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YSNM:Mrs Harris Goes to Paris

"I don't even need to watch the trailer to judge. Manville and Huppert? That is a YES.” -Jules

"我准备说不,但是拖车是如此迷人。看起来像是一个美好的时光。” -Val

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Apr 01 2022

Oscar Aftermath: Our pasts, Sunday night feelings, and the future

Nathaniel R and Nick Davis try to make peace with Oscar night such as it was.It's the only Oscar podcast you'll hear that doesn't discuss the incident!Instead we discuss our first Oscar nights as children as well as what we liked about Sunday's show (yes, there were a few things). The conversation drifts to the future, too. What we hope to see from some of the actors and directors in the future.

Post Oscar Musings

Mar 23 2022

拍击下'21: Buckley, DeBose, Dench, Dunst, and Ellis

女配角Smackdown又回到了另一个赛季。我们从目前的奥斯卡赛开始,讨论Kirsten Dunst(狗的力量),Judi Dench(贝尔法斯特),Ariana DeBose(西侧故事),Aujanue Ellis(Richard King Richard)和Jessie Buckley(失落的女儿)。我们还命名了应该提名的女演员。这一集的小组成员:丽贝卡·奥特(Rebecca Alter)(秃鹰),索菲亚·西米内洛(Sophia Ciminello)(奥斯卡·野),瑞安·麦克奎德(Ryan McQuade)(奖项)和来自TFE的克拉尤迪奥(Cláudio)和纳撒尼尔(Nathaniel)。

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2月 11 2022

Team Experience discusses the Oscar nominations

Nathaniel chats with several Team Experience members on the night of the Oscar nominations. We discuss Drive My Car's nominations, the most exciting and unpredictable category (Actress!), and talk release strategies and a couple of snubs.

Post Nomination Chat

Jan 23 2022

西侧的故事,不要抬头,嫩的酒吧...还有Faye Dunaway?

Part 3 of 3 - Nathaniel's reunion with Nick Davis comes to a close (for now) as we discuss West Side Story, Annette, The French Dispatch, Don't Look Up, The Tender Bar, and other new films. We also discuss our favourite Faye Dunaway and Gena Rowlands performances as a retro sidebar.

西区Story and Dont Look Up

Jan 16 2022

Tragedy of Macbeth, The Lost Daughter, Being the Ricardos

Round 2 (of 3!) with special guest Nick Davis catching up with Nathaniel on 2021 movies. In this episode they discussThe Tragedy of Macbeth, The Lost Daughter, Test Pattern, No Time To Die, Being the Ricardos,and大量的。And of course, being actressexuals,impassioned odes to the talents of Maggie Gyllenhaal and Martha Plimpton.

Macbeth's Test Pattern

Jan 01 2022

Spencer, Power of the Dog, and Zola

In this special impromptu edition of the podcast, Nick Davis returns (gasp!) to catch up with Nathaniel about the Oscar hopefuls they've both seen but not yet discussed together. This conversation was recorded in early December and includes传球,狗的力量,斯宾塞,Worst Person in the World, and佐拉


Oct 08 2021

SmackDown '37:舞台门和死胡同在老芝加哥

On the 1937 edition of the Supporting Actress Smackdown we discuss Best Picture nominated classicsStage DoorandDead End,plus the blockbuster disaster epicIn Old Chicagoand acting nominated mysteries and melodramas with夜晚必须落下and斯特拉·达拉斯。感谢切尔西·艾希霍尔兹(Chelsea Eichholz),帕梅拉·哈钦森(Pamela Hutchinson),博伊德·范·霍伊(Boyd Van Hoeij)和蒂姆·罗贝(Tim Robey)是神话般的,非常有趣的客人。


Aug 28 2021

Smackdown '86:汉娜和她的姐妹们……还有麻烦的堂兄!

On this edition of the Supporting Actress Smackdown we're talking the 1986 Oscars and specifically the actresses Tess Harper, Piper Laurie, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Maggie Smith, and Dianne Wiest. We discuss Woody Allen'sHannah and Her Sisters和戏剧改编Crimes of the Heart,diametrically opposed in quality but both about neurotic sisters. We also gather round the pool table for Martin Scorsese's underdiscussedThe Color of Moneyand consider the groundbreaking (at the time) deaf drama一个较小上帝的孩子。Nathaniel Rogers, Cláudio Alves, and Lynn Lee from the Film Experience welcome special guests Jonathan Diaz and Rob Kirby.


Jul 26 2021

拍击下'98: Shakespeare in Love and Gods and Monsters

On this edition of the Supporting Actress Smackdown we're talking the 1998 Oscars.Shakespeare in Loveand拯救大兵瑞恩battled it out for Best Picture but we're talking (mostly) about the supporting actress race. Here to discuss神和怪物,三原色,小声音,Hilary & Jackie,and the Best Picture winning "rom-com for theater nerds" are special guests writer/director Leslye Headland, actor Mitch Silpa, writer Jenelle Riley, illustrator Dashiell Silva, and DJ Rob Champion.

Shakespeare and Monsters

Jun 25 2021

拍击下'46: Duel in the Sun with the King of Siam

On this edition of the Supporting Actress Smackdown we're talking 1946 which turns out to be not just the most racially problematic lineup ever in the category but also the most bonkers in terms of the movies themselves:Duel in the Sun, The Razor's Edge, Saratoga Trunk,Spiral Staircase, and安娜和暹罗国王。剧作家彼得·杜坎(Peter Duchan),电影评论家盖伊·洛奇(Guy Lodge),演员托里·德文·史密斯(Tory Devon Smith)和作家艾伦·纳盖(Allen Nguyen)加入纳撒尼尔(Nathaniel),谈论埃塞尔·巴里摩尔(Ethel Barrymore),莉莲·吉什(Lillian Gish)和战后电影年。


May 20 2021

拍击下'00: Chocolat, Almost Famous, and Billy Elliot

在这个版本的女配角Smackdown上,我们正在谈论2000年奥斯卡赛的比赛以及女演员Frances McDormand,Kate Hudson,Marcia Gay Harden,Judi Dench和Julie Walters。小组成员(按alpha命令):董事Eric Blume, journalistKyle Buchanan, actorNicholas D'Agosto, actressVella Lovell和你的主人亚博足彩yabo214

拍击下00 - Almost Famous

Apr 16 2021

SmackDown '20:山地山,电影明星和祖母

我们的奥斯卡式年代系列赛继续前进,这是“女配角Smackdown”的最后赛季的首映式。这次我们将参加现任奥斯卡赛纪念2020年的电影。加入纳撒尼尔(Nathaniel)讨论格伦·克洛克(Glenn Close),玛丽亚·巴卡洛娃(Maria Bakalova),阿曼达·塞弗里德(Amanda Seyfried),Youn Yuh-Jung和Olivia Colman是女演员/剧作家/剧作家Grace Aki(告诉我周日),作家/制片人Peter Knegt(CBC艺术),作家/Podcaster Jorge Molina(只是被提名),并授予Pundits Scott Feinberg(好莱坞记者)和Matt Neglia(下一张最佳照片)。


十二月 09 2020

58 - All about "Mank" and the Best Director Oscar race

Murtada and Nathaniel talk Gary Oldman as Mank. Plus supporting performances from Amanda Seyfried and Charles Dance. But what of the wide open Best Director race?


Nov 19 2020

拍击下'87: Fatal Attraction, Moonstruck, and More...

我们的奥斯卡式年代系列继续以1987年的季节结局。这是回顾的致命的吸引力,莫恩斯克(Moonstruck),从火车上扔妈妈,加比,and八月的鲸鱼。为了讨论这五部电影和过去的色情惊悚片,厌女症作为喜剧的厌恶以及在电影院的亲密戏剧,纳撒尼尔与演员Ato Essandoh坐下来(Away, Tales from the Loop),作者曼努埃尔·贝特考特(Manuel Betancourt)(卡内基音乐厅的朱迪·加兰(Judy Garland)的朱迪(33 1/3),以及评论家Kathia Woods和Naveen Kumar。希望您喜欢!

Fatal Attraction to Moonstruck

Nov 15 2020

56 - Hillbilly Elegy, The Life Ahead, Gotham Awards

穆尔塔达(Murtada)和纳撒尼尔(Nathaniel)与First Cowleading before discussing two new Netflix films, Ron Howard's loud overactedHillbilly Elegyand Sophia Loren's comeback vehicleThe Life Ahead.

Hillbilly Elegy,未来的生活

Oct 10 2020

SmackDown '65:修女,虐待儿童,悲惨的棋子

Our Oscar-vintage series continues with a look back at the women of音乐的声音(Peggy Wood, Eleanor Wood, and Julie Andrews), A Patch of Blue(雪莱·温特斯),Othello(玛姬·史密斯,乔伊斯·雷德曼)和Inside Daisy Clover(Ruth Gordon and Natalie Wood). To discuss those four films as well as topics like "blackface," movie stars pretending to be other movie stars, dubbing in musicals, and the rewatchable joy of音乐的声音, TFE's Nathaniel R and Baby Clyde are joined by the actor Spencer Garrett (Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood), and writers Kayleigh Donaldson (Pajiba, The Hollywood Read), Kevin Jacobsen (And the Runner Up Is..., Gold Derby), and Terence Johnson (LeNoirAuteur.net, Vampyr Resistance Corps).


Sep 27 2020

54 - Nomadland, The Nest, and Virtual Festivals

Murtada and Nathaniel talk the hottest festival title, Chloe Zhao'sNomadlandstarring Frances McDormand, plus virtual screening pros and cons, Ivory Coast's Oscar submission国王之夜, and the new Jude Law and Carrie Coon drama,The Nest

The Nest and Nomadland

Sep 16 2020

拍击下'38: You can't take it with you, Jezebel

Our Oscar-obsessed time machine takes us back to post Depression / pre World War II Hollywood whenYou Can't Take It With YouJezebelto the Best Picture prize. To discuss those two films as well asThe Great Waltz, Of Human Hearts, and Merrily We Live, and the Best Supporting Actress race, TFE's Nathaniel R and Cláudio Alves are joined by the actors Steven Weber (Wings, Jeffrey) and Britney Young (GLOW) and Vanity Fair's Joanna Robinson. Topics include: screwball comedy, jukebox musicals, and Hollywood's obsession with the Antebellum South.

拍击下38 - You Can't Waltz, Jezebel

Aug 19 2020

拍击下'05: Brokeback Mountain, Junebug, and more...

Travel back with us to 2005 as we discuss the first nominations for Amy Adams, Michelle Williams, and Rachel Weisz. Who deserved to win? To discuss this cinematic vintage, which includedBrokeback Mountain, North CountryandCapote,纳撒尼尔欢迎女演员克里·奥马利(Kerry O'Malley)(Snowpiercer, Boardwalk Empire) along with Cinematheque of Tangier's Ali Benzekri, Los Angeles Times' Justin Chang, and Awards Daily's Joey Moser.


Aug 05 2020

51 - Emmy Nominations and No Oscars Worry



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