separated for three years already)...

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