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YSNM:Mrs Harris Goes to Paris

I don't even need to watch the trailer to judge. Manville and Huppert? That is a YES.” -朱尔斯

我准备说不,但是拖车是如此迷人。看起来像是一个美好的时光。” -Val

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What'cha Looking For?
可能 05 2022


by Patrick Ball

丹尼尔·克雷格(Daniel Craig)和露丝·内加(Ruth Negga)在现代的“麦克白”中

It’s only been 8 months since last year’s long delayed Tony Awards, but it’s time to celebrate the best of The Great White Way once more. This year’s crop represents the first full season since 18 months back when Covid chaos closed the industry that depends on gathering patrons en masse in close quarters. Though at times it was a bumpy road back to anything approaching normal for Broadway, come Tony season we actually have a pretty robust roster of new shows ready for their turn in the awards season sun.

提名将由蒂娜:蒂娜·特纳音乐剧’s Tony Winning Adrienne Warren and Joshua Henry on Monday May 9th. The Tonys will be broadcast live June 12th on CBS and Paramount+ and will be hosted by our newly minted Oscar winner and former Tony nominee Ariana Debose.



可能 05 2022

Doc Corner:“ Navalny”是'22的第一位奥斯卡竞争者


在这样的历史机会时刻,在房间里成为电影制片人真是什么运气。加拿大导演丹尼尔·罗赫(Daniel Roher)曾在一项有关乐队的音乐生物播放器上发表了一项音乐生物,这可能不是那种打算捕捉该阴谋证据的人的领头羊,以暗杀弗拉基米尔·普京(Vladimir Putin)的政治竞争对手。但是我们在这里。

由于运气和任何导演的聪明人,罗赫和他的电影纳瓦尼are surely very real contenders for the documentary Oscar, the first such major title of the year.


可能 05 2022

Review: 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness'

by Nathaniel R

In the recent如果什么?迪士尼+的系列是基于同名漫画系列的系列,漫威的作家可以对传统英雄(和恶棍)和故事情节进行任何形式的变化,而不会对大型熟悉的佳能造成任何实际影响。僵尸复仇者?当然!佩吉·卡特(Peggy Carter)担任美国队长?为什么不!这如果什么?1970年代的系列并不是漫画中多元宇宙的开始,但足够接近。这些思想实验总是被视为替代现实(而不是纯粹的小说),尽管花了一段时间才能感觉到效果。多元宇宙实质上成为任何讲故事的人都想做的任何类型的捷径。与所有对话相反Loki,,,,Marvel has no "sacred" timeline given all the reversals, resurrections, reboots, and switcheroos. The multiverse virus was even more of an epidemic in DC comics, Marvel's top competitor.

不幸的是What Ifis essentially fan-fiction without the fans, then奇异博士Multiverse of Madness没有一个电影可以说是刺客。最新的米CU movie is positively awash in cameos and teases for future installments, resulting in a film that feels very much like an incoherent feature-length mid-credits scene...


可能 04 2022

克拉尤迪奥's Best Shot Pick: Spider-Man 2 (2004)


Before the plague times we're living in, it was my annual tradition to celebrate my birthday by going to the movies. Indeed, way back in 2004, Sam Raimi's蜘蛛侠2是标志着我十岁生日的照片。那是一见钟情。虽然第一次Spidey Flick很好,但这部续集对于我的年轻眼睛来说似乎是完美的,随着年份的过去,这很快就成为超级英雄电影应该是的柏拉图式理想,但很少是。然而,尽管所有这些爱,我认为我开始将照片视为理所当然。

Revisiting蜘蛛侠2for the first time since my teen years was a revelation. I also had a blast…


可能 04 2022

评论:“ Pachinko”的第1季

林恩·李(Lynn Lee)

从帕辛科的开场荣誉。©Apple TV+


这se questions haunt the lush, sweeping AppleTV+ period drama seriesPachinko,最近结束了第一个赛季。到目前为止,如此普遍:对根的向往,归属,,,,should resonate with anyone who’s ever been displaced or separated from their family or place of origin. At the same time, the show – based on the best-selling novel by Min Jin Lee – focuses on a very specific chapter of history that isn’t well known outside of Korea and Japan, yet in many ways echoes the frictions, tensions, and injusticesunderpinning the history of race and immigration in other countries...


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