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YSNM:Mrs Harris Goes to Paris

"I don't even need to watch the trailer to judge. Manville and Huppert? That is a YES." -Jules

"I was prepared to say no, but the trailer was so charming. Just looks like a good, sweet time." -Val

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87th Oscars. The Oscar Nominees of 2014

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Foreign Language Film
Leviathanput up a fight winning the Globe but in the endIDAprevailed as expected

Wild Tales
Damian Szifron

7 noms | 2 wins

opens Feb 20th, 2015 from Sony Pictures Classics

Zaza Urushadze
first nomination!

No U.S. Release

Abdeerrahmane Sissako
first nomination!

Now playing from Cohen Media Group

Pawel Pawlikowski
10 nominations| 1st win

Currently available on DVD and streaming


Andrey Zvyagintsevv
14 noms | 4 wins

Now playing from Sony Pictures Classics

an outre comedy anthology - six tales of revenge. It's a real crowd pleaser
This war time drama about a farmer and a wounded man is very popular with those who've seen it.

Villagers are beset by extremists in this heartwrenching drama.

A major hit at the US arthouse and a potential winner. Stands out from the crowd for brevity, impact and aesthetic

This angry political film about a fisherman losing his beloved home to corrupt government is engaging, darkly funny and critically acclaimed.

SUBMISSION CHARTSThere were 83 Official Contenders

Pt. 1Afghanistan through Ethiopia

Pt. 2Finland through Nepal-
Pt. 3The Netherlands through Venezuela

Finalists That Didn't Get Nominated
(I correctly guessed 6 of the 9 finalists and then 4 of the 5 nominees)
Accused (The Netherlands)
Corn Island (Georgia)
Force Majeure (Sweden)
Liberator (Venezuela)